The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2012 on AMC

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  • George Romero touch....

    For two seasons I've always felt that The Walking Dead, apart from the dead man walking, has got nothing in similar with George Romero's Zombie movies... It was different... until now. Pregnant woman and the conflict of giving birth, an unexpected set (Dawn of the Dead had the mall thing, and this a prison) with bucket loads of zombies nesting. And more gorish way of killing the walking deads. The thing is though, If there's one thing they could've picked up from George Romero is, that the big black guy is beyond useful. In this shows case, that big black guy who can't remember the name and thought had died in the mountains is still alive and pathetically useless... Are they not killing him so they wouldn't be accused of the black-guy-dying-first-on-horror-movies stereotype? Heck he could be played by Brad Pitt and I'd still want that guy dead. For some reason he's always nowhere to be found. Maybe hiding somewhere when most of the guys are on the field. This pawn should go. Give him a dramatic exit though, so he'd at least have on great moment. (or at the very least, bring back Darryl's brother, now that would give that guy a story)