The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 16

Welcome to the Tombs

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 2013 on AMC

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  • You can't set up an entire season around a central premise..

    then change your mind.

    Not that I craved a bloodbath, but the entirety of the season revolved around an ultimate conflict between the factions. It's obvious that the head honchos decided they loved David Morrissey too much to let him go after the only season he was planned to appear in. For a season that seemed like it was ready to cut some ties and show some balls, they wimped out and couldn't let a good bad guy go.

    When you have a good antagonist, they don't have to be around forever to be worthwhile and memorable. Eg: Tuco Salamanca.

    The Dixons stole the show again with one of the most unexpectedly powerful sendoffs. A good episode but not a great episode. And not a season finale.
  • Just One Question

    Quality of the episode aside (personally I was glad there was no massacre) but why, oh why, oh why would they all decide to live in the skanky old prison where there's not much food, no decent accommodation for all the elderly and infirm that just rocked up, no medical supplies and where, frankly, the feng shui is well off when there's a well defended, well supplied, comfortable and now empty town just down the road? The Gov's practically on his own now and the prison and the town seem equally defensible so really I just don't get why they would all decide to abandon the charming and rather civilised Woodbury to camp out in the flimsy fenced hovel of the prison. Can anyone enlighten me, it seems a bit silly. I think I'd actually just like to see Rick in some clean clothes. Go to Woodbury!
  • Too Much and Not Enough

    Anticlimactic and lacking closure in the worst ways. Andrea finally got to kill herself despite all Dale did to prevent it. She didn't save anyone, not even herself. She should have been able to kill the Governor before she died (as cliche as that might have been), as it would have given her some sort of closure. Milton (called it) was underwritten. There were no comments about getting to experience his research first-hand. There was nothing connected to the character. The attack on the prison was too short, over too quickly and entirely too convenient for Rick's group (to come across the lone survivor and have all the people willing to trust that one?? Gimme a break). And the Governor's still alive. As a villain, I'm tired of him. Just terrible all around.
  • I actually enjoyed it?!

    I only started watching the Walking Dead two months ago, and went through all the episodes in massive chunks. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait and watch promos which, from what I am reading here, promised a massive battle. Therefore, I watched this without the high expectations.

    I thought the guerilla style tactics of the prison group was realistic. How else are a handful of guys going to take on a whole town with Heavy Machine Gun-mounted jeeps and grenade launchers. And I can't see Rick's group massacring a townful of people including women and teenagers - 1) That will mess up their group (esp. Carl) for life, and 2) I don't think they could show that on TV. Scaring them off was the only logical choice!

    And who would have thought the sissy Milton would be the one to kill the bad-ass knife-wielding Andrea! I can see a common formula - when an annoying/selfish character in the show starts to become likable, you know they don't have long to live! Lori, Merle and now Andrea!

    But yes I would have to agree with a lot of the reviews here - the ending was a little abrupt. I thought there was something wrong with my player! At least there's no enticing cliffhanger that would keep me guessing during the long wait for Season 4.
  • Slightly dissapointed

    It's a shame that this episode was the last episode of the season as I feel there should have been a much bigger send off for a season finale. I still enjoyed it but feel that they maybe should have aired a double feature episode or added an extra just to create more suspense between seasons. Feel somewhat indifferent about Andrea though. I mean, she was REALLY starting to annoy me but I can't help but feel the show has lost a good character. Don't know though. Bring on season 4!!! :)
  • Not as bad as people say it is

    I liked it. I liked every episode of TWD. I hates Andrea but she was good for the show. I didnt want to see her die as I didnt want Merle to die. If Darryl dies I join the riot. I love that guy. He is a warrior. With this being said, the way they killed of Andrea was extremely tense. What I didnt like was the prison shootout. How do Glenn and Maggie miss everyone? Carl who I cant stand finished with a cliffhanger. Will he be a cold blooded killer? Or go back to his father's roots. Where did the Governor go? Will the people from Woodbury prove to be too much to handle for Rick;s crew? Will Rick star a romance with that new chick? Will Darryl lose focus? Is Rick sane again? Will Glenn and Maggie get married? Will Beth ever have a line? Will Carol be the new leading lady? There is enough to look foward to for me to keep watching along with 12 million other Americans. So stop complaining. IF you didnt/dont like it then dont watch it. I can say enough about it. I dont read the comics but I love this show. My favorite show since 24
  • Shouldn't have liked it but I did

    Seeing this episode wasn't overly loved I didn't have high expectations, but I was totally engrossed. I liked Andrea but the amount of time she spent faffing she kinda deserved to die I have never shouted at the TV so much in my life, earlier in the season we saw Glenn in a similar situation but the walker was fully zombified and he managed to kick butt so have no idea what Andrea was playing at but ah well. As for the lack of fighting I think the messages in the episode made up for that, we've seen Rick on a really dark path this season like leaving the guy on the side of the road but I think the end was really significant to him realising he needed to show Karl humanity again, and was so contrasting to the downfall of the governor. Looking forward to season 4, really one of the best shows around along with Justified the acting on both shows is unrivaled!
  • Season finale

    Yeah as much as I wanted to like this episode I just didn't. The assault on the prison was way too short. And why would the Woodbury guys leave the 50 cals? And how did a few guys on a catwalk manage to drive 10-20 armed men away WITHOUT killing one of them?

    IT WAS A GOOD EPISODE but it was nowhere NEAR as good as 'This Sorrowful Life'.

    Anticlimatic is the best word to describe this as it is true. If this episode would have been like the 13/16 episode it would have passed. As a season finale... Not so much
  • Robertorios

  • when is the nu one starting

    When is the nu chapter starting
  • Welcome to the Tombs

    A really lame finale of The Walking Dead.

    As an Andrea hater I am glad with that result, but the show is just too calm right now. The Governor's outburst was good, but I hope they have him reassemble a new army or do something monumental next season.

    Where will the drama come from? There wasn't even the big "battle" here, despite them teasing it.
  • Nothing's Happened?

    The climax building on almost the last half of the season led me to believe that there will be something big happening in the season finale. Like other users said, I was thinking there would be some kind of war. Obviously, the finale was anticlimax. I would still watch the next season, but with less interest.

    IMHO, the way the kill Andrea is also kinda off. Almost the entire season, I don't really like the fact that we were led to hate Andrea, especially because she is my favorite character (LOL). Just like how it was with Shane, before they kill them.
  • Extremely disappointing...

    Honestly, once I finished watching the finale, I was like "Ahh, this must be a fake last episode! There's going to be one more that no one expects and THAT ONE will be the real

    Please, let this be true. I haven't read the comics, I started watching the series just before season 3 started and I was soooo looking forward to it! Why? Because the finale of the season 2 is just AWESOME! It kept me on the edge of my seat and in the end I couldn't help but wonder what was going to happen in the next season. And this is what a season finale is all about: make you want to keep watching. Isn't it?

    Well, the season 3 finale did the opposite to me. I don't feel like watching the 4th season (even though I probably will anyway, out of curiosity). Andrea, who's certainly the most bad-ass woman of the series, who has survived a thousand times horrible situations, and killed zombis with any sorts of tools... But yeah, Milton, one of the weakest guy of the series somehow manages to bite her. And only AFTER THAT, she kills him. Yeah, sure! Why not? It was totally suggested that she was almost free when he approached her, and even if she had one hand still tied and even without that tool, come on, she could at least fight and avoid getting bitten until she freed herself and kill him. They built such a strong and bad-ass character in Andrea that, killing her this way doesn't make any sense whatsoever...

    Also, everybody was expecting a fight between the Woodbury people and Rick's people. It was impossible not to expect that. This is what all the season was about! And what do we have in the FINALE? Nothing. Not even a little bit. Haven't they all trained very hard to know how to use a weapon? And in a 10 minutes fight, nobody dies? Ok, no one dies. But NOBODY EVEN GETS HURT! Well, rick and the governor mustn't be very good teachers then. Although, the people were pretty good against the zombis. Wait. Oh yes, that's another thing that doesn't make sense.

    Finally, what on earth was that scene of the governor killing everybody and then just vanishing? Was that supposed to raise some questions about the future season? Was it supposed to be a powerful scene? Well, it wasn't. At all. No emotions AT ALL. Basically what went through my head was: "Yeah,

    The only positive thing I found about this episode was Michonne's reaction when she sees Andrea's about to die. Best scene of the finale. It lasted 30 seconds. Awesome!

    Ohh, okay, another moment I found interesting and left me thinking about the future season: Carl cold-bloodedly killing the kid in the woods. I kind of want to see how Carl's behaviour is going to evolve in the next season. Again, a one-minute scene. Got to love that!

    All in all, this was a tremendously disappointing season finale. A lot of things went down in this episode, but (almost) none of it was interesting. Pretty much no emotion while watching, whereas I felt so, but SO SAD in the end of episode 14 when Merle is killed by his brother. THIS IS a strong scene! This is what you expect in a season finale. Not Andrea killing herself after getting bitten my Milton... How idiot was that, seriously... No sitting on the edge of my seat, no emotions, no real interest about the next season. Well, congrats to the authors. You did a very, very good job. I bet even Sheldon Cooper realised I was being ironic here.
  • Very disappointed by this finale.

    Just watched the season finale of #TheWalkingDead. WTF was that ppl!?! WTF was that!?! The promo lead us to believe that there was going to be war, but we got zilch!

    They only showed us this crazy ass man killing off some innocent people and then vanish.

    That was a stupid way to even kill off Andrea's character. I mean this woman has been killing zombies like crazy; she's a survivor. Somehow this one zombie managed to get the better of her. TOTAL CRAP! Very disappointed by this finale.
  • The season finale of The Boring Dead....

    I slept through half the season expecting something to happen on the finale. But no luck there. this episode was so stupid. Why did no one fight back against the Gov. 15 people all had guns were all looking at the gov and they watch him kill them lame. Then dead but still boring. I personally would have chosen a fenced off town to a broken down prison, but thats just me. Finally i can stop watching this forsaken show.
  • A walking disaster

    That was horrible. They took a great comic book story and drove it into the ground.

    A bus full of old people and children? Really?

    The only redeeming part of this episode was the part where Andrea died. I actually giggled with satisfaction. Most annoying character in a TV show.
  • 3.5
    What a lackluster episode. Ignoring the fact that for the past 15 episodes, everyone in the show keeps referencing a war (which fizzled out), this was still a pretty disappointing episode. It started out great, pitting Milton against Andrea. Then it was all downhill.

    1) Did Laurie Holden slash some writer's tires or something? Why is she consistently getting such awful lines and awful parts? Her insistence that she was trying to "save" everyone (it feels like she wanted a warm bed and a hard *** above all else) was so eye rolling I needed to get my eyes checked. Next, she couldn't find the ability to multitask in that pea sized brain of hers, apparently. She had to look and chat Milton up every 4 minutes out of 5, despite him telling her she should hurry. Needless to say, I did not feel anything but breathed a sigh of relief when they finally put her character out of its misery.

    2) Carl.... really? Really, Carl? In season 2, when he wasn't busy luring walkers and getting Dale killed, he was sneaking around the barn causing problems. Now, he's got guns! I don't think it's ever a good idea to give a kid a gun, especially a kid whose gotten too big for his britches.

    This finale also did not change anything for me. it did not leave any other questions which I want answered. What's the gov going to do? I don't know, but he clearly isn't as capable as we were led to believe. Otherwise he wouldn't have drove off due to a couple of smoke grenades and some hilariously inaccurate automatic gunfire.

  • Awesome

    I thought this finale was awesome, its pretty obvious it was nothing of what we expected, but everyone should not know what will happen. It was a huge shocker with the Governor but its not suprising considering he is crazy, i'm also disapointed with these violent fans The Walking Dead has that seem to only rate an episode with a lot of killing and not much story to it. For one the prey was awesome and showed alot of Andrea but somehow people found it boring.... not enough killing. And goes for the finale if you actually knew how tv shows worked, Every single finale cant be a cliff hanger or it would be dumb, so disapointed in the negative reviews of this episode. The people who rated it below 8 cant call them selves true walking dead fans and need to grow up, and for the person who thinks the carl part is unrealistic, its not if u watched the talking dead they basically said it all. So really this episode diserved a 9, cant say i wanted Andrea to die because she was my favourite character but atleast she died a hero ;)
  • Walking Dead TV Show Finale ?

    I loved the episode, until they found Andrea at Woodbury. Andrea was really good at killing and to assume that she failed to kill zombie Milton after freeing both her arms was unrealistic.

    The ending was so terrible. Lets all live happily ever after in the prison. It seamed more like the end to the show in its entirety rather than the end to the season. I don't understand why the writers would emphasise the episodes at mid season so much, and have all the fans disappointed with the mediocrity of the finale. I hope next season they go with the normality of the flow and leave the excitement at the end, how its supposed to be.
  • Sad ending to a great season

    people have been complaining a lot about this episode and at first i wasn't sure how i felt but now i realize that is was a good ending to an amazing season.. it was completely unexpected and i love how the Governor lived i didn't want him to die yet because he is a great villain and there is still that conflict between him and the group.. for what it had to do witch is make people anticipating season 4 even more it did it's job.. good episode and can't wait til October
  • Weak, meek - not too sleek

    I'm not going to elaborate much on the point that this was a season finale and as such I'd expect some sort of "cliffhanger" or OMG what's gonna happen type deal. I was very unpleasantly surprised. Going out with less than a whimper isn't the standard expectation I have of any show let alone this one.

    I was surprised at two major things in this episode (excluding the above) - Carl's hom*cidal actions was the first. He's supposed to be what? 12 years old? I feel some sort of way about this. Not a good way. I can't help thinking of all the young viewers watching and wondering what exactly their take of it is. Mine is not very positive. Then again, television shouldn't be a role model basis. Shouldn't. But we know that it can be.

    Although I probably shouldn't be surprised, the way that Crazy mad man Governor executed "his" people for absolutely no reason (no gain, no nothing) is surprising. Just in case it is relevant, I have not read nor do I plan to read the comics so I have no idea what happened in that version of the story. My concern is solely on this version on tv. Anyway, I have to say that when this happened I was all WTF! for quite some time. Then, I completely expected the 2 it's their lucky day survivors to shoot and kill Mr. Wacked out Gov and that would have been extremely satisfying to me. But no. Like a flock of really ignorant I don't know whats they got into the truck and drove off. C'mon!

    The first few minutes of the "it was supposed to be a takeover at the prison" were exciting - well, as exciting as blowing up empty towers is and shooting at exactly 2 hidden people. I wondered where all "our friends" were hiding - and the more I got to watch the woodbury's trying to find them, the more I realized just how outnumbered our friends are and how if I were a woodbury, i'd start to realize this. Which they did and then they were dead.

    Michonne - way too forgiving of rick, but then again he did change his mind about sacrificing her. Nice of him, I know - and if she wants to co-exist with others there aren't all that many choices for her. And her emotion for Andrea was unexpected, and made me emotional. Good job there. I'm still hoping that my dream scenario happens where Michonne cuts off ZombieGov's arms, chains him and keeps him as her pet.

    Andrea - I guess I knew it was coming and she did manage to gain my respect for what she thought she was doing. However, it did seem that she'd freed herself before Milt was going to get to her and she did have the tool in her hand. She could have kicked him or clonked him before he took a bite out of her, I thought. As for Milton, I kept thinking that maybe he figured a way out of becoming a walker and wasn't going to "turn" - but at the same time not die because it took him SOOOOOO long to die.

    I have to wonder why they'd bring all the people to the prison. Perhaps they just wanted to evacuate them for now from Woodbury thinking that the WackGov is going to return there - and for their safety they took them out. It would seem more appropriate for the whole crew to move to Woodbury - I guess after WackGov becomes PetGov. (yes, I really want to see this)

    Overall, this was a very weak and meek episode and a really sucky season finale. There were some good moments - or really - good seconds here and there - but nothing at all what I'd have thought I'd be seeing. I was more exciting anticipating what was going to happen only to be let down when pretty much nothing happened.
  • The Rest of Us *Full Spoilers Ahead*

    It's here, the Walking Dead Season 3 finale. A major death occurred and we said goodbye to a so-so character. First off speaking of the Governor he has totally gone down a total dark path that I've just now realized is supposed to mirror and contrast Rick's darkness after Lori's death. The Governor traps Milton in a room for burning the walkers they were going to use against Rick's group when they delivered Michonne. Although to be fair it was only Merle who killed those 8 people not the lack of walkers. Anyway, this episode was written by the newly departed Glen Mazzara who is bidding farewell to this show after his shot-in-the-arm approach after the Darabont regime change in Season 2. The Gov's brutal plan to get Milton to kill Andrea and then expectedly him turning the knife on Gov and getting eviscerated knowing that he would turn when he died and kill Andrea. His bit of "You kill or you die, or you die and you kill" is reminiscent of the "Teeth or Bullets" thing Morgan mentioned a few episodes ago. Andrea was very frustrating this episode in her timing of getting the pliers Milton left on the floor of the room and it may have seemed life or death but she stops leisurely to talk to Milton as he goes in and out of consciousness. She keeps stopping which was so unbelievable to me. Eventually she gets free just as Milton turns but she is bitten and kills the zombie Milton. It was sad to see Milton go since he was such an interesting character and his bit of repartee to the Gov about what his daughter would think of him now were great statements on the humanity of the two different groups. The Gov mobilizes his troops to hit the prison and at the beginning of the episode we are led to believe that Rick's group vacated the prison to avoid the conflict. As the Gov's rag-tag band of soldiers storm the prison and can't find anyone there they have walked into a trap spooking the soldiers who aren't the Gov out into the yard to get fired upon by Glen and Maggie in their riot gear suits. The main band of them get away and drive the majority of the vehicles away and the Gov goes after them. Carl, Herschel, and Beth are hiding in the woods when one of the young hostiles comes upon them and Carl and Herschel tells him to put his gun down but Carl just decides to shoot him in the head. We aren't shown whether he really lifted the gun far enough to be considers "drawing on" them or whether Carl simply put him down because he could. Herschel tells Rick about this and when Rick confronts Carl about it Carl says that he stopped him from getting the Gov to attack again like he couldn't stop the walker that killed Dale (great callback), or the guy that made Lori die. His blaming Rick for not killing the Governor when he was in a room with him rings with how lost Carl is and how Rick is shocked out of his dark path following his hallucinations. The Governor chases down his convoy and they say that the other group can keep their prison at which point the Governor turns his rifle on all those who aren't Martinez and the other guy and guns them all down except Karen, who hides under someone else's body. This is the last bit we see of Gov, Martinez, and the other guy who don't go back to Woodbury and simply vanish but will surely appear again further down the road somewhere. Rick, Daryl, and Michonne go to Woodbury to finish the fight but find the slaughter and Karen who leads them to Woodbury. Also, seeing Tyrese outright refuse to go with the Gov was cool especially the Gov's frustrated "thanks" when he allows Tyrese and Sasha to stay and protect the wall. When the group arrives at Woodbury it was so typical to see Tyrese fire wide so as not to hit anybody. Karen calls out and Tyrese is told that Rick and pals saved her. They go to find Andrea since Karen told them that she skipped over the walls but never made it to the prison. They find the chamber room and Andrea had been bitten by zombie Milton. Rick gives her his gun to finish the job aka kill herself and Michonne decides to stay with her until it's over. Andrea finally got to explain her motivations of why she went back to Woodbury, didn't kill the Governor, and continually having to justify herself. Were it another character I would be more sad but it was more relief because Andrea has been constantly groan worthy in her convolutedness at times. But at least Rick admitted that she was "one of them" rather than one of Woodbury's in the end. The end, which featured a bus full of the remaining people from Woodbury taking refuge in the prison was a bad sign although it did contrast the Gov's loss of humanity with Rick's re-sensitizing after Carl's killing that kid. The show's strength this season came from the thinning of the ranks and having me finally able to name the characters each by name. Now there's twenty to thirty more mouths to feed that will surely take us back to Season 1 confusion of characters at the worst, or maybe it can turn out better. I just don't think it's a smart move following Scott Gimple stepping up it's a massive task for anyone to continue into Season 4 with thirty new characters. I wanted Tyrese and Sasha but not all of the pointless others who have no development (no offense). This closes by far the series' most exciting and cohesive season to date and while 16 episodes was a bit overlong it did give some characters more space (Michonne thanking Rick for letting her into the prison when she came with the baby formula) but in the second half some of the episodes could've been melded into one and it would work much better as a 13 episode order perhaps as my suggestion. But if they can make the arcs fit more tightly into the next round of 16 for season 4 all the better and I will shelf my complaint. But I was relieved to see Andrea go but I wasn't sure if the Gov would live or die. And if you haven't read the comics stop reading now. The Governor doesn't appear until well into the comics and the Rick group stays in the prison for a long time. So those veering away from this formula slightly will be interesting to see, especially with the liberties of character deaths they have been doing and plot wise. I fully expect to see the Gov again next season although whether in the series regular capacity or the supporting role capacity when they said "he won't stop" he will surely pop up in the lives of Rick and pals later down the road to exact his revenge.
  • It was what it was

    The first thing I have to do is take my conceptions of what this should have been for me and look at it from a whole story approach. I've noticed a lot of people seemed to want "Season Finale Disaster" Part Deux and that's what I expected as well. But if you want a total breakdown you better go back to the end of last season for that.

    This isn't about naive people living in a vulnerable place. Rick's ppl have been made tough by this world and planned out quite a bit.

    Now to get on the bandwagon, no one really died during the battle. I swear The A-Team taught these people how to fire. Hundreds of rounds and no living person dies except for the one Carl shot point blank. It was nice of Herschel not to tell Rick that his son literally shot the guy in the face less than three feet away.

    Talking on Carl, he was the star in my opinion. He had the most shocking moment on the show with his kill and his justification for it.

    Andrea's death was bleh. They already built it up by not knowing if Walker Milton got her or not so to see her injured didn't phase me a bit. I just couldn't get weepy for Andrea. Her wanting to "save" everyone seemed naive and out of place.

    I am shocked that I got my prediction that The Gov would survive. And how pansy was Allen? He had a gun on the Gov and he allowed the Gov to pull a hand gun and shoot him in the head with it. He deserved to die. I guess that the Gov will now become a terrorist in his own way for next season.

    In the end I am happy. All the characters I wanted to live did. Glad to see Emily Kinney is going to have work into the next season. Did you see her as got a clear Walker kill.
  • A 7.0 is kind.

    Poor. Why? Among the many hundred, I will give one main reason... nothing happened. If you look at where we are at the end end, the following points remain the same... 1 - The Governor is insane. 2 - The big attack wasn't a big attack considering it didn't result in a single casualty (aside from Carl's victim) but the bigger point... it was leading to a totally badass turn-around from Rick's group where they toyed with The Govenor's group in the scary prison environment but it went totally to waste. 3 - Andrea's dead. Wow, it makes the episode 'Prey' even more pointless since it was a big build up to a simple, expected death. 4 - Milton's death was as useless as his life was (which is a shame, because he could have been great but was given no opportunity to be). 5 - Woodbury citizens are now part of the prison, that's fine... but we've already toyed with that with Tyreese's group, it's just a slightly glorified version of the same thing.

    The only decent thing about the finale is the fact The Governor is now a terrifying vigilante. Is it an improvement on a terrifying dictator of a town? No. But hey, it's different.

    Not the most articulate of responses but I'm still a little annoyed.
  • Pissed off tbh

    I know we're not supposed to expect it to follow the same storyline as the comics but come on! They dragged out woodbury and the prison and then destroyed the character of Andrea and killed her off! She's a big played in the comics and is one of the most useful characters for her skill with a rifle so I have no clue who they're going to replace her with. I know the creators didn't want to stick too closely to the comics but I still don't understand why.
  • Rather disappointing

    Had high hopes for a blasting seasons end, but it went out like like a burning candle...
  • i liked it

    i thought the lack of gruesome deaths was unexpected but kinda nice for a season finale, it wasnt a predictable ending where the governer was firing like mad at the prison and you watched as carol and beth got their heads blown off, it was a nice ending. We got two big characters from this season die (Andrea and Milton) and they managed to end the "war" without killing the innocent mewmbers of woodbury. I was dissapointed to not see the governor die but nevermind. Andreas death was surprisngly sad, i hated her character but her death scene was still a bit of a tearjerker. All in all i liked it and look forward to seeing more of tyresse and sasha in the next series.
  • Good Episode but way below expectations

    First of all I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead and enjoy most episodes, although certain episodes have been fillers this season i have enjoyed the change of pace and most episodes. The season finale was hyped up to be an all out war between Rick and the Governor and it was not. Personally I found the deaths in this episodes both predictable and pointless as they served very little purpose to the overall story and cut short Andrea's story which could have been explored throughout Season 4. The action in this was brief contry to the promo's showing all out war. I am wondering about Season 4 now and how far the will go with the governor.

    Basically the episode starts with a death (Very good acting by David Morresy) and Andrea is put in danger. A brief and pointless shootout between the governor and Rick ensues it was obvious that they had left the prison and it was rather predictable the members of Tyrese's group were going to die.

    Overall a decent episode but overhyped and didnt deliever on the promises made and left a lot of loose ends, will be interesting to see how this continues but as a finale it was close to awful.
  • Disappointed

    First of all the third season started of it dragged by every the nothing to say abt they will have good script next season......
  • Thats how you ended the season?

    Really... 2 minutes of fighting, no twist ending, no edge of your seat stuff. honestly seems as if they cancelled the show now, noone would be disappointed. No cliffhanger ending, why have a season finale. To say the least, there is nothing to look forward to next season for.
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