The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 16

Welcome to the Tombs

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 2013 on AMC
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    The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Review: They Never Could

    "Welcome to the Tombs" was a good episode full of post-apocalyptic platitudes but a lot of senseless death, and it tied a ribbon on the season quite nicely.

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    With The Governor's attack looming, Rick and his people need to determine if the prison is worth defending.

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    • You can't set up an entire season around a central premise..

      then change your mind.

      Not that I craved a bloodbath, but the entirety of the season revolved around an ultimate conflict between the factions. It's obvious that the head honchos decided they loved David Morrissey too much to let him go after the only season he was planned to appear in. For a season that seemed like it was ready to cut some ties and show some balls, they wimped out and couldn't let a good bad guy go.

      When you have a good antagonist, they don't have to be around forever to be worthwhile and memorable. Eg: Tuco Salamanca.

      The Dixons stole the show again with one of the most unexpectedly powerful sendoffs. A good episode but not a great episode. And not a season finale.moreless
    • Just One Question

      Quality of the episode aside (personally I was glad there was no massacre) but why, oh why, oh why would they all decide to live in the skanky old prison where there's not much food, no decent accommodation for all the elderly and infirm that just rocked up, no medical supplies and where, frankly, the feng shui is well off when there's a well defended, well supplied, comfortable and now empty town just down the road? The Gov's practically on his own now and the prison and the town seem equally defensible so really I just don't get why they would all decide to abandon the charming and rather civilised Woodbury to camp out in the flimsy fenced hovel of the prison. Can anyone enlighten me, it seems a bit silly. I think I'd actually just like to see Rick in some clean clothes. Go to Woodbury!moreless
    • Too Much and Not Enough

      Anticlimactic and lacking closure in the worst ways. Andrea finally got to kill herself despite all Dale did to prevent it. She didn't save anyone, not even herself. She should have been able to kill the Governor before she died (as cliche as that might have been), as it would have given her some sort of closure. Milton (called it) was underwritten. There were no comments about getting to experience his research first-hand. There was nothing connected to the character. The attack on the prison was too short, over too quickly and entirely too convenient for Rick's group (to come across the lone survivor and have all the people willing to trust that one?? Gimme a break). And the Governor's still alive. As a villain, I'm tired of him. Just terrible all around.moreless
    • I actually enjoyed it?!

      I only started watching the Walking Dead two months ago, and went through all the episodes in massive chunks. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait and watch promos which, from what I am reading here, promised a massive battle. Therefore, I watched this without the high expectations.

      I thought the guerilla style tactics of the prison group was realistic. How else are a handful of guys going to take on a whole town with Heavy Machine Gun-mounted jeeps and grenade launchers. And I can't see Rick's group massacring a townful of people including women and teenagers - 1) That will mess up their group (esp. Carl) for life, and 2) I don't think they could show that on TV. Scaring them off was the only logical choice!

      And who would have thought the sissy Milton would be the one to kill the bad-ass knife-wielding Andrea! I can see a common formula - when an annoying/selfish character in the show starts to become likable, you know they don't have long to live! Lori, Merle and now Andrea!

      But yes I would have to agree with a lot of the reviews here - the ending was a little abrupt. I thought there was something wrong with my player! At least there's no enticing cliffhanger that would keep me guessing during the long wait for Season 4.moreless
    • Slightly dissapointed

      It's a shame that this episode was the last episode of the season as I feel there should have been a much bigger send off for a season finale. I still enjoyed it but feel that they maybe should have aired a double feature episode or added an extra just to create more suspense between seasons. Feel somewhat indifferent about Andrea though. I mean, she was REALLY starting to annoy me but I can't help but feel the show has lost a good character. Don't know though. Bring on season 4!!! :)moreless
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