The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 2012 on AMC

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  • we all hate the barn

    The barn was just so boring, hershel sent ricks group away several episodes back,, and they are still together. How funny... And ofcourse all the main characters survive once again, because the writers think the show cant survive on its on with killing mains, and they know the fans wont tolerate it, because the fanboyswants to hail Daryl who wasnt even going to be in the series and others.
  • 2*09 triggerfinder

    tres bon episode de la saison 2 a voir et revoir
  • Ownership

    This was the first episode that really had me wincing and looking away - specifically regarding the boy's leg being ripped from the fence. I'm not even sure he should have had a leg left after that, seeing as the spike on top was a little more than the standard fishing hook barb. Beyond that, this episode saw a lot of the old storylines working back to the surface - Shane's insanity is bound to be the focus of the season finale, if it's not dealt with before that. Meh episode overall.
  • 2x09 - Triggerfinger

    Now this is the kind of episode that I enjoy. I also enjoy that we see the dangerous side of human survivors. And zombies!
  • Stop Whinging

    WTF is wrong with people....moaning about that they dont like the farm....OMG I want this series to last, you cant have everything just wait. The farm will go one day but please give the writers a chance to drag some story out of it. There is nothing wrong with this episode at all. Stable plot and once again great and I mean great ACTING. Us brits do it best! I cant beleive Rick the Sheriff is english, he sounds amazing, a true American Southerner! :)

    All in all a very good episode
  • Best of the season thus far

    I agree with kbelliveau about the tension this show can build and this episode was a perfect example of that. Those of us who have been waiting to see walkers will finally be appeased after this one!

    It looks like everything is starting to come to a culmination finally after the boring first half of the season. I don't like how they're trying to make Shane out to be a villain though. He's been wrong a lot, but he's also done the most to keep everyone safe. I think Dale is being whiny about it and needs to give the guy a break.
  • Yes!!! now that's what I'm talking about. The first 30 minutes of the episode felt like I was watching Season 1

    Rick, Hershel, and Glenn find themselves trapped and having to battle against new foes, both walkers and living humans. Meanwhile, Shane attempts to bring Lori back to the farm. Thank you writers, thank you for not being lazy and actually bring what fans like us want..... zombies, action, suspense, and thrills. The first 30 minutes of this episode has non-stop zombies, action, suspense, and thrills. I was at the edge of my couch watching this episode. After the first 30 minutes of the episode was over, the zombies and all that good stuff stopped but I was okay with that which is why I didn't take away any points. The other 30 minutes of the episode just was the characters talking but I wasn't too bored with it though. Trust me, I've seen much more slower and more awful episodes this season. The characters talking here wasn't so boring surprisingly. So yeah, possibly the best episode of the season. Overall, an awesome action-packed zombie filled (in the first 30 minutes of the episode) entertainment of "The Walking Dead". 10/10
  • My Pros and Cons - "Triggerfinger"

    What I Liked/Pros:

    There was a lot of good zombie action in this episode. Awesome gore effects with the first walker's skin peeling off his face as he forced his head through the hole in the windshield. It wasn't CGI'd. Nice!!! I loved when Lori was crawling away from the second walker.

    The scenes with Glenn, Herschel and Rick trapped in the bar were excellent. Good tension there. There's probably going to be a feud between these two groups at some point, which I like. More zombie action and gore outside, around the bar. A guy got shot by Herschel and then had his face eaten off by some zombies. Nice!!! Plus, we see Herschel beginning to adapt to his surroundings. He's becoming stronger, as is Rick.

    I loved when the walkers were closing in as they argued over saving the Randall kid or not. And of course I loved when Rick finally just ripped the leg off of the spike. Bloody, gory excellence!!!

    Loved when Daryl finally told Carol off for getting into his business. She's basically stalking him right now. She's annoying. I don't think I'd hate her as much if they weren't trying to force her on Daryl.

    What I Didn't Like/Cons:

    Why didn't Lori just search for her gun in the first place? I can understand her having to scramble for something quickly to kill the first walker because she was trapped in the car, but after she killed it why didn't she automatically search for her gun? Why would she leave the car with possible walkers around? Wouldn't your first thought be your weapon in a situation like hers? Why was she even in that situation to begin with? And why was she so stupid to believe Shane when he told her that Rick and the others were back?

    It didn't seem right for Herschel to just say that they needed to kill Randall. It just didn't make much sense. Herschel is suppose to be a religious man and I don't believe he would abandon any of that and change so quickly. Especially since Herschel then jumps in and wants to try and save Randall.

    And couldn't they have just ripped the leg off in the first place and not wasted time arguing over it. Rick suggests ripping the leg off of the spike and Herschel then says there would be nerve damage and they can't do that. But their way to avoid nerve damage is to cut his leg off??? The whole point of not ripping the leg off of the spike is to save the nerves in his leg, but what's the point in worrying about the nerve damage if you're just going to cut the leg off anyway? Then there are no nerves for them to worry about. They waste a lot of time arguing and preparing for this amputation, but the zombies are closing in and Rick quickly decides to go with his first idea. Rip the leg up off of the spike. I loved watching this whole scene play out, especially when they finally just ripped the leg off the spike, but it kind of doesn't make much sense when you think about it.

    I keep getting this feeling that Daryl and Carol are going to end up hooking up. I don't want that. We have enough couples on this show, we don't need another one. Besides, Daryl is more cool solo!!!


    This episode was more interesting because they weren't secluded on the farm and they ran into others. Damn good episode. Way better than Nebraska!!!

  • Another great mix of action and character

    I loved this episode. But how dumb was Lori to believe Shane's lie? She really thought that Rick was safe back at the farm and stayed there, while Shane went out to find and rescue her? As if! But, another great episode - this season just hasn't hit a wrong note yet with me. As for those who say there was nothing happening in this one - what episode were YOU watching?
  • Yawwnnnn!

    There is more action in a old Jeffersons episode. I wounder how much will the writers stretch the story? This episode was really boring. Nothing really happens and dialogs are naif. This second season is not as catchy as the first one. I mean how long will they wonder about the farm? What is happening in the rest of the world? What happened really? The new guys they meet are criminals BOH!! come on you guys can do better.
  • Shane

    In all episodes, the one I really dislike and wish he would get cought by a zombie or got shot is the character Shane. I hate his shaven head, the way he acts and moves that ugly face. He looks like a lunatic who can explode any minute. Never saw a character so unsympathetic.

    Probably in real life the actor is a great guy, but he really manages to put a son of a bitch on screen.

  • Back by Popular Demand

    In the aftermath of last week's events, Glenn frozes to death during a shooting of western proportions because his feelings for Maggie have awoken a newfound will to live. Feelings are also Daryl's problem, as he's testing Carol's ownership over him in the cruelest manner possible, only to surrender to them as easily as Lori does to the fact of what she shared with Shane was real. Unlike Daryl, she deals with the issue by planting the seed of mistrust in her unfortunate husband, in such way that Shane will soon come to regreat the day he started having feelings for her.
  • A great episode!!

    Lori reminded me the little devil whispering in the ear of the chosen victim/sufferer.

    She just chose the right words and examples to make the hatred inhabit Rick's eyes.

    His deep look at the camera's direction made me thrill.

    I just loved this week's episode. And since very long time I haven't had a nice moment with TWD.
  • Guys Walk Into a Bar

    Immediately following the shooting last week the two guy's friends who Rick shot to Kingdom Come go looking for them. They hide inside the bar and when they are almost discovered in a big adrenaline pulsing sequence Rick tells them that their friends pulled guns on him and he had no choice but they hear nothing of his appeal to them as they open fire. Glen, Herschel, and Rick then proceed to try to sneak out the back door to the car to escape. All the gunfire begins to attract walkers and after Herschel does away with one who become zombie chow and Glen freezes up under pressure the bad living guys drive away, leaving on of their guys to die who has his leg impaled on a fence. Deciding to "do the right thing" Rick decides to have Herschel save the young man and they pull his leg free. Meanwhile, Shane goes out looking for Laurie and lies to her that Rick is indeed safe and sound back at the farm but he just lied to get her back safely which is a good enough reason for me to justify it, she was foolish to go out there all alone. Daryl resents Carol and tries to tell her off but she doesn't believe what he says and stays with him against his will since he's "proved that he's one of them." Andrea's defense of Shane to Dale was cool as we begin to see the line in the group split. Andrea's right about one thing though, Shane has no tact like Rick or Herschel he constantly pushes people away and even though he's an effective leader you have to accept and get past the edge of him as a person. Laurie also now suspects that Shane killed Otis now. Maggie and Glen fight over his being afraid to die for her but for being angry at himself for not being able to help Rick and Herschel when they needed him. When Rick and the others return before a search party goes out to find them they reveal Randal, the leg guy, who Rick says they intend to let loose on the road once his leg is healed. Even though he was blindfolded there is an uproar as they obviously think that he will lead the others in his old group back to the farm somehow. Herschel sees to Beth and he and Maggie fight about his absenteeism after the barn incident. Herschel lays down the law for Shane to have the right to shut up also which was cool. What happens next is anyone's game obviously Randal is a potential threat and Rick's misguided sense of "leave no man behind" is going to get them all killed. And the saga that awaits with Laurie turning Rick against his brother Shane is almost a Shakespearean tribute or brother against brother since there will no doubt by the end of this season be a stand off or a splitting of the ways between them most definitely.
  • yeah! thats what i'm talking about

    alright. with the previous nebraska episode being - so boring (i actually started playing doodle jump on my iphone) and unnecessary its so freaking good to see the second best episode in this season. still giving the number one spot to premiere episode....freaking cicadas.

    with glen mazzaras first episode as a new writer/producer we get what we love. danger, zombies, crazy gunfights, finally resolving some issues and hopefully in the future the next location...which will be awesome. based on the comic they will move to (SMALL SPOILER)

    a prison.

    which i cant wait to see.

    fav. moments of this episode

    zombie peeling his skin of through the windshield

    hershel - as billy the kid drawing faster than his shadow

    and daryl - yeah i know he didnt have a lot to do in this episode but how cool is it walking around with a crossbow. i dont know why i love crossbows so much.

    but enough about crossbows.

    crossbow <3

  • Triggerfinger

    Triggerfinger was a really great episode of The Walking Dead and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of action, drama, suspense and character development. It was great to see Rick making more difficult decisions and faced with even more complicated situations to come. It was also great to see how things affected Glenn and where his mind went when in trouble. Lori barely surviving her accident with a walker was a crazy scene, and I wonder why people in these times aren't more observant. I certainly look forward to watching how things play out in the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The Battle From Within

    Great episode, as usual its Shane that wants leadership of the group, Lori and baby. He believes all this is his, after Lori almost got eaten alive by zombies and Rick stuck in the store by another group that was associated with the dead men in the store. Rick, Dale and Glenn try to escape town. This sets off event to a huge disagreement between Rick and Shane, Both Rick and Shane have loyal support Rick is his wife and son and Shane is Andrea. Shane is a master manipulator and When Lori told Rick what Shane said to her about not being able to protect Lori or anyone in the group you can see in Rick yes he was very upset. At that moment he looked scarier than Shane.
  • Triggerfinger

    Better than last week's mid-season return, but this is still a show that gets more hype than it deserves, and I have to say that I was rooting for the zombies to get a win and a kill here, so it is not like they have done a good job building up these characters.

    It was more intense and action-packed than previous episodes, and that was a good thing, but the show still moves at a snail's pace.
  • I was pulling my hair out

    Not really, but metaphorically. I also agree with kbelliveau about the tension. I've been waiting for an episode like this also like mmmshuddup said after a boring first half of the season. I understand AMC can't go right into what we have seen in zombie movies over the years, but I will say after last night's episode, they are starting to bring it together. If you didn't see it last night, you missed out. Highly recommend watching it.
  • Rick, Herschel and Glenn must fight their way back to the farm. Shane goes after Lori, and tries to get her back to the barn safely

    It is crazy how much tension one show can build. The Walking Dead continues to improve week in and week out. "Triggerfinger" is probably the best episode to date.

    Every major character played a huge factor. Rick, Shane, Lori, Carl, Dale, Daryl, Herschel and Maggie all said or did something to factor into to who they are as people. Shane made the decision to save Lori, which may cost him his life. Rick proved he is a leader, while still making the necessary steps to keep his friends and family safe. Lori made the decision that she wants Shane out of the picture for her own reasons. All of these characters showed real world personality traits in a world that is completely different it still somehow worked.

    Jon Bernthal continues to be the best actor on the show. I identify with Shane, his hotheadness is a real world like reaction to all the negative things he has been through. Often times it seems like other characters forget about all the negative things they have seen when making decisions. Bernthal continues to deliver his dialogue in the way that you can identify with certain actions Shane takes while completely hating them for many other reasons.

    With each character having played their hand, it seems like the next few episodes are going to build the tension to an explosive season finale, that already has so many rumours generated. So much has been implied already based on knowledge of the comics, but the question is, how far has the show strayed from the comic material, and are they even taking it the same way at this point?

    Very thrilling episode though from start to finish, with so much already having happened to the group, it is going to be completely amazing to see what will happen next. I am invested for the long run, whether they leave the farm or not. The only reason people want them to leave the farm is because they know what happens in the comics afterwards. This is a completely new world, that has taken on a completely new direction. I am invested in both the world that lies beyond this one in the comics, and I am invested in whatever direction they take this world in the show. The reason is because they simply just know how to tell one hell of a story.