The Walking Dead

Season 1 Episode 3

Tell It to the Frogs

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2010 on AMC

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  • This was an episode so slow showing what the show would turn into.

    Little did we know back then, that most of the shows episodes are slower than this. They invented slow motion tv, and stuck to it.
  • Rick is reunited with his family.

    This was a fantastic episode which started just after Rick and his group left the city and in this episode he is reunited with his wife and son but then straight away he feels he has to go and save Rooker who is still on top of the building This episode shows that the walkers aren't the only worry because the camp could quite easily turn against each other now that Rooker's brother finds out he is dead and Lori said not to take his aggression out on her and he never but he taken it out on another member of the group who deserved it but Shane definitely taken it too far.
  • So Slow

    There's really no other way to describe this episode, especially after the first two. It's slow. It starts off piquing the viewer's interest with the man left behind (which introduces a great way to show us more about the personalities of the characters), but very quickly becomes monotonous and boring. The opening and Rick reuniting with his family are really the only bits I remember.
  • 1x03 - Tell It to the Frogs

    This episode was okay. The drama of Lori and Shanes makes me roll my eyes a little but that's just I prefer more action/explosions/zombie killing.
  • Alright

    It was good gave a little about why Rick wife was mad at Rick best friend, I guess that didn't play out well at all. Not a lot of zombie action but I expected that would like to know more about the characters of this show. Which we did so I am happy about that, Rick and 3 others decided to go back to get Daryl brother back. Only to find something else entirely. So hopefully something exciting happens in the next coming event that unfold, at least I can say that story is really good in my opinion. But would like to know how did this outbreak started out in the first place and is this the whole world or just in their area. It would be nice to know the current situation about the outbreak.
  • After an amazing series premier we get two wasted episodes in a row. Not the best way to start a series like this but DAMMIT I'm still holding out hope it will get better.

    Three episodes in and still we get let down with not a single human survivor not even some extra getting taken down by zombies. 20 minutes of commercials. 35 minutes of actionless dialogue. 5 minutes of real zombie survivalism. Just like episode two. Oh and the whole thing about the wife being all mad now because Shane lied to her about Rick being dead is suppose to make us like her again? Seriously!? I could do without the whole love triangle business. It's terribly written filler BS added on top of what is actually in the comic. It ruins the story almost beyond repair with each passing episode and WAY too much time is devoted to it.

    Total let down so far. I hope they pick it up with the next episode.
  • I don't have much hope for this show...

    Say goodbye to awesome zombie survival tactics & say hello to predicable tv drama. This not only seems to be going further away from the comics while keeping the core elements this show is turning into Sunday night of Days Of Our Lives, in zombie definition. While finding out that this show is more about a group of survivors trying to work together but they can't even get along. This is a Night Of The Living Dead repeat where you have at least one dimwitted fool who has to go & do something stupid. This show has more then 3 of them.

    In this episode i found that these 3 people have done something dumb. We meet Daryl, Merle's brother.. and i can see the resemblance. More pointless characters & more drama. I remember the good old days when Macgyver was the best show, now we're suffering with badly written scripts such as this where, hey lets just put one zombie in this episode & put pointless stuff for the rest of the show. Rick does get to meet someone which was the only highlight in this episode.
  • Less stressful, but still entertaining.

    This is a good emotional episode; not too scary, but still good. Rich finds his son and wife, Lori, who happens to be involved with Shane secretly. Lori does the honorable thing and tells Shane that they are through. The rascist's brother is mad that they left him on the top of a building. Rich starts wondering if he's still alive and he's thinking about the guns that he left behind. In the end, he decides to go back and check. Plus, they could really use the guns. The group arrives at the building roof. The rascist isn't there, but his hand is.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Rotten writing, indigestible character development, dead boring pace, predictable ending, creative less, weak action and zero horror

    Even if Guts was less creative than the pilot its intense and teamwork heavy story could only appeal the audience. So even without Frank Darabont at the direction his writing was enough to strike an other zombie run. This third installment was very different from the first two and in the end I think it miserably failed at delivering an other exciting story. Now that I've checked I think the writers are to blame. Two on the story and three on the teleplay ! Rick and Lori Grimes reunion was awkward in the bad way and I was disappointed by Sarah Wayne Callies performance. Her acting at the end was over the top but I'm sure the poor lines didn't help either. Moreover when the beginning was disturbing, scary and intriguing the whole episode seemed like the first part of a television movie. It was just a non event. In my opinion focusing only on character development was a mistake because the pace was deadly slow when viewers expect a wicked balance between action and horror. Was their intention to make the characters grow on us ? Maybe but I don't think people are watching the show to get bored or endure some sort of crawling Desperate Housewives spin-off. As a fan of Lost and other masterpieces I trully believe in relationships and connections but The Walking Dead should be about survival, dark ambiance and distress. Was it frightening ? Only for a few split seconds and even scenes that had potential were as calm as a pool of water. Was the end puzzling ? It was predictable and shouldn't make you beg for an other round. Of course Lori's revelation about Rick's best friend was surprising but again it sounded like an easy solution to split the forces apart. They're surrounded by walkers and all they care about are their navels. In fact the worst thing is probably that a six episodes only season can't afford to have a rotten one but Tell it to the Frogs was definitely of that kind. They could have told ice screaming stories around a campfire and fight blood thirsty frogs but instead most of the elements we enjoyed in Days Gone Bye and Guts were buried for good. What remained in our plates were only cold leftovers.
  • 1x03

    tell it to the frog is a great episode but not as great as "1x02 guts", I have to say that the encounter scene was very emotional and I give it a ten but the rest of the episode is kinda boring, however this was a very good and intense episode too, better than the first one. Maybe this season is getting better and better after a very silly beggining wich suggested that this show could be cancelled in the same way flashforward was, but we have to wait what is going to happen next.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in English, please forgive my mistakes
  • 103

    The third episode of AMC hit The Walking Dead is a bit of a dropoff in quality from the past two shows, but it was still a highly entertaining hour of television. The pace for this show cannot be better. It is not too fast that they rush past crucial character development, but it is not too slow where the viewer starts to doze off either. While the writing is strong for this show, unfortunately The Walking Dead has a huge problem I see developing: none of these characters are even close to being likable. Everyone has flaws, everyone is a little bit annoying. There is no one to root for. Still though, another fun episode.
  • Great episode but...

    It was great ... the scene where Rick ( was it rick? ) found his family almost made me cry. He didn't search for the family for so long ( only 2 episodes ) but it was a powerful scene.

    I didn't read the comic, i'm not a fan of comics, but i'm reading them at the same time of the show, so I don't get spoiled by reading something. I like to see the diferences between comic and tv show, and so far a big one is the characters. When rick goes to atlanta, he only find the asian boy, here you got 5, 6's ok, it's more interesting, but what I'm about to complain about, you can only blame de writters. are handcuffed to a rusty pipe. You have zombies trying to eat you alive. But you found a saw!. First: he know it was there, why didn't he try to reach it before?. he have a saw, he has 2 choices, or 3. Try to break the chain. Try to saw the rusty pipe. Or c) cut his own hand off.

    I don't work with metals, or know anything about bones or rust, but it seems to me that is far easy and painless to cut the chain from the handcuffs that try to cut your own hand, without morfine or any painkillers. Perhaps the dude is just stupid...but I'm blaming the writters for trying to shock us and doing so in the most stupid way.

    Good show anyway.

    Good luck.
  • Tell It to the Frogs

    Tell It to the Frogs was a great episode of The Walking Dead. This episode explored more depth in the characters emotions. When Rick arrives back at camp Lori is unsure of how to feel, while Shane has a reluctant stance of submission. I think the characters really played their parts well and made the characters connect with viewers. I thought it was heroic that Rick wanted to return to save the man they left behind. I was surprised by the ending of the episode which leaves some open questions to be answered in the future. I look forward to the next episode!!!!!
  • This is not the comic, but that's not a bad thing.

    Not sure why so many comic fans want this show to be EXACTLY the comic book? C'mon people. This is TV. I love the Comic Series, but I would quickly get bored if the TV SHOW was exactly what I had already read. Also, people forget in the book there are some issues of quiet time before the storm, so if they did this exactly like the comic you would end up with maybe 4 episodes of charcater buildup alone and you would quickly lose your TV audience.

    I like that the show is going its own way, and I like that I don't know exactly what is next. It makes it a treat actually. You should be able to enjoy both mediums without being bored with either one. For the fans of the show that have never read the book, they could always go back and read and enjoy the books too.

    Anyway, I really liked this episode, because it carried a lot of the HUMAN elements that is in the books. But since this is TV, Like Breaking Bad, and Dexter, you want to build the drama in between the action scenes. Give action then Drama, action, then drama again. The Zombie eating the deer was the best looking Zombie (in my opinion) yet (sorry bicycle girl).

    Loved the reunion scene and I like the tension that is being build up with the characters overall.
  • Most likely the calm before the storm.


    The episode starts with Merle on the rooftop so we quickly realize, his getting trapped wasn't just a throwaway event, it's going to impact this episode, something I wasn't expecting. We meet his brother who's also borderline psychotic. What they find on the rooftop is a bit cliched (why not cut the pipe or cuffs? The zombies weren't getting in) - but foreshadows something that may happen in the future if the storyline sticks to the comics.

    We get the really awkward reunion of Rick and his wife we've been waiting for. In most shows this moment would have been a triumphant, heart-breaking reunion and while most of the characters there see it this way, two people there don't(and most importantly, the audience don't quite see like that) and this creates a wonderfully dark undercurrent.

    We get to meet the other survivors properly and while it makes the episode a little slow, the characters need it to grow. Especially Shane, while in many ways a good guy, it underlines just how much better suited Rick is suited to leading this group. Shane's reaction to Rick's decision to go back for Merle shows again that he won't put himself in danger to save anyone. Whereas Rick's sense of what's right won't let him die there despite the danger. This makes even more sense with regards to why Shane didn't try to rescue Rick at the hospital (whether he didn't go so he could have a chance at Lori we don't yet know).

    The episode does require a small suspension of disbelief, that of the millions in Atlanta and those that went there for shelter, that Rick finds the one group of twenty or so that includes his wife, son and partner. This coincidence is also in the comics, hopefully there won't be any others.

    I'm betting plenty of people will be moaning about the lack of people getting eaten and zombie action in this one. I suggest the Resident Evil movies would probably fit their requirements a little better.
  • Absolutely brilliant episode! Seeing the graphic novel unfold on screen every episode is so exciting. Can't wait for next week's episode!

    Not much zombie killing this episode but we saw a lot of character interaction and development. The soundtrack at the end was amazing - it had the 28 days later vibe to it. The reunion scene was just like I imagined it, very similar to the one in the comic. I don't understand why there are so many new people at camp, but as with most book-to-screen adaptations, there will be changes. Who else thinks that Morgan and Duane will show up in the next few episodes, unlike the comic where they come back much later? Watching this show is such a pleasure for me, since I am a big fan of the original graphic novel.
    10/10!! Next week's episode should be interesting!
  • Antoher nerve wracking episode.

    I am really enjoying this show and I think it has great potential if the writers don't screw it up and this episode is just the proof that they're doing it right, still.

    At the beginning of the episode we have all the cuteness between the friend and the deputy's son with all the frog catching thing. I really like that the writers decided to build a relationship between these two characters. Finally we see that the people in the shop made it out safelly but left that jerk behind. Okay, he is a jerk but it doesn't mean that he has to die of exposure and thirst, that's just plain evil. Kudos to the writers for bringing to an end the whole 'I'm looking for my wife and son' thing, it creates other possible plots for the show to develop into.
    As always, the episode finishes as it is just getting really good and we have to wait with this big cliffhanger until next week. This week I wounded up with some questions in my head: how the hell did that jerk on the roof escape? Did he learn how to fly or did he scared the zombies away? And did he really have to cut his hand off? Couldn't he, at least, try to saw the chain in the cuffs? Anyway, kinda weird his escape.

    And the plot thickens...I always thought that the deputy's wife was such a horrible person for letting him to die and then be with his best friend. But then we find out that the best frined was the one to tell her that he was already dead. Umm, more drama coming from this direction.

    Can't wait to see how they're going to get out of town, with all the big plans they have it is bound to be an interesting episode next week.
  • Rick goes back into Atlanta to get Merle with the help of some friends while Shane's anger gets the best of him.

    With the episodes of Frank Darabont directing and writing behind us, we get to see how the show does with somebody else at the helm. And I must say, while it's missing some of the action, the drama and the realism, it's still entertaining as hell. I wasn't sure I agreed with many of the decisions that characters were making, but that doesn't mean the show still doesn't find a way to make us care about the characters.

    While some shows drag out reunions between characters, this episode brought Rick and his family together, just three episodes in. Both groups reunite: Andrea meets up with her sister, Rick gets to see Lori and Carl, friends reunite and things seem to be okay. That is, until Darryl Dixon (Norman Reedus from The Boondock Saints), Merle's brother, shows up and wonders where his brother is. It becomes immediately clear how furious he is, and Rick's conscience gets the best of him. He realizes that he's left a man up there to starve to death and potentially die. As soon as he reunites with his family, he decides it's time to go back and get him.

    Meanwhile, Shane is now left by himself after Rick and Lori reunite; he's jealous, frustrated and lonely, and it was sort of a disappointing scene to see Rick and Lori in their tent while Shane sat on the roof of the camper by himself. It's even more interesting to learn that Shane told Lori and Carl that Rick was dead... it makes his attempts to get with Lori look much more suspect. His frustrations culminate in him attacking Ed, the abusive husband. The music playing in the background worked perfectly, especially since we were watching Shane beat up Ed at the same time as Rick, Darryl, Glenn and T-Dog (is that his name? Correct me if I'm wrong) reach the roof of the building and find Merle gone, having chopped off his hand to escape. The music playing in the background was fuzzy, uncomfortable and perfect.

    For me, the show has been remarkably consistent in a television season where the pilots out-do the following episodes by a mile. Each episode has its strengths and weaknesses, but each are still consistently good. These characters are slowly becoming more and more interesting, and every time we think we need more character development, the show focuses on a new character and reveals new things to us. It's a shame there's only three episodes left, but at least we'll be getting another season after this.
  • this was a great episode

    this episode of the walking dead Tell It to the Frogs was a great episode. rick is reunited with his family and all the people that rick was with except for the guy that was hand cuffed to the ruff and left 4 dead. they tell the mans brother this and hes pi$sed and gets into a fight with rick but theyre able to calm him down. rick and a few others decide to go back for him. it sucks theirs only 3 more episodes left this season. but anyway it was a great episode of the walking dead. .
  • Teen drama in a zombie show.

    A show such as this is always in need of a balance between character development, some slice of life, and of course the horror, but the horror should always be the dominant. The third episode of The Walking Dead felt closer to Gossip Girl then it does a zombie horror. It opened up really well with Rick reuniting with his family, and the moment was truly fulfilling you could say it touched your heart, even borderline tear inducing. Though this happened very early on and the episode never got better after that point. Afterwards we see the obvious conflicts of Lori and Shane, which was well executed as we see Shane take out his anger by beating the living hell out of another survivor, though this being the meat of the episode just doesn't cut it. For a horror show, there was not nearly enough scares. The closest we got is the entire camp ganging up on a single walker at camp, and the ending that looked like it was taken straight out of the movie Saw. Fortunately the ending gives us a lot to look forward to, and maybe there will be more zombie brain bashing in the next episode.
  • A Nice Build

    While not quite as action packed as last week's "Guts" this week saw Rick reunite with his family at last. What I liked most was the reaction on Shane's face when Rick came into camp and for those of you that haven't read the graphic novel this conflict drives a lot of the first book between these two. But what we didn't get in action we more than got our fair share of in character development from Shane fighting to remain the camp's leader and getting to know them personally to trying to give blame for leaving racist man behind and wondering what racist man's brother will think when they finally tell him. Shaping up, but what can happen next with only 3 episodes left this season?
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