The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 15

This Sorrowful Life

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 2013 on AMC
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    The Walking Dead "This Sorrowful Life" Review: Sick Sad World

    "This Sorrowful Life" drew heavily on whether people have the stones to be a part of this world and make the hard decisions.

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    Rick and the group are forced to make huge sacrifice in order to sustain a truce with the Governor.

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    • its building

      Another season is coming to an end, and its the classic build up to the big finale wich of course never happens in this show.
    • Warrior's End

      Despite having hated Merle from the get-go, this closure to his story was so poignant that I can't say I think Merle added nothing to the show. He was a rich character once he returned, more bitter for what he suffered through, but more tolerant and, in the end, a better person. And Daryl's been strong throughout the entire series that it was definitely his turn to show weakness (yes, he's tender with Carol and was always quick to stick with family, but this was true weakness, true sorrow). If anything could have been done differently in this episode, it would have been the scuffle with the Governor, but that's neither here nor there. Great episode.moreless
    • I'll grieve for him

      The final chapter of the Dixon brothers closes the history of abuse suffered at the hands of their father in a most intimate manner, that kept Michonne as a silent witness of Merle's "late blooming", both as human being and a big brother, not only for Daryl, but also for Rick, and Michonne, and for anyone who ever looked up to a big brother to separate wrong from right.

      He can't go back, Merle may not understand the things he's done, but at least he understands that much. All he wants is to stay with his brother, but his brother wants to stay at the Prison and there's an abusive father, yet another abusive father, waiting to beat him down.

      Merle can't go back now, for he may not have saved his baby brother from the last father, but damn if he'll let the Governor lay a hand on him without a scratch. He ain't going to beg, he ain't going to back down, Merle dies at the hands of the Governor because he can't go back.

      This is one father who won't abuse his family because, even as a zombie, Merle becomes a human being, a big brother, not only for Daryl, but for Rick, and Michonne, and for everyone who needed a big brother to look up to. His family does grieve for him, his brotherhood grieves for him and I grieve for him.moreless
    • Too close to the heart

      I just lost my big brother. Seriously.

      Last Saturday I tragically lost my brother. I literally put his dead body in his bed to rest. I always identified with the Dixon Brothers dynamic. They not always agreed but man, they did love each other. Just like my brother and I. And as I watched 'This Sorrowful Life' (which is what I called my brother's just hit not too close to home but right in the middle of it.

      I loved Merle Dixon. I am not denying the tears his death brought to my eyes and this episode will forever remind me of my own brother's departure just hours before it aired.moreless
    • A married POV of Sunday's episode

      I'm sure there were some disagreements from writers on how Glenn's proposal went down. 46338995346/the-walking-dread
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