The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 9

The Suicide King

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 2013 on AMC

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  • this show

    Big build up short finnish, sound familiar. Its the TWD recipee. And with the title one was hoping that one main character was going to commit suicide, ofcourse not, 6 seasons into the show they are still the same group.
  • Being Human

    Disappointment all around, but in that good way that means the characters did the only things they were able to. Darryl shouldn't have left Carol (but of course that means that he'll be back at some point). Glen doesn't believe Maggie wasn't assaulted (which means they're going to emo at each other for a while before clearing things up). The one thing that didn't really fit but did if I stop too long to think about it is Rick hallucinating at the end. I assume it's Lori he's seeing, but it isn't clear. They all have demons, people they've lost, and this episode was a stark reminder of how human they are.
  • The Suicide King

    When I want the show to be more action-based, it is an hour of people talking, and when I want it to be more storyline-based, we end up with a show of action, but it is just not interesting at all. We need another shocking death like a Laurie or Shane, but we know that's just not going to happen this way.

    That's part of the reason I can't truly buy into episodes like this.
  • Carol will understand?!

    How on earth is she supposed to do that?! As she's weeping into Rick's arms or as she's trying to contain Axel's weep (RIP Oscar)? By the time she's done with the baby or with her father's madness? While she's shooting zombies or while she's trying to survive the Governor? How on earth is she supposed to understand this I ask! Andrea doesn't, and she's actually living in Woodsbury. Glenn doesn't and he almost died in there. Even Michonne doesn't and she understands the Govenor better than any character out there.
  • the wualking dead

    Esta muy chido
  • Thicker than Water

    Overall this was a pretty great episode it was just the suddenness of the return mini-assault to rescue Daryl was too conveniently times for me (of course it's believable that they would go back to save him) and I would've liked to see more of the Meryl/Daryl fight and them come at the last minute. But minor quibbles as the Governor goes back into recluse in his lair with his new sported eye-patch and when people get unrest over them being invaded and try to leave the militia there try to stop them just when biters come to breach their walls from the rear and a guy gets pretty disemboweled. For a bunch of trained killers nobody wanting to put the guy out of his misery was rather painful since the guy is clearly suffering something fierce and the Governor's timing was a little too convenient as a device and then it's unbelievable that Andrea would then chew him out for it he put the guy out of his misery and was in immense pain, yes perhaps a few last words would've been preferable but the guy probably would've wanted it done rather than just turning. Merle and Rick quarrel and when things get tense he thwacks Merle into unconsciousness for the second time in their being onscreen together. Daryl decides to go with Merle and thus choosing kin over his new family much to the bewilderment of those that let him go but Rick can't just force him to stay. But this especially devastates Caryl who likens him to a wandering samurai who lives by a code that the world needs. But the more important part of the episode was Tyrese's group waiting to hear if they can stay or go and I really like Tyrese wanting to play by their rules since he wants to hold onto his humanity and prove that they're worth living with and would provide their own food. His determination to please Rick not being unlike Rick pleasing Herschel in Season 2's boring and too-long dragging farm plot. Michonne is borderline bland and doesn't seem to even talk when her life is in danger but Rick gets her healed and will push her out when she's all healed up like next episode or something. But most endearingly Tyrese condemning his men from kidnapping Carol and Carl to ensure leverage for their staying was nice since the last thing I want to see is another in group conflict right now with the Governor going to retaliate for certain sooner or later with their group broken over Rick's mental state which is seemingly deteriorating pretty fast as when he sees Laurie atop a prison catwalk when talking to Tyrese. His drawing his gun and waving it around saying "you shouldn't be here" signals to Tyrese that they need to go, much to my disappointment since I really like him and his daughter. Also Rick's mental state is a great worry to focus on now in the second half of the season with Herschel telling him that "he's wrong on this one" with regarding not letting Tyrese stay and giving his group a chance. But overall ti was an effective episode to follow up the fantastic finale of last year and the only one I can remember without a single walker kill.
  • The Suicide King

    The Suicide King was an excellent mid season premiere of The Walking Dead. I really enjoyed watching because things kicked off with a bang of violence as the brothers for forced to fight each other while Rick and the group created a diversion. Both Woodberry and the prison had some unraveling moments. There was lots of character development and interesting plot progression. I did find some aspects of people's behavior unbelievable but without being in the same situation I'm going through the same experiences it is hard to say for sure. I was surprised by the choices various characters have made. I like how everything played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • A solid start to second-half

    Suicide King was a solid mid-season premiere with lots of action, some character development, some great and bad things mixed in to keep me as a viewer interested and so involved I literary found myself sitting on the edge of my seat.

    This episode expanded Carol's character a lot, and really made her grow on me. Her interaction with Carl and later with Beth were strong and shed a light on how much did she change since season 1, when she was just an abused wife.

    Also we've got some insight on how much Glenn has changed coming out of Governor's captivity - fear is gone there, instead it is replaced with loads of anger. So far that anger gives him strength, but that can also lead to his self-destruction - and that's of a few hooks making me grind my teeth in vainly wishing for the next episode to air sooner.

    What happens if one has to choose between blood family and family of friends and comrades? Daryl's answer to that was Blood is Thicker Than Water. Having in mind that Rick is mentally starting to fall apart, Daryl's choice to leave with Merle left the prison group much weaker. Hopefully something nasty stuff will happen to Merle in a near future, and Daryl will be back with the group where he belongs.

    Rick is strong and weak at the same time. On the one hand, he still did well to get his people back from Governor's clutch. On the other, quite unfortunately, all those recent loses, and especially of Lori, unraveled many and many cracks of his mental state which probably were building on since Shane or even earlier. Anyway, hope he will come round pretty soon and be his strong and solid self again. Rick in denial is like quite a natural state to people who've come through much of stress and loss as him, but I'd prefer him not to be crazy.

    The only two things that keeps me bugging are Michone and Andrea. I simply do not get Andrea. WFT is she still doing sticking with Governor and And Michone? Is she ever going to act like a somewhat normal person? Her skulking might be fun and all, but right now it kind of is ruining a potentially great character.
  • The Dead are back!

    Last nights mid-season premiere was a good start to the rest of the season. I still find Andrea's actions hard to understand as she saw the heads in the fish tanks, saw what the governor did pitting Merle against Daryl, and finally he admitted to having Glenn and the g/f at the town trying to get information. I like her character but it's hard to figure out what she's thinking, maybe she figures Woodbury is the only safe place around so I'll deal with the psycho running the town? Maybe when he finally shows his true colors and goes after the prison then she'll figure out he's damaged goods.

    Glenn is changing after he and his g/f were captured. I liked how he grabbed that zombie and threw him down stomping on him. You can tell he's lost some of the fear and replaced it with anger. He's going to be a good character.

    I was saying to my g/f that they wouldn't let Merle back into the camp before they even had the rescue scene. I'm guessing we'll see Daryl and Merle dealing with the world for a few episodes before something happens to Merle and he dies, or Merle does something so evil that Daryl can't stay with him anymore. Losing Daryl is critically bad for the group, he's got to go back at some point.

    The new group that found their way into the prison were kind of what you'd expect. Honestly I can't imagine anyone who had been running around out in the world finding a safe place and not considering what they'd do keep it. Their leader wants to join the prison group but obviously there is going to be some problems with the two white guys, it's too bad they didn't see rick deal with that prisoner leader who tried to kill Rick. Oh well, they'll figure out sooner or later that Rick is not one to mess with.

    Finally Rick... The go to guy for the group seems to be having some serious mental problems as he's hallucinating. I guess you can't really fault the guy after losing his wife but he didn't seem like he was that close to her before she died. She did cheat on him with Shane and even before she died you could tell from conversations that he was more concerned about the group as a whole than just his wife. It's disturbing that the new people saw him have his breakdown as that might push them to try to take over. I get the feeling that Rick has a little time to figure things out before the Governor comes after him.

    Great episode, looking forward to the next. I see a lot of action coming in the next few weeks.
  • What is Blood?

    So now we know what happens when Daryl and Merle reunite. Iwould have thought that Merle might have at least not kept pushing everyones buttons, but that wouldn't be Merle I guess. I like Glenn's comment about Merle being Daryl's family, but Daryl being theirs. And we know Daryl still cares for the group in telling Rick to take care of everyone, including Lil' A**kicker. One thing I am getting tired of is crazy Rick. Lets just stop with the visions and phantom phone calls already.