The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 2012 on AMC

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  • The slow motion

    The slow mothion tv invented by the walking dead writers is all in this episode They hint of killing people here too, but ofcourse no major deaths here either. Its ridicilous.
  • walking dead

  • I Did My Part

    Wow, Thought Hershal was a gonner usually with the walking dead episodes. You will see characters dying left to right. This was a pleasant surprise, great episode. Rick and Carl or at odds with Lori, I really want to know what else happened in the winter months. This is getting really good and can't wait for the next episode.
  • Cadavers

    Really thought we'd lose Hershal this episode, but was pleasantly surprised with his cheesy, cliched survival. I don't see him lasting long with the one leg, but maybe more surprises are around the corner. I still want to know what happened in the 7ish months between seasons that Rick, Lori and Carl are where they are, but as the season progresses, the more and more I feel like we're not going to get an explanation. I did like the big black guy; a shame he had to get killed by the stupid thug. Glad we didn't have another drawn-out Randall situation on our hands, though. And holy crap, Carol. That's dedication.
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  • Murder, Death, Kill

    This series is starting to get good, less talk and more action. I prefer it when the show focuses on the drama of a situation and not the character relations.
  • horrible .

    it was an absolute horrible episode, it was so bad my dog can come up with a better script than that, speaking of that my fish can come up with a better series. Rick kills alive people, he is 'special', he should be fed to the walkers and then eaten for brunch .
  • Jailhouse Rock

    On the heels of last week's amazing premiere we get no insight into Michonne and Andrea. After meeting the prison survivors Rick and the group whisk Hershel back to their cell block for treatment but they're not optimistic and they even handcuff him to the prison bed. Rick says that the prisoners can help them clear out a cell block for themselves. The prisoners had managed to maintain relative sanity, despite those already insane. When CQBing with the inmates back to back and hand to hand one prisoner is bitten and their leader, a Latino with long hair who seems to be their leader, cuts the bitten guy to ribbons without any remorse. Later on, when clearing out even more Rick almost gets hit by the guys weapon and when the guy says it was an accident and Rick not looking to make any new psychotic enemies he puts his machete through the guy's skull and another flees the scene. Rick locks him out of the prison gate and he is eaten leaving only a white petty burglar and a hardened African American man. The white guy begs for his and life and says that he knows nothing about the other guy trying to kill him. They give them a cell block and tell them to burn the bodies in there of the inmates and guards. Things didn't look good for Herschel but he came out alive because Rick acted quickly under pressure which can keep Herschel around for a little while longer. Caryl getting Glen to find her a walker to test out the surgical cutting to deliver Laurie's body as practice was believable from a practical standpoint since she wants to be prepared as possible obviously and needs a cadaver that has a uterus she can practice cutting into. Daryl, T-Dawg, and Rick showed caution with the inmates which was rightfully deserved. The inmates did seem a little naive after having spent 10 months in that cafeteria but I guess that would be something to cling onto is that help would come for them in order to stay sane. A decent follow up episode and from the looks of it Michonne and Andrea appear to be in for a world of trouble next week.
  • Sick Review

    It was better than the premiere, but I am just not impressed with this show as much as the fanatics of it are. The acting is atrocious across the board, and there's too many storylines and characters I have zero interest.

    Rick trying to be a tough guy is also coming off as really lame.
  • Ah Yes.

    My two favourite points:

    1. Rick looking at the lead prisoner - 'things happen' - stare down - chop to the head. Knew from the start he would have been trouble. Nice removal.

    2. Rick touching his 'wife's' shoulder, then giving her, in no uncertain terms, the neon signs that's its over.

    Onward, forward.
  • finally

    Finally, the new season is great, more action less blabla. Roughless Rick is impresive, no disney whyning.
  • Small development is still development

    I actually enjoyed this episode. The survivors have food, they have shelter and potentially a base point in which they can build some sort of society - the season is moving a long rather steadily.

    Rick has certified his status as a bad ass - thank god! I'm impressed by how he's taken the leadership role and will do anything to ensure the safety of the survivors. Seems like he still has some sort of conscience (his face when he chased the guy to the pit of zombies indicated this), but he's much more hardened than last season.

    In a similar fashion, Carl has turned into quite the character. Lori is having difficulties adjusting to his rapid development - not being able to understand that children in this new society will mature much quicker than would typically required, in order to survive.

    Lori is rather annoying, the relationship between her and the two male figureheads seems broken (those who've read the comics will understand why I suppose) but it seems rather stale to watch.

    The other characters are useful, but aren't particularly interesting to the same point that Rick and Carl are at the time being.

    Next week - Enter David Morrissey!
  • Growth of characters

    I was laughing my behind off when the prisoners fought they're first zombies kind of reminded me of the group in season 1.

    Also was nice to hear Rick's speach on a world full of zombie.

    Carl was sort of a bad ass. first time the emphasis wasn't on ass.

    I liked the machete in the head of the lead prisoner, it showed that Rick finally has grown up in his role as leader in a strong way, Overall nice episode. great season so far hope they keep it up
  • Finally More Depth

    Finally Lori become a human being and stops being a whiny, immature, pain in the butt. We also start to see how our heroes are turning into some less than desirable people, out of necessity. This is really starting to turn into a major character study. A very tense and chaotic episode with almost too much information happening in between the chaos!!
  • Sick was pretty Sick!

    This episode was amazing! The action was thrilling, suspenseful and the unexpected happens! Lots of character depth and development along with drama and intrigue.

    I enjoyed the story and it was hilarious to see rick walk in to the make shift bathroom!

    Carol is becoming a vital contributor to the group though some of what she must do is gross and disturbing

    I loved watching Rick break the news to the prisoners about the outside world. I too would love to see this as much as possible along with kick a$5 Zombie slaughter scenes.

    Rick was awesome and though we didn't see his adventure I'm betting Carol is turning out to be just like his father and or Shane to a degree.

    Loved the tension between Rick and Lori, but also the real feel of their interactions!

    I can't wait to watch the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • There's nothing to talk about anymore.

    After the blasting season opener last week things are settling down for our survivors. The criminals were dealt with quickly and the real danger comes from our hero himself. In the Rick and his wife couldn't find words anymore and there's a lot of tension in their relationship. There was more expose this episode with everybody around Herschel's bed a few times with unnecessary dialogue. I hope this is a heredity from last season and that the focus of the first episode will pick up next episodes. The teaser sure looks like it!
  • S**t Happened

    Rick and crew struggle to keep Herschel alive, while dealing with a set of prisoners who had locked themselves in the prison cafeteria.

    Damn this episode was filled with tension, from the frailty of Herschel's physical condition to the altercations with the prisoners, they sure kept the adrenaline pumping after the intense season premiere. Everything went together well, from the tender moments of Maggie and Beth to the more hardcore moments with Rick and Daryl. It's good to see a more tactical approach from Rick in this season. Rick is unforgiving, but the needs of his crew first. From an acting stand point, I believe Andrew Lincoln continues to get better with each episode, growing Rick as the story progresses.

    However the particular acting stand-outs in this episode were Lauren Cohan and Norman Reedus. Daryl is now the second in command and Reedus continues to portray the character with such ease. It was Lauren Cohan who had the heart wrenching scene in this episode, as Maggie prepared for the worst by saying good bye to her father. The scene came from showrunner Glenn Mazzara's personal experience with his mother who suffered a stroke and passed away earlier this year. The scene was personal, Cohan delivered so well, pulling on the heart strings and allowing us to see how tough it would be to handle such a thing.

    So much in this episode was about decision making, Rick having to do what needed to be done in order to remain safe. Maggie choosing to give her father permission to die, in order to accept it. Carol choosing to use the walkers as an opportunity to learn, in order to help Lori during child birth. So far this season there is absolutely nothing to complain about, and now that there is confirmed footage that next weeks episode will introduce David Morrissey as the Governor anticipation for the rest of the season just got even higher.

    With the stakes never higher, at this point it is impossible to predict what we will see each and every week, but one thing is for sure I'm super stoked to see what the writers have in store for our heroes from Atlanta
  • The Walking Dead proves it is every meaning of the word "Sick" with the second episode in the prison saga.

    When we left our favorite group of survivor's last time they had cleared a part of a prison and got started clearing the next part...when Hershel got bit in the leg and some surviving prisoners were discovered.

    Episode 2 picks up right where we left off, and focuses completely on Rick's group. No Andrea/Michonne this week. Instead we get a full hour of Rick deciding how to handle the new threat of other survivors at the prison.

    What we get is an episode with not as much action as the premiere, but it more than makes up for it with some very good dialogue sequences. Me, I love the action, but when a show has smart dialogue instead of nonstop violence (Breaking Bad is my favorite show with mostly dialogue) it makes for a stronger episode.

    Rick showed this week how much he has changed. He is not playing games anymore, he is facing his problems head on, and I mean that literally. The moment he thought the prisoners were becoming too much trouble, he dealt with it in a way I think nobody was expecting. It's a very different Rick than we've seen before.

    In addition to that we see the writers try their best to revive the characters of Lori and Carl. Carl is a lot more badass this year, even talking back to his mom when she got mad at him for taking down Walkers on his own. The writers are acknowledging the inconsistances in Lori's character from last season as the main reason why her relationship with Rick fell apart, and they even have a talk about it at the end. It seems that Rick hates Lori as much as we do, but like us, we are giving Lori a chance this season. So when Rick went as far as to put his hand on her shoulder...that is a symbol that Rick, representing us viewers, are ready to see her character change and evolve, along with everything else about this show that has changed for the better since Season 2.

    And that brings me to the title of this episode..."Sick." It is a very clever title for this episode, because it is the one word that resembles this show so well in every possible meaning. It is sick because the zombie outbreak was caused by a disease...people getting sick. It is sick because of what Rick did to the prisoners at the end. And of course, it is sick because sick is just another word for badass.

    Overall, like the first episode, this episode spread out a small plot point into a full hour of action, surprises, and character development. And while it doesn't end on a direct know it's only a matter of time before something else goes wrong for the group.

    +Rick's character development

    +Lori is easier to stomach (no pun intended)

    +Hershel waking a human and not a Walker

    +Action scenes