The Walking Dead

Season 1 Episode 3

Tell It to the Frogs

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2010 on AMC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Merle up on the roof hallucinating. He starts to talk to himself about a time that he was in a fight and he knocked out a guy's front teeth. He says he got 16 months for the fight and the teeth, but he says that while the time was hard it was worth it. Merle continues to try and pull himself off of the pipe, but he is unable to get loose. Merle begs for Jesus to help him. When he does, he sees Walkers trying to get through the door. They are unable to break it because of the chain that T-Dog put on it. Merle continues to beg for Jesus to help him and admits that he knows he's being punished and deserves this. Merle rolls under the pipe and uses his belt to try and get the saw that is lying close to him. He yells that he never begged from anyone before and he isn't going to start now. He continues to try and get the saw while the Walkers try to break through the door.

In the truck, Morales tells Rick not to get caught up over Merle being left behind. He admits that nobody is really going to be upset that he didn't come back except for his brother Daryl. Behind them, the group hears Glenn in his car. Glenn speeds past them and continues to holler about how much fun he's having. Morales notes that he is glad that someone is having a good day.

Back at camp, Jim hangs some cans around the perimeter so they can hear Walkers. Lori is giving Carl a haircut and tells him to stay still or it'll take longer. Carl says he's trying. Shane tells him that if he thinks haircuts are bad, shaving is worse. He informs him that it stings and one day he'll be wishing for one of Lori's haircuts. Carl says that day won't come quickly enough. Shane tells Carl that if he behaves and gets through the haircut, he promises that tomorrow he'll show him how to catch frogs. Carl says he's caught a frog before. Shane notes he said frogs in plural form and that it is an art to do that. He says he knows many tricks and will be willing to teach him. Carl looks at Lori unsure of what to say, but Lori tells Carl that she is a girl and doesn't know anything about frogs. Shane says it's a one-time offer. Carl asks Shane why they need frogs. Shane asks if he's ever had frog legs to eat. Carl thinks that's disgusting and Lori agrees with him. Shane says it's a delicious meal and notes that when the last of the food is gone he is going to love the frog legs. He says he can see Lori asking him for seconds. Lori says he doubts that. Shane tells Carl that they will be the heroes of the camp and they will be feeding everyone Kermit legs. Lori says she'd rather eat Miss Piggy and ham.

The conversation is interrupted with the beeping of Glenn's car alarm. Shane asks what it is. Dale says he isn't sure yet. Amy asks if the group is back yet. Dale says it's a stolen car that's coming their way. Glenn pulls in and says hello. Dale yells for Glenn to turn the alarm off. Glenn yells that he doesn't know how. Amy runs up to Glenn and asks if Andrea is okay. Glenn says that Andrea is fine and he pops the hood so Shane can disconnect the battery to turn the alarm off. Amy notes that Andrea's not with him and asks what happened. Glenn assures her that everyone is fine, but then notes that Merle actually isn't. Shane tells Glenn that he should've been smarter about driving the car all the way up the road because the Walkers may have heard it. Dale thinks that they'll be alright because it's hard to pinpoint where noise is coming from up in the hills. Dale says he's not arguing, but only putting his opinion out there. He tells Glenn to be a little smarter about coming up the hill next time. Glenn apologizes and says that he will. He notes that he did get a cool car.

The group sees the truck arrive. Morales tells him to come out and meet everyone. Andrea runs up to Amy and the two sisters hug. Morales says hello to his wife and children. Carl is still sad and we can see that he wishes that Rick would come back when the groups return. Shane asks Glenn how they got out. Glenn says that a new guy in the group helped them. Shane asks who he is. Morales tells Shane that he's a cop as well. Rick walks up and Shane is the first to see him. Carl and Lori then turn over and he sees Rick. Rick also sees Carl and Lori. Carl and Lori run up to Rick and he hugs them both. We see that Shane is surprised to see Rick, but isn't as happy as he should be. He feigns a smile.

Later that night, Rick sits down with the group and says that at this point he is just very disoriented. He says that he is a little afraid, but disoriented is closest. Dale says that words can be meager and they fall short. Rick says that he feels like he's been ripped out of his life and he says that he was in a coma and dreamlike state. Carl tells Rick that Lori said he died. Rick tells Carl that Lori had every right to believe that. Lori says that when things got bad, the hospital had said that they would evacuate all of the patients to Atlanta, but they never did. Rick says that he isn't too shocked about that since Atlanta fell. He also says that judging by the hospital it got overrun. Shane tells Rick that he was barely able to get Lori and Carl out. Rick says that he's grateful for Shane. Dale once again mentions that words fall a little short.

Nearby, Ed puts another log on his fire. Shane asks Ed if he wants to rethink the log. Ed complains that it's cold. Shane says that the cold doesn't change the rules and tells him that they keep their fires to just embers so the Walkers won't see them. Ed says that he doesn't care and tells him to mind his own business. Shane gets up and walks over to Ed's fire. Shane asks Ed if he really wants to have this conversation. Ed tells his wife, Carol, to pull the log out of the fire. Their daughter, Sophia, watches as Carol pulls the log out and Shane stomps the flames out. Shane says hello to Carol and Sophia. He asks how they are. Carol says they're fine. She apologizes about the fire. Shane says it's alright and tells them he appreciates the cooperation and to have a good night.

Shane rejoins the other group. Dale asks the group if they've thought about how Daryl is going to react when he finds out about his brother. T-Dog says that the blame is on him because he dropped the key. Rick tells T-Dog that he was the one that handcuffed Merle so it's on him. Glenn says that this isn't a competition, but he notes that the news might sound better if it comes from Rick due to Merle and Daryl's hint of racism in them. T-Dog says that it was his mistake and he isn't going to hide from it. Amy notes that they could lie. Andrea says that they have to tell the truth. Andrea insists that Merle was out of control and Rick had to do something. She says that if Merle got left behind it is his fault. Dale asks if that's what they tell Daryl. He says that there is no rational discussion with him about that. Dale notes that they are going to have their hands full when he gets back. T-Dog says that he thinks Merle is still okay. Andrea asks what he means. T-Dog informs her that he stopped long enough to chain the door to the roof so the Walkers couldn't get to Merle. T-Dog says it was a strong chain and padlock. He thinks that Merle is alive and still handcuffed on the roof so that is on them.

Rick tells Carl goodnight. Carl tells Rick that he loves him and Rick tells Carl that he loves him. He kisses Carl goodnight and then joins Lori on the other side of the tent. Rick kneels down and passionately kisses Lori. Rick lies next to Lori and is glad that he has finally found them both. Rick says that he always knew he would. Lori notes he's getting cocky. Rick insists that he knew when he walked into the house and saw both of them and all of the stuff gone. Lori apologizes to Rick for that. Rick insists that he knew that they were both alive. Lori asks how he knew. Rick says that the photos and their family albums were gone. Lori smiles because he noticed. She grabs one of them and Rick says that he told her so. Lori adds that Rick is really getting cocky. They look at some photos from Carl's last birthday. Rick hands her the photo from his squad car and says it belongs in the album. Lori says that she really didn't think that she would see him again and says that she is sorry for everything. Lori says that she would take all of the anger, bad times, and mistakes back if she could. Rick kisses her and says that they have a second chance that not very many people get. Rick and Lori continue to kiss. Rick notices his wedding ring on Lori's necklace and says he wondered where that went. Lori asks if he wants it back. Rick says yes. Lori takes it off and puts it back on Rick's ring finger. Rick and Lori start to get passionate and Lori turns out the lantern. Rick looks over at Carl sleeping and Lori promises Rick that Carl won't wake up. The two proceed to make love.

Up on the RV, Shane sits alone and watches the Grimes' tent. He puts his hat on and is visibly very upset.

The next morning, Rick wakes up to find Lori and Carl not in the tent. He walks out and sees that everything is fine. Carol says good morning to him and says that his clothes are still a little damp, but they'll be dry soon. Rick asks why she would wash his clothes. Carol says that scrubbing it on a washboard isn't the best, but it'll do. Rick thanks her. Glenn is visibly upset that Dale has torn apart some of the spare parts on the car that he brought in. Dale notes that the generator needs all of the fuel they can get and they have no power without it. Glenn says he wished he could have driven it for a few more days. Rick tells Glenn that they may get to steal another one someday. Rick finally finds Lori. Lori says good morning and asks if he slept alright. Rick says it was better than he had slept in awhile. Lori says that she let him sleep since he needed it. She notices something's up and asks him what's wrong. Rick tells her that he's been thinking about Merle. Lori realizes he wants to go back and notes that he can't be serious. Shane drives back to the camp with water and reminds them to boil it before they use it. Lori asks Rick if he's asking her or telling her. Rick says that he's asking her. Lori says that it's probably the dumbest thing for him to do at this time and that it is a surefire way to break Carl's heart since he just got here.

Suddenly, the group hears screaming. Everyone starts to race down to the screaming. Rick grabs a pole and runs down to the site. Carl was the one screaming, but he is okay. The group comes upon a Walker that is busy eating the carcass of a deer. Andrea and Amy come up and notice just how disgusting it is. When the Walker sees them, it starts to turn on them. Rick, Shane, Morales, Jim, and Glenn start to beat on it with their objects and Dale finishes it off by chopping its head off with an axe. Dale is shocked and says that it's the first one that they've seen up here. Jim notes that the Walkers are probably running out of food in the city. Daryl Dixon comes out of the forest and is very upset that the Walker was eating his deer that he killed. He kicks the carcass of the Walker and starts to call it names for eating his deer. Dale notes that isn't helping anything. Daryl tells Dale to shut up and go back to his fun town. Daryl says that he tracked the deer for miles and was dragging him back to camp. Daryl asks if they could cut around the eaten part. Shane says that he isn't risking that. Daryl says that he has some squirrel so it'll have to do. Suddenly, the head that Dale chopped off starts to bite its teeth together. Daryl shoots it with one of his arrows and reminds everyone that they have to hit the brain in order to finish a Walker off.

Back at camp, Daryl shouts for Merle. Shane tells Daryl to slow down so he can talk to him. Daryl asks what it's about. Shane says it's about Merle and tells him that there was a problem in Atlanta. Daryl asks if he's dead. Shane says that he isn't sure. Daryl retorts that Merle is dead or not and wants to know. Rick steps in and says that he will tell him what happened. Daryl asks who he is and Rick introduces himself. Daryl asks what he wants to tell him. Rick says that Merle became a danger to all of them and he handcuffed Merle to a piece of pipe on a rooftop. Daryl is angry that they left Merle there to die. Rick says yes. Daryl goes to attack him, but Rick shoves him off. Daryl pulls his knife out, but Shane is able to come up behind him and put him in a chokehold. Daryl notes that police brutality is illegal and Shane dares him to file a complaint. Rick tells Daryl that he wants a calm discussion on this topic. Daryl agrees and Shane lets him go. Rick says that Merle does not work and play well with others. T-Dog admits to Daryl that he dropped the key. Daryl asks if he picked it up. T-Dog says that it fell down a drain. Daryl says that it doesn't make him feel any better. T-Dog tells Daryl that he chained the door with a padlock so the Walkers couldn't get in. Rick notes that should count for something. Daryl cusses them and asks where Merle is so he can go get him. Lori says that Rick will show him where it is. Rick says he's going back to get Merle. Lori walks into the RV.

Rick gets his police uniform on. He walks past Shane and asks if this is how Rick is going to be. He says that he's basically forgetting about everyone's safety. Rick says that he is thinking about everyone's safety. Shane tells him to try and say that to Lori. Rick tells Lori that she knows he's going. Shane tells Rick that he doesn't understand and asks Rick to tell him the exact reason why he is going back for Merle. Daryl tells Shane to choose his words more carefully. Shane retorts he meant what he said. Shane tells Rick that Merle doesn't care about anyone. Rick says that he can't let a man die of thirst and exposure. Rick says that he left Merle alone on a rooftop to starve and he is exposed to the heat. He says that's no way for anyone to die. Lori asks if his big plan only involves Daryl and him. Rick turns to Glenn and Glenn is upset. Rick notes that Glenn knows the place better than anyone else and insists that he can get in and out without a problem. Rick admits it's not fair to ask him, but he feels better with Glenn going along. Shane notes that Rick is risking three men. T-Dog says four and adds he's going with them. Daryl notes his day is getting better and better. T-Dog notes there is nobody else willing to step up and do it. Daryl doesn't understand why he'd want to go. T-Dog says that Daryl would never understand. Shane tells Rick that he's risking the lives of everyone in camp if he leaves. Shane says that the Walker they killed yesterday was in the campsite. He says that's the first one they've seen and also notes that means that more might come. He notes they need every person here that they can get to protect the camp. Rick states that what he thinks they need are more guns. Shane asks what he means. Rick says that he grabbed all of the guns out of the station before he left, but he dropped the bag when he was ambushed by Walkers. He insists that it's in the middle of the street waiting for him. Shane asks about ammo. Rick says that there is about 700 rounds. Lori is upset that it took Rick all this time to find her and now he's leaving again. Carl says he doesn't want Rick to go. Lori says that Shane is right and tells her that Merle isn't worth anyone's life even with the guns also at stake. Lori asks Rick to make her understand why he's doing this. Rick informs her that he owes a debt to a man and his son. Rick tells her that they took him in and cared for him at the beginning. He says without them he never would have made it back to see her and Carl. Rick says that they'd follow him into Atlanta, but he notes that they will walk into the same trap if he doesn't warn them. Lori asks why he can't get a hold of the man. Rick tells her that he was going to contact him by walkie-talkie, but the walkie-talkie is in the bag with the guns. He tells her that he has the other one. Andrea asks why they can't use the CB radio. Shane tells her that the walkie-talkies have their own separate frequency and wouldn't be reachable by them anyways. Rick says he needs that bag. Rick asks Carl if he understands. Carl nods yes.

Rick asks Dale if he has bolt cutters. Dale says yes. T-Dog notes that when they get to the top of the roof they are going to need them to get through the padlock. Dale says he doesn't like lending tools and notes that the last time he did they were left behind. He indicates to T-Dog and notes that they are probably on the roof with Merle. Rick says that the bolt cutters are an investment and promises he'll bring the tools back. Dale notes it sounds more like a gamble, but he gives it to him. Dale asks what he gets in return. Rick asks what he wants. Dale says he wants a pick of one of the guns he brings back. Jim asks Dale if they can sweeten the deal. He notes the RV's hose isn't working too well and notes that's a problem if they need to flee. He notes the one on the truck they brought back will probably fit the RV. Rick tells them that when he gets back they can tear the truck apart and take what they want from it. Daryl beeps on the horn and tells them they need to go. Rick thanks Dale. Shane stops Rick and asks if he has any rounds in his Python. Rick admits he doesn't. Shane says he has a few loose rounds left from the last time they went to the shooting range. Rick says the bag is like an old lady's purse. Shane says that he doesn't like what Rick is doing, but admits that if he's going into the city he'll need bullets. Rick notes he doesn't think he'll be shooting a gun judging by what happened the last time he did. Shane says that's up to him and notes he has four bullets. He says there are four men and four rounds. He hopes that four is his lucky number. Rick thanks Shane. Rick gets in the truck and they take off.

Carl lies down in the tent after Rick leaves. Lori comes to see him and assures him that Rick will be fine. Carl says he isn't worried and asks if she is. Lori admits she is a little bit. Carl tells her not to be. Lori asks why. Carl notes that a lot has happened to Rick, but nothing has killed him. Lori chuckles and notes that Carl is right.

The truck arrives outside the city limits. Daryl warns T-Dog that Merle had better be alright. T-Dog assures Daryl that the padlock is tight on the door and the only thing getting through will be them. Glenn tells everyone that they walk from this point. They get out and walk along the railroad tracks.

Back at camp, Lori asks Dale where Carl is at. Dale says that Shane took him to the quarry and notes there was talk about him catching some frogs. Down at the quarry, Carl says he isn't catching any frogs. Shane says that the timing might not be right and asks that he stay patient. Shane says that frogs know when something is wrong. Shane says that he will do this the old way. He tells Carl that he is going to part the water and sand away and Carl is going to try and pick them up. Carl laughs as Shane splashes around in the water. Nearby, Carol, Jacqui, Andrea, and Amy are doing the laundry. Jacqui notes that she is beginning to question the division of labor. Andrea agrees. Shane tells Carl that they should try again. Jacqui still questions the division of labor and Amy reminds her that the world ended. Ed watches the women washing the laundry from his vehicle. Carol tells her it's just the way it is.

As the men cut through a fence, Rick asks if they are getting Merle first or the guns first. Daryl yells that they are getting Merle first and there are no questions about it. Rick says that it's up to Glenn since he knows which one is closer. Glenn says that Merle is closer than the guns so they are getting Merle.

Back by the quarry, Carol notes that she misses her Maytag Washer. Jacqui says she misses her coffee maker. Amy says she misses texting. Andrea says she misses a special toy of hers. The women start to laugh and Carol brazenly says she does as well. The girls continue to laugh and Ed asks them what's funny. Andrea says that they're swapping war stories. Ed comes up to them and Andrea asks if something is wrong. Ed says that nothing that concerns her. He notes that this is work not a comedy club.

Lori comes down to the quarry and asks Carl what she said about not leaving Dale's sight. Carl tells Lori that Shane took him down to catch frogs. Lori says it doesn't matter what Shane wanted and tells her it matters what she says. Carl heads back up to the RV. Shane tells Lori that she shouldn't be taking this out on Carl. Lori says that it's not his say on that and retorts that he lost that privilege. Shane tells Lori that they need to sit down and talk about this. Lori says that's over to and tells him to tell it to the frogs. Shane tries to interject, but Lori says that there is no gray area. She tells Shane that he isn't to talk to Carl, look at him, or take him from the family. She says that he is to stay away from him. Shane says that's not something that she has the right to do, but Lori comes up to him and tells him to shut up. She tells Shane that Rick is back. Shane says that Rick is his best friend. Lori notes that Shane was the one that told her that he died. She storms away in anger. Shane is very upset.

In the building, the group finds a Walker in the department store. Daryl takes his crossbow and shoots it through the head. He pulls the arrow out and they determine that the area is clear.

Down at the quarry, Shane watches Lori and Carl leave. Andrea confronts Ed and tells him that if he doesn't like the way his laundry is done he should do it himself. She tosses a shirt at him and Ed throws it right back. Ed tells her it's not his job. Andrea asks what his job is around the camp and asks if it's to sit around camp all day and smoke. Ed tells her that he knows his job isn't to listen to her mouth all day. Ed tells Carol to come with him. Andrea tells Ed that Carol doesn't have to go anywhere with him. Ed tells Andrea that it's none of her business and tells Carol to come. Andrea tells Carol to sit down, but Carol doesn't want anything to happen. She starts to get up. Ed threatens Andrea that he will knock her out if she doesn't stop and tells her that having a college education isn't going to stop him. Andrea is disgusted. He tells Carol to come with him or she'll regret it later. Jacqui notes that Carol will come with fresh bruises later and she notes that they see what Ed does. Ed laughs and Shane notices all of this. Ed tells them to stop prodding him and he says he's done talking. Carol tells Ed he doesn't have the right to tell anyone what to do. Ed slaps Carol and yells at her to say what she just said. The girls start to protect Carol and they grab onto Ed. Ed is too big and none of them can prevent Ed from continuing to grab at Carol. Shane walks in and grabs Ed. Ed demands that Shane get off of him. Shane throws Ed to the ground and pummels his face multiple times. Ed's face gets very bloody as Shane continues to punch him. The girls watch in horror as Shane mutilates Ed's face. Shane grabs Ed and tells him that if he ever sees him lay his hands on anyone else in the camp he will kill him. He asks Ed if he hears him. Ed says that he does. Shane hits him one more time and then kicks him in the stomach. Carol bursts out in tears and kneels over him. Ed is really hurt and Carol continues to say that she's sorry. The other girls don't know how to react as Shane makes his way back to camp.

Rick, T-Dog, Glenn, and Daryl make their way to the roof. They cut through the padlock and they enter the roof. Daryl sees something and starts to sob and scream no. We see an empty handcuff and Merle's hand lying on the ground. The saw is lying nearby. We realize that Merle cut his hand off in order to escape. The episode ends with a shot of the handcuff and Merle's hand.

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