The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 9

The Suicide King

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 2013 on AMC

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  • Thicker than Water

    Overall this was a pretty great episode it was just the suddenness of the return mini-assault to rescue Daryl was too conveniently times for me (of course it's believable that they would go back to save him) and I would've liked to see more of the Meryl/Daryl fight and them come at the last minute. But minor quibbles as the Governor goes back into recluse in his lair with his new sported eye-patch and when people get unrest over them being invaded and try to leave the militia there try to stop them just when biters come to breach their walls from the rear and a guy gets pretty disemboweled. For a bunch of trained killers nobody wanting to put the guy out of his misery was rather painful since the guy is clearly suffering something fierce and the Governor's timing was a little too convenient as a device and then it's unbelievable that Andrea would then chew him out for it he put the guy out of his misery and was in immense pain, yes perhaps a few last words would've been preferable but the guy probably would've wanted it done rather than just turning. Merle and Rick quarrel and when things get tense he thwacks Merle into unconsciousness for the second time in their being onscreen together. Daryl decides to go with Merle and thus choosing kin over his new family much to the bewilderment of those that let him go but Rick can't just force him to stay. But this especially devastates Caryl who likens him to a wandering samurai who lives by a code that the world needs. But the more important part of the episode was Tyrese's group waiting to hear if they can stay or go and I really like Tyrese wanting to play by their rules since he wants to hold onto his humanity and prove that they're worth living with and would provide their own food. His determination to please Rick not being unlike Rick pleasing Herschel in Season 2's boring and too-long dragging farm plot. Michonne is borderline bland and doesn't seem to even talk when her life is in danger but Rick gets her healed and will push her out when she's all healed up like next episode or something. But most endearingly Tyrese condemning his men from kidnapping Carol and Carl to ensure leverage for their staying was nice since the last thing I want to see is another in group conflict right now with the Governor going to retaliate for certain sooner or later with their group broken over Rick's mental state which is seemingly deteriorating pretty fast as when he sees Laurie atop a prison catwalk when talking to Tyrese. His drawing his gun and waving it around saying "you shouldn't be here" signals to Tyrese that they need to go, much to my disappointment since I really like him and his daughter. Also Rick's mental state is a great worry to focus on now in the second half of the season with Herschel telling him that "he's wrong on this one" with regarding not letting Tyrese stay and giving his group a chance. But overall ti was an effective episode to follow up the fantastic finale of last year and the only one I can remember without a single walker kill.