The Walking Dead

Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2014 on AMC
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Daryl and Beth try to find some sort of goal in the zombie laden landscape. They discover more about each other and grow closer together.

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  • Dark comedy GOLD

    This late in the series, stuff is about to start getting repetitive. The scene when Beth grabs a nice new polo shirt, only to get blood spattered all over it 5 minutes later was dark comedy gold ... plus zombies dressed as golfers?! At the same time as Beth and Daryl are white-trashing it up looking for moonshine?! This episode, with such great foils and character development, was nothing short of perfection.

    (PLUS, seeing both of these characters all vulnerable and then angry and then vulnerable have great chemistry!)moreless
  • Beryl!!!!

    I loved this episode!!! It probably has a lot to do with Daryl and Beth being my favorite characters. I think that this episode had awesome character development, and even though it started with kind of a dumb premise (Beth just wanting a drink), it gave us a chance to really spend some time getting to know them a little better. I know that this kind of episode probably doesn't appeal to a lot of the fans of this show that are in it mainly for the zombie kills, but I think that this episode gave us some great action with awesome character moments.moreless
  • Peach Schnapps

    The great quest for booze and getting rebellious Beth her first drink. I was almost hopeful when she started crying at the country club bar, that she realized that starting drinking just because daddy was gone wasn't the best idea. Beth actually drinking wasn't realistic at all - if that was real moonshine and she hadn't had alcohol before, she would have sputtered, winced, something. Also, her introducing the drinking game was pretty lame and an obvious plot device. Daryl was the star, hands down. He's been stewing for at least a season and it was overdue for him to finally let it out, but again, having to drink to do it was an obvious plot device. Bad Beth is just a terrible idea. What they were trying to do was nice, but so poorly executed it was painful to watch.moreless
  • Are you don't getting it?

    The last few episodes have been explorations of identity. That's a hard thing to do when you're blasting through a dozen other characters in a desperate war. So I'm for one glad the creators decided on these quiet but oddly deep plunges into characters that were barely drawn in previous seasons. It's harder to do a character study in the zombie apocalypse, specially since fans seem to prefer action driven fast episodes.

    I found this quiet episode very interesting. It reminded me of The Dawn of the Dead and the shopping mall. Here it's a luxurious club house turned into crap, decay and filth. Even Beth, trying to look nice finds her new clothes splattered with blood a second later.

    The last part of the chapter was like a rite of passage for both characters. Daryl being able to part with his past, with a world where he was unfit, barely above white trash. Beth recognizing life keeps getting away from the sunny denial she was professing in prison later episodes.

    This is a curious arc, and very rewarding for the future, salvaging the series, even if some viewers don't realize it now, from an endless repetition of situations already seen and tried. Loved this episode.moreless
  • Where are the scriptwriters gone?

    Were the scriptwriters on holidays during this episode? Because I have a strong suspicion they were. Who do you think we fans are? Well no, since this episode I'm not a fan anymore. You lost me, because I'm a demanding fan. I want suspense. Judging by the rates, I'm not the only one. Worst episode ever during which nothing happened apart from some eating and drinking, and with only 2 characters. It even made me consider if I should continue watching it. Which means that if you guys at AMC carry on with bad quality episodes like that, you're about to lose your job.moreless

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