The Walking Dead

Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2014 on AMC

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  • Terminus

    The Walking Dead split the narrative this week as we got to see 3 groups perspectives instead of the typical Season 4B 1 group per episode (2 max in some cases). We check in with Daryl and his new compatriots who abide by simple but unbreakable rules. I actually find the rules fascinating because all you need to get something in front of you is to say "claimed" as we heard can go very wrong from when Rick was under the "claimed" bed a few episodes ago. But the drama with the King Solomon splitting of the rabbit on the pack leader's part led Daryl to have a semi-appreciation for the method of madness the group has to it (especially when the pack leader saw that the guy accusing Daryl put the other half into the bag in the first place). But it looks like the penalty is death for lying under direct questioning in regards to the rules as we see said guy-with-Daryl-problem with an arrow through his eye later on. We also pick up on the fact that they are tracking Rick for having killed one of their group members in the bathroom of the house a few episodes ago. From the sounds of it a vague description isn't much to go off of, and we may have to see Daryl turn against his new bosom buddies. Rick, Michonne, and Carl all continue towards Terminus also while walking atop a railway track in a candy bar bet (one shown later as we see Daryl's party is right behind them). But the rest of the episode focused on Glen, Tara, Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita as they try to reach Terminus. When Glen sees the writing of Maggie's messages are fresher (the blood anyway) he decides to pickup the pace and gives Eugene his riot gear as a bargain with Abraham. When they reach a tunnel they part ways but Eugene tricks Rosita and Abraham to navigating to the tracks where Glen and Tara would've come out of if his math is correct. I really like Eugene, his bit about the dinosaurs and how he still has to live with himself after he saves the world and is willing to risk his safety to secure the lives of Glen and Tara. But they actually stumble upon Bob, Sacha, and Maggie and while Tara and Glen get stuck in the cave and he refuses to leave her when her leg becomes pinned Abraham and the gang unload and kill all of the walkers that besiege them. They all agree to go to Terminus and then to Washington right after if they can recruit people from Terminus to go with them. We actually got a glimpse of Terminus at episode's end too and what seems to be deserted is tended by a kind woman named Mary who says "Welcome to Terminus" and offers them a plate of food. Not sure what to make of Mary since we only see her for a good 10 seconds of dialogue before the episode closes but I'm guessing there's something off about the place. Surely the others will trickle in and we'll see a showdown of sorts as Daryl's group picks a fight with Rick. Then Tyrese and Sacha will be reunited and my best guess is whoever chooses to go with (if not all of the remaining prison gang) to go with Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene to Washington and we see how far that rabbit hole goes in Season 5. I'm excited to see the finale next week and what changes may come as a result of the ensuing conflict as the survivors reunite, but who survives is up in the air (except for maybe Rick who is kind of the main character still, I think).
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