The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 2012 on AMC

Episode Recap

In the wake of Rick having just killed Dave and Tony, everyone resolves that it was a necessary act. But Dave and Tony's group aren't so accepting and open fire in the bar where Rick, Glenn, and Hershel are hiding out. Meanwhile, Lori comes to after the car crash just as a walker is pushing its way through the windshield. She doesn't panic and successfully kills the vermin.

The group on the farm start to realize that Lori is missing, and Daryl tells them she went into town to get Hershel. Carol tells Daryl to stop isolating himself from the group, but he obviously isn't over Sophia's death and takes it out on Carol.

While Hershel, Rick, and Glenn fight off the group of snipers that have surrounded them, an increasingly deranged Shane rounds up a rescue team to find Lori. He finds her car first and then her wandering the roads looking for Rick. She refuses to go with him until she finds her husband, so Shane lies and tells her he's already back at the farm.

In the course of their fighting, Hershel ends up shooting one of the attackers and wasting a walker. He and Rick save an injured attacker whose leg is impaled on a spike, even though the attacker tried to kill them. Back at the farm, he quickly tries to save the boy's leg.

Lori is angry with Shane when she finds out Rick hasn't returned, but it's not until morning that they organize another search party. Rick and friends return before the rescuers even head out.

Once everyone is reunited, Lori and Rick discuss Shane's weakening state of mind. Lori tells Rick that Shane thinks the baby is his.