The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 3

Walk With Me

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 28, 2012 on AMC

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  • its another

    Its so dragges out ridicilous. Its a talk show worthy of an episode of Oprah Winfrey,.
  • The Gov of Woodbury

    Amazing character with a amazing concept. Perfect episode to introduce such a great Comic-Book Character into the show.
  • The Governor

    An interesting episode. After hating Murl so much, seeing him back was a welcome promise that the show will return to past characters. And this was the first episode where we didn't see Rick's group at all, which was probably why this episode was so refreshing. I don't think they can stay with one group completely for very long, but for now, it's a nice change of pace and a nice view into how others have fared after the disease spread. And we got just a touch into Michonne's head, which is the person I'm most interested in.
  • By far the best episode

    How in the world could you prefer repeated zombie killings to "The Governor"? I've never read the comics and really never liked this show much but this season and this episode are taking the show to another level. FINALLY this show has an interesting character!
  • Meh....

    I guess they needed to focus on the Governor but in doing so they created a very chatty episode. I prefer the whole prison skulking, zombie killing in the dark action. Good times.
  • Finally!

    Finally an episode without the infinite boringness of characters like Lori, Carl, Beth or the pains of the Grimes family. I really enjoyed seeing new characters and new dynamics for a change. Plus, having read the comic books, I can safely say that David Morrissey makes an excellent Governor, even better than the one in the comics, and we'll probably love to hate him in the episodes to come.
  • Walk With me

    This was the first episode since WKD started that i was totally bored and annoyed...!! I know in the comics The Governor is a important person...and i liked him acting the way he moment soft and nice, next moment ....killing of innocent soldiers...youw would think that he would take those men with him, so he has more man who can take watch and protect???

    I don't know...i expected a bit more action....maybe it is just me....everybody else seemed to like this epi...
  • Walk With Me

    Not sure why they would focus on one character (and her nonetheless) in this episode, but I thought the whole Governor issues was a little bit predictable. I think people are tired of me complaining about the show trying to be the new Lost, but I will say this qualifies as jumping the shark. There's too many people around now, and it changes the dynamic of the show, and not for the better.

    Big mistake by the Walking Dead if you ask me.
  • Walk With Me

    Andrea and Michonne witness a helicopter containing three army soldiers crashland into some trees in a field. Vehicles with living people arrive on the scene and deal with the dead. Andrea thinks they should show themselves to the group but Michonne is less sure. An unexpected party holds Michonne at gunpoint, Merle Dixon, and makes them give up their weapons and sporting a spiffy new arm with a blade attached to it. Andrea awakens in an infirmary with Michonne at her side and she meets their leader, the Governor, who says that they can stay till they're back on their feet. His hospitality makes the both of them wary of his intentions and they learn that the community that he started has over 70 survivors in it and its surrounded by walls and patrolled for safety and they grow a lot of their own plants. The helicopter pilot is still alive and taken and kept in the infirmary where the Governor finds out that they were sent out from their group of soldiers that retreated from a camp that had fallen a few days previously and he asks him to tell the Governor where they are so that they can bring them into the town. Michonne is still a big question mark as Andrea pointed out and we learn that the two walkers she kept with her were great camouflage from other walkers and that without their arms and jaws they become docile and don't seem to need to eat humans as much. Andrea finally learns that everyone that dies becomes one of the them and the Governor calling them Biters instead of Walkers is a much different terminology than we've been exposed to in this show. The Governor takes a car out to the soldiers the pilot was a part of and somewhat unexpectedly shoots and kills all of them to take their ammo, weapons, and supplies. When he and the others return to camp he lies and says that Biters got to the group first before they did. Andrea asking the Governor's name and him refusing was pretty cool as was his shooting up the place in the middle of that clearing. His whole glass wall of dismembered heads was really creepy and I don't know why he keeps them on his wall whether as hunting trophies or as a Herschel-esque "it's still them inside there" thing like the Governor was talking about earlier in the episode. Naturally I want to see more of this but this being a side episode we will almost certainly go back to Rick and pals next week which I'm fine with. This would be a great one-off series if the narratives of Woodbury and the prison took up all season that would be a great way to spend season 3 rather than wondering "what can they do next?" or "are they out of stories yet?" But Season 3 is in fine form so far.
  • Walk With Me

    Walk With Me was brilliant, awesome and shocking! I really enjoyed watching this amazing episode of The Walking Dead because the story was amazing as it focused on Andrea and Michonne mostly. Also being introduced to The Governor by a familiar face was most excellent! It appears a long time has passed since that night on the farm and Andrea has been through a lot. I liked how Michonne remained more guarded and skeptical and apparently for good reason. The Governor seemed to be the ideal leader and the community he helped build was pretty amazing. The ending was scary, creepy and shows that power corrupts and men are easily tempted to become evil in the name of their own good. I like the depths of thought put into the production and certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The walking dead

    Man I never thought a show could keep me this interested.
  • David Morrissey!

    Wow! The Walking Dead has really just kept getting better and better. This weeks episode brought in one of the most iconic characters from the comic book, The Governor. Fans of the graphic novel, myself included had been anticipating this very moment and boy was it worth it!

    Right from the start, David Morrissey commanded the screen, he took over the episode and transformed into The Governor. His exterior was charming, optimistic, a man driven to re-create the things we had lost as a society. He spoke with conviction, allowing his people to adopt a sense of belonging, that things would be ok. Deep down he is a troubled man, which fans were able to bear witness too later in the episode. Morrissey withstood the pressure and delivered one of the best performances yet on The Walking Dead. With just an insight to what his character, I can't wait to see his take on The Governor as the story progresses.

    Michael Rooker! What a return as Merle Dixon. He has found a new role for himself with in this new found society and he is thriving. Merle is still his outspoken self, asking questions of Andrea and doing the bidding of the Governor.

    The Walking Dead has surely stepped up from the end of last season until now, and I didn't think that was possible. Everything is at such high stakes now, knowing the Governor's sole intention is to keep Woodbury guarded from the outside world. With Rick's crew on the horizon, it is just a matter of time before the Governor gets word of their camp and things heat up. Solid episode, some might say it's slower than the relentless pace the first two episodes took, but I appreciated the dialogue heavy focus they put on creating the Governor as a smart tactical politician type.

    With each passing episode of The Walking Dead, I get more and more invested in the characters, and now one more character can be added to that list. David Morrissey and Michael Rooker were definitely the stand-outs as far as acting goes, with Laurie Holden falling in just behind them. I can't wait for next week and every week to see all the fantastic things the writers have in store for these characters.