The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 16

Welcome to the Tombs

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 2013 on AMC

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  • Weak, meek - not too sleek

    I'm not going to elaborate much on the point that this was a season finale and as such I'd expect some sort of "cliffhanger" or OMG what's gonna happen type deal. I was very unpleasantly surprised. Going out with less than a whimper isn't the standard expectation I have of any show let alone this one.

    I was surprised at two major things in this episode (excluding the above) - Carl's hom*cidal actions was the first. He's supposed to be what? 12 years old? I feel some sort of way about this. Not a good way. I can't help thinking of all the young viewers watching and wondering what exactly their take of it is. Mine is not very positive. Then again, television shouldn't be a role model basis. Shouldn't. But we know that it can be.

    Although I probably shouldn't be surprised, the way that Crazy mad man Governor executed "his" people for absolutely no reason (no gain, no nothing) is surprising. Just in case it is relevant, I have not read nor do I plan to read the comics so I have no idea what happened in that version of the story. My concern is solely on this version on tv. Anyway, I have to say that when this happened I was all WTF! for quite some time. Then, I completely expected the 2 it's their lucky day survivors to shoot and kill Mr. Wacked out Gov and that would have been extremely satisfying to me. But no. Like a flock of really ignorant I don't know whats they got into the truck and drove off. C'mon!

    The first few minutes of the "it was supposed to be a takeover at the prison" were exciting - well, as exciting as blowing up empty towers is and shooting at exactly 2 hidden people. I wondered where all "our friends" were hiding - and the more I got to watch the woodbury's trying to find them, the more I realized just how outnumbered our friends are and how if I were a woodbury, i'd start to realize this. Which they did and then they were dead.

    Michonne - way too forgiving of rick, but then again he did change his mind about sacrificing her. Nice of him, I know - and if she wants to co-exist with others there aren't all that many choices for her. And her emotion for Andrea was unexpected, and made me emotional. Good job there. I'm still hoping that my dream scenario happens where Michonne cuts off ZombieGov's arms, chains him and keeps him as her pet.

    Andrea - I guess I knew it was coming and she did manage to gain my respect for what she thought she was doing. However, it did seem that she'd freed herself before Milt was going to get to her and she did have the tool in her hand. She could have kicked him or clonked him before he took a bite out of her, I thought. As for Milton, I kept thinking that maybe he figured a way out of becoming a walker and wasn't going to "turn" - but at the same time not die because it took him SOOOOOO long to die.

    I have to wonder why they'd bring all the people to the prison. Perhaps they just wanted to evacuate them for now from Woodbury thinking that the WackGov is going to return there - and for their safety they took them out. It would seem more appropriate for the whole crew to move to Woodbury - I guess after WackGov becomes PetGov. (yes, I really want to see this)

    Overall, this was a very weak and meek episode and a really sucky season finale. There were some good moments - or really - good seconds here and there - but nothing at all what I'd have thought I'd be seeing. I was more exciting anticipating what was going to happen only to be let down when pretty much nothing happened.