The Walking Dead

Season 1 Episode 3

Tell It to the Frogs

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2010 on AMC

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  • After an amazing series premier we get two wasted episodes in a row. Not the best way to start a series like this but DAMMIT I'm still holding out hope it will get better.

    Three episodes in and still we get let down with not a single human survivor not even some extra getting taken down by zombies. 20 minutes of commercials. 35 minutes of actionless dialogue. 5 minutes of real zombie survivalism. Just like episode two. Oh and the whole thing about the wife being all mad now because Shane lied to her about Rick being dead is suppose to make us like her again? Seriously!? I could do without the whole love triangle business. It's terribly written filler BS added on top of what is actually in the comic. It ruins the story almost beyond repair with each passing episode and WAY too much time is devoted to it.

    Total let down so far. I hope they pick it up with the next episode.
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