The Walking Dead

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 2010 on AMC

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  • You know what the best part of this episode was? The beginning, which didn't welcome its stay long enough.

    We finally get more insight on what was going on with Rick's body while the outbreak had occurred, which is really interesting not because we finally uncover a mystery that has loomed in the back of our heads for quite some time now, but we also see how everyone reacted and dealt with the outbreak when it first broke out. We see that patients and nurses, all whom who had no signs of being infected, get slaughtered mercilessly. A very strong and well executed scene that opens up the episode perfectly. Unfortunately once the intro theme starts playing, we've already hit the episode's peak. The rest of the episode was pretty up and down, and when it was down, it was really down, and when it was up, it wasn't that high up. To break it down the crew are let into the CBC and are introduced to Doctor Jenner who immediately gives them one thing they haven't had in a long time; hope and security. This is displayed with lots of wine drinking and long shower scenes. An all right sequence. It gets better when Jenner reveals exactly how the zombification develops into fruition, nice and informative. Then it goes downhill. Remember all that security and hope? Taken away in a millisecond when Jenner is the bearer of bad news going through the extensive history of the CBC and revealing what is going to happen to them. It concluded on a pretty somewhat climatic ending, but after all the adrenaline dies down, you can't help but feel super disappointed at how this episode handled itself.

    Firstly what was the point of making the characters feel comfortable like they were at home, and then have it taken away from them the next scene? It's like getting a bite out of your dinner and having it disappear on you. Secondly, please scrap this Lori and Shane drama crap. Thirdly, what now? The ending gave us like no hope and almost nothing to look forward to in the second season. Only thing they left us with is Rick's half assed words "there is hope!" Not very compelling, this just makes it harder for the second season to impress because now they have to pull something out of their ass to make something happen.

    Thoough while bearing all those in mind, there's at least one thing that TS-19 does better than some of the previous episodes of The Walking Dead. The acting stepped up in the clutch. Jenner for one does a convincing job playing his role, but it's not just him; everyone did. Glenn, Jacqui--who was pretty limited throughout her time in the show but was effective when the camera shined on her--Daryl, heck even Lori who I've found quite mediocre so far to have been rather effective in this season finale. Collectively though the incremental improvements in the acting just can't push it past being average, and that's pretty bad for a season finale.