The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2012 on AMC

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  • The Walking Dead: Bigger and Better

    I was eagerly anticipating this episode since the middle of the summer, and boy did it deliver! With things at the worst, Rick and crew have survived the winter, pulling together and doing what is necessary. Rick himself has become more hardened, asking his group to continue pushing and fighting just a little bit harder. When the find an overrun prison, Rick puts everyone to the test, battling walkers left, right and center in order to make an attempt at building a home for the group.

    The last season of Walking Dead ended on such a dramatic note, over flowing with sadness as the Farm was left in ruins and the future of the group was unstable. Now they are all back, battle weary from the winter but still willing to fight. The premiere of Season Three had it all, from struggling romance, to budding romance, to a more light hearted crush. The actors were better than ever, notably missing were Jon Bernthal and Jeffery Demunn, but even still the episode never missed a beat.

    Everything about the episode seemed bigger and better, setting up for a fantastic season of things to come. With Ricks group it will be a struggle of learning to survive in this new society they have built for themselves, and for Andrea and Michonne it will be about leaning on one another to help out when the need arises. The Walking Dead has always been about the characters, and the premiere of Season Three improved that. Glenn and Maggie were awesome together, Daryl and Carol had a particular light moment together that developed their characters even further.

    At this point, Rick seems to be the odd man out, doing what is necessary while his relationships with those he loves most crack and suffer the most. Andrew Lincoln was fantastic at portraying a more hardened and down and out Rick.

    This season is going to be amazing if the pacing and feel of this episode is the indication of things to come.