The Walking Dead

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 2010 on AMC

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  • classic TWD ending

    There was a great build up to the finale, with previews showing the huge finale, that this is really it, this is the answer to everything etc. And we end up with basically nothing.
  • amcwalkingdeadseason6online

    Danai Gurira talked about Michonne and about the struggles the character had to undergo in the previous season. amcwalkingdeadseason6online .com When she picked up the sword in one of the final episodes it was just to protect herself from all the madness around her and from how she was forced to 6online .com
  • Check Out

    Probably the best episode so far. Got to know a couple characters better (I know the name Dale now!) and a little better idea of the (I'm going to go with) parasite. Not phenomenal as a season finale, just felt most like another episode. This one did have a more human feel and focus to it, though, I think, which is why I enjoyed it more than the previous ones. Hopefully there's more of this to come in season two.
  • 1x6 - TS-19

    This was actually a very interesting episode. I liked the change of pace and how everyone blissed out over having a safe and clean place to sleep. That said I didn't get the rational as to why the lab needed to be exploded after a certain time when by... really? That seems like a crazy thing to do. The idea made me roll my eyes.
  • Good but not Great

    Nothing was like the pilot episode after that it's been in a bit of a decline, and still don't know whats really going on or a base of it. The answers to our dead problem was I Don't Know, everybody's dead to know. Wasn't really to thrilled on that, think they could have worked on that part a little bit. Next season needs to be more about focus and great storytelling that flows at the right time each episode. Not all over the place, not saying that this show was doing it but I sensed it was going to.
  • After this the writers really need to get back on track.

    Although still highly entertaining and well-made, TWD isn't quite living up to the potential shown in the pilot and now falls into the trap of a big, dumb Hollywood moment.

    The build-up is all good stuff, the doctor is obviously a bit off-kilter and suspiscious, but not enough to be over the top and it's good to see the group safe and relaxing for a while, during which time we get some good character moments. Revelations about the zombies and how the process occurs are interesting and while the CDC seems like an improbable cross between a lab from CSI and the Umbrella Corporation, disbelief is not completely broken.

    Then we find out what's up with the Doctor and what he's planning and it's just a little too cliched and silly for a show which has been mostly intelligent, thoughful and grounded in reality (despite the zombies). It's not all bad as the bomb situation gives us moments such as Dale staying behind with Andrea and the writers finally using that grenade we saw so long ago, but it just feels like a big build up for a boom that the show didn't need.

    The comic book is about the small things, an average Joe trying to make it in the zombie apocalypse, the whole CDC excursion smacks of the ridiculous excesses of the Resident Evil movies and I hope this is the last time they do this. We need to see Rick's group on the road, trying to find supplies and maybe a home. Surviving.
  • You know what the best part of this episode was? The beginning, which didn't welcome its stay long enough.

    We finally get more insight on what was going on with Rick's body while the outbreak had occurred, which is really interesting not because we finally uncover a mystery that has loomed in the back of our heads for quite some time now, but we also see how everyone reacted and dealt with the outbreak when it first broke out. We see that patients and nurses, all whom who had no signs of being infected, get slaughtered mercilessly. A very strong and well executed scene that opens up the episode perfectly. Unfortunately once the intro theme starts playing, we've already hit the episode's peak. The rest of the episode was pretty up and down, and when it was down, it was really down, and when it was up, it wasn't that high up. To break it down the crew are let into the CBC and are introduced to Doctor Jenner who immediately gives them one thing they haven't had in a long time; hope and security. This is displayed with lots of wine drinking and long shower scenes. An all right sequence. It gets better when Jenner reveals exactly how the zombification develops into fruition, nice and informative. Then it goes downhill. Remember all that security and hope? Taken away in a millisecond when Jenner is the bearer of bad news going through the extensive history of the CBC and revealing what is going to happen to them. It concluded on a pretty somewhat climatic ending, but after all the adrenaline dies down, you can't help but feel super disappointed at how this episode handled itself.

    Firstly what was the point of making the characters feel comfortable like they were at home, and then have it taken away from them the next scene? It's like getting a bite out of your dinner and having it disappear on you. Secondly, please scrap this Lori and Shane drama crap. Thirdly, what now? The ending gave us like no hope and almost nothing to look forward to in the second season. Only thing they left us with is Rick's half assed words "there is hope!" Not very compelling, this just makes it harder for the second season to impress because now they have to pull something out of their ass to make something happen.

    Thoough while bearing all those in mind, there's at least one thing that TS-19 does better than some of the previous episodes of The Walking Dead. The acting stepped up in the clutch. Jenner for one does a convincing job playing his role, but it's not just him; everyone did. Glenn, Jacqui--who was pretty limited throughout her time in the show but was effective when the camera shined on her--Daryl, heck even Lori who I've found quite mediocre so far to have been rather effective in this season finale. Collectively though the incremental improvements in the acting just can't push it past being average, and that's pretty bad for a season finale.
  • 1x06

    the season finale was a very good episode which I really enyoied since its beginning and in my opinion this was the best episode after episode two,definitively one of the best season finales for this year regarding that most of the greatest shows had really bad endings for their seasons, the only thing I did not like here was the scene between shane and lori at the library, for me it was totally unnecessary, but in general this episode was great, I really enyoied it.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in English, please forgive my mistakes
  • Solid finale! @philthebest your english is good man don't worry! haha

    This was an interesting finale. I was a little bummed that the doctor died along with that lady. I love how with every stroke they really painted the picture of desperation in this episode. Well, I suppose they do that in all of the episodes; however, this one in particular stood out to me. With the CDC out of commission what will they do next!?

    Now we just have to be ridiculously patient and wait almost an entire year for season two. How inappropriate. Oh well, I say this show definitely won me over and many others.

    Bravo for the great finale!
  • Great end and hopeful futer

    After watching this I have to say zombis are in. Tv is reddled with Vamps and wolfs. Then came Amc with Breaking bad, Mad Men and other great well sripted shows. I watched this ep and thought wow. You know from the get go the main chacters can't die off but you care about everyone. Even the cdc guy but knew he was done.
    The old guy and the lady seemed secoundary but the touching sceene when they blew up the building shows why this show is different from any other hart. The chacters add depth even the little ones I hope season 2 packs as much punch.
  • No wonder the entire writing staff was fired.

    Well when Mr. Darabont fired the entire writing staff at the end of this season I'll admit it left me scratching my head and concerned for the quality of the finale. Now I can see why this happened.

    This finale was the worst possible thing that could have happened to the series.

    5 minutes of flashback to "The Great Panic". This got me very excited as it is a deviation from the comic in a good way. Finally we get to see a glimpse of how society fell apart. We also get to see how Rick was left in the hospital. As you can see right before the power went out Shane sets Rick's IV to dispense infinite water into Rick's veins. SO that answer's the question of how Rick survived a one month coma unattended with no water. (joking)

    But yeah it was only just a glimpse... No view of the outside world =( just the writers trying to get the audience to forgive Shane again... *yawn* Still wish Carl would have shot SHane in the neck two episodes ago.

    Cut to 55 minutes of semi interesting but mostly boring dialogue. Love triangle nonsense with Laurie and Shane. LOOOOOONG (overly long) hot showers. Rambling time wasting drunken conversations about how crappy things are. A pretty but unnecessary look into the SCIENCE of zombification (summary blue tree in brain dies and is replaced by bad evil red tree in brain ooooookay) Then pure nonsense as the building goes to self destruct mode.

    5 minutes of frantic escape and zombie killing. Roll credits.

    10/60 minutes were watchable in the series finale. Terribad!

    I have to ask this question at the risk of sounding like a "fan of the comic" which apparently is a bad word nowadays... What exactly is wrong with the source material of the comic?

    I had no idea the comic even existed until this show was announced. I watched the first three episodes of Walking Dead on AMC and decided the read the comic instead after episodes 2 and 3 let me down. The comic is AMAZING and that's putting it lightly. The material is solid and compelling. There is a Reason THIS comic above all others was granted a prime time show after all. Lets not abandon it like this and just start making lame crap up to appeal to some demographic.

    Let's not use the series finale to take a tangent off into never never land... and to accomplish what? So they can make a statement about how dumb it is to use fossil fuels and how we need to wait for the French to get power back and save our butts!? *yawn*

    Like the CDC wouldn't have a means of renewable energy (Solar, Geothermal, Wind) that would keep it from "exploding" (lol) for at least a decade while research is conducted. No we get a CDC that can only last a couple months... It's just laughable I'm sorry... LAUGHABLE!

    Well hundreds of plot/logic holes aside... this was NOT finale quality work here. This was a time killer paycheck episode. I sincerely hope Mr. Darabont steers this now writerless ship back toward the source material in season 2. As of right now the ship is on fire and heading right toward cancellation shoals at full speed.

    I want season 2 to open with Carl shooting Shane right in the neck (or face) (I'd prefer face) in the first 10 seconds of episode 1. Then within 10 minutes have them sight the prison complex and engage in an epic zombie clearing adventure. Perhaps deviate from the comic as I know they love doing by filling Shane's body with grenades and pulling the pin while undreds of zombies in the prison yard are eating him. YAY! This NEEDS to happen ASAP or I'm jumping ship and swimming full speed for Breaking Bad island dammit!
  • *** Spoilers *** Nothing the pilot was, barely entertaining and rarely interesting

    My opinion is mixed about this finale. It began with an enlightening and long awaited explanation of Rick's hypothetical death. It was quite surprising to witness Shane's desperate attempt to save his buddy. Until TS-19 happened I really thought he didn't care about him and was happy until he came back from the dead, without walking. So the first minutes were are intense and shocking as in Tell It to the Frogs. However I can't help being disappointed by the episode story. The feast after the apocalypse was refreshing but I'm skeptical about the whole drunken part. Moreover it was obvious something was wrong with the scientist so I saw the mumbo jumbo ending coming from miles away. He survived all this time alone and did everything he could to find a cure but decided to give up when he finally encountered other souls. Does it make any sense ? Things got even worse when he pressed some magic button to trap them like rats and of course Rick was the only one smart enough to convince him to open the door. My hero ! And like in Vatos women kept whining and slowing the supermen down. Things would be so much more interesting if Sarah Wayne Callies and Laurie Holden's characters were stronger. Andrea could definitely be a female leader match to Rick or Shane ! Still the speech about fossil resources and the human brain was captivating. It was served by a well produced CG animation but wish it had lasted longer. In fact it reminded me of the cult survivalist dialog in Survivors (1975) pilot, The Fourth Horseman. The energy issue was also quite actual and revealed how weak our society actually is. That's why renewable energy is so vital. So it made the story even weaker considering such a critical building couldn't be just powered by fuel barrels, or something similar. An other annoyance was the fact that their arrival made things worse. One second they enter the building, the next it explodes. And like if it wasn't enough the ending wasn't intriguing at all. Ready for an other roadtrip ? I'm not sure. The Walking Dead felt more like an experiment to test viewers. The first two episodes and Wildfire were just probably too strong compared to the others. So Frank Darabont probably made the right move when he decided to fire all his writing staff. Let's recruit some fresh and more talented individuals for the inevitable second season. An other solution would have been to better manage or tutorial them but no one is perfect.
  • Meh... Great beginning. Boring middle. Lousy ending.

    The beginning was great!!! Showing Shane trying to save Rick's comatose body really gave him more depth and I really dug seeing who barricaded his door with the stretcher. But most of this episode much like the tail end of the previous episode left a bad taste in my mouth. The shower scene montage was way too long and kind of seemed a bit ignorant since it literally was a dissolve before Dr. Jenner said "Go easy on the hot water" and here we are having all of them burning up the hot water.

    Though touching as his little story at the end is, I didn't like Dr Jenner from his first appearance and disliked every scene he was in. The whole CDC was so "LOST" hatch-like and I was happy that it was all gone at the end.

    I was a bit disappointed on how they ended the episode though... it seemed unfulfilled to not have any lines of dialogue or some sort of extension of what's next. I personally think it would have been a great time for the cast to realize that THEY were in fact "the walking dead" and not the zombies. It was a crucial scene in the comic and at least a good way to cap off the season for the next year. Rather than the 2nd musical montage of the episode of them driving off while the CDC is engulfed in flames not to be heard from again for 11 months.
  • The Nightmare Begins

    After the gang is let into the CDC outpost they meet Dr. Genner who lets them in and things seem blissful as they begin to settle in. Unfortunately the generator is running out and a full "decontamination" of the facility is going to happen when the clock runs down to zero. Genner locks them all in and it's up to Rick to talk Genner into letting them go so that they can stay alive amidst the dead. Lots of great character development here, especially for Shane. The series makes him a lot more sympathetic than the comics did, for those familiar with the first book I was surprised at him still breathing at the end of this season. But his telling Laurie how he felt and what happened wasn't about his anger it was about him seeking forgiveness and appreciation for having saved their lives. As usual Daryl is just pissed off trying to swing an axe at someone and Shane came dangerously close to capping the good doctor there for a minute. Not a bad episode, but now that we know that "all is lost" essentially it adds a bit of a darker tone to the series from here on out. As many survivors in zombie media never get answers they have theirs and it isn't bright at all. Good season finale overall, it had its problems but it was superior amongst the other episodes this season. Season 2, here we come.
  • Rick and his friends arrive at the CDC where they are subjected to a blood test to prove they are not infected. As things at the CDC begin to head towards doom and gloom, Rick and his friends must make the biggest choice of all. Stay or go?

    The Walking Dead has established its audience in just 6 episodes. Six really deep and solidly written episodes that know exactly how to balance fillers and action. Going into the sixth episode every fan knew this was a season finale episode, and they wanted it to be balls to the walls filled to the brim with stuff that will leave us guessing what will come next. This episode did not do that. It did not play like a season finale until the final 10 minutes, when you though there would be a cliffhanger. Spoiler Alert. There was no cliffhanger, we see Rick and his Friends get out alive, so really if the show was die right now, it would probably stand as the best miniseries in recent years. The thing is we all knew going in there was a second season already announced, so for the shows producers to fill it with doom and gloom would have been unnecessary. Episode 4 had the most action until this point, but Episode 6 set us for the best thing possible. We will be blindly lead into Season 2 without any day where Rick and his friends are going, what they plan on doing next and how they will survive.

    This was much better then say leaving the group to fight off impending death in the season opener and then having a dull season opener. Season 2 can open on a high note, they can have the gang be anywhere they need to be. Season 2 is a fresh start for story archs, and questions left unanswered at the end of this episode. The thirteen episodes of Season 2 have unlimited potential is that not much better then having an all out action season finale. The Walking Dead is not simply about shooting zombies in the head and having Zombies rip people apart. It is about the inner struggle to make the right decision and fight for humanity. When people realize this fully they will know exactly where the show intends to go. This show is the best new show of 2010, and if you did not like the direction it took in season one, maybe Season 2 will be different, but I sure as hell cannot wait to find out.
  • 106

    No one could have foreseen this show becoming the massive hit it did, but there is no denying that The Walking Dead is a massive success. The show truly is the next Lost, you could hear a very similar tone of music being played in the background, and efforts to recreate similar dialogue, although failing poorly. The writin for this show is not strong, the acting (especially Sarah Collins) is really bad, but the concept is good enough and what they are doing is strong enough to make this show not only worth watching, but something I look forward to each and every week.
  • The walking drama.

    At this time we all should know that The Walking Dead is not the typical zombie story, is more about drama, relationship and humans, and with this last episode Darabont shows that there is no need of gore and blood to make an excellent zombie drama.

    What I liked of this episode is that its focused on the characters more of the gorefest of the preview episodes. Its more drama than anything else. Two thumbs up for this new show, two thumbs up for Frank Darabont, two thumbs up for this season finale.

    Too bad we have to wait till Octobre to watch the second season, but Ill be patiently waiting.
  • Our heroes are having a battle among themselves as they get into the CDC...and out of it with a bang. And, that's the end of the first season.

    Let me say some words about the hole season instead of only this episode.
    Well, I think the pilot was great. It had the silence, the unknown and it had Bicycle Girl.
    Ah, yes, Bicycle girl. The corpse that was grabbing our Hero, was grunting and, even thoe it was horrific to watch, even had me thinking: This poor girl. The image of that girl haunted me for days (no really).
    Then we have a break...and the show starts of as a mix between Lost and Battlestar Galactica. Don't get me wrong, I liked those shows, and I like The Walking Dead. But, there is too much fighting among the group and there are only the Walking Dead, eating and …well, walking. No eerie calm, no fear of the unknown and no Bicycle Girl. I hope the Zombies will change a little. We already know they can walk and eat. And, finally, I am looking forward to a change in scenery: There is more to the US than Atlanta and the woods around it.
  • TS-19

    TS-19 was a really great episode and season one finale of The Walking Dead. I enjoyed watching this episode as it answered some questions while raising new ones. This episode also wrapped up some of the minor story lines and leaves the ending open to many possibilities for future seasons. I thought that there would be more information on the outside world, or what caused this to happen, but there was not much in that regard. However this is what truly makes the situation scary, not having any clue as to how or why. I think this episode could have had a little more to it, especially being the season one finale, but hopefully another season will have more answers and adventures in surviving the Walking Dead!!!!!
  • And this is how season 1 ends. *SPOILERS*

    The great thing about this show is that in every episode we get more than our healthy dose of adrenaline and fear and helplessness. Well, this week it kinda of missed something.
    After last week, when the group found themselves in the CDC, this week they are inside the whole big structure that's supposed to have a cure for all the hell that is going on. Poor fools. They only get a very lonely doctor with all the symptoms of not knowing how to interact with real people anymore, and who by the way doesn't know what to make of this disease.
    The wife thing was very predictable, to say the least but a good drama touch nonetheless. What was the whole exploding facility all about?! Can't this people rest a little and get a little drunk once in a while? Sure, the world is ending but they deserve a little break.
    Almost went hysterical when Andrea said that she was going to stay. Really, almost gave me a heart attack.
    The ending, with them all running and getting into their transportations without knowing where they're headed, left us with a cliffhanger that we can't just wait to see how it develops.
    Great episode, but as I said, something was missing and I can't really put my finger on it.
  • Season 1 comes to an end

    Season 1 should be remembered as more of a mini-series than an actual season. Despite the show having some great moments and being an overall great show, it was just too short to really get us invested in a story. Some shows can do a lot with six episodes, and this one gets us interested in the main characters, gives us a small story to focus on (Rick getting to his family, the group getting to the CDC) and leaves a lot of stuff open for the future (Merle's return, Morgan and his son).

    The finale was a bit lackluster compared to the rest of the episodes. We end up in a very "Lost" like situation, where the group is stuck in a "hatch" of sorts, and a clock is counting down to the moment when the CDC runs out of fuel and will self-destruct to destroy all of its information. It'd be foolish to assume that Rick or any of the main characters would die, but it's easy to assume that the supporting characters or guest stars would die, and sure enough, we get exactly that.

    There isn't really a cliffhanger.. we still don't know where Merle is or if Morgan and his son will return. However, there is one interesting part: right before Rick leaves, Dr. Jenner whispers something in Rick's ear, something we'll likely discover in the second season, but not for awhile.

    Either way, the first season was a huge success in every realm, and it has nowhere to go but up from here on out. Some shows collapse under more episodes, but I think The Walking Dead will flourish.