The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 1

What Lies Ahead

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2011 on AMC

Episode Recap

Rick radios Morgan, saying that the group is leaving Atlanta and headed for Fort Benning, in search of safety. They are down to three vehicles: the RV, the Cherokee, and Daryl riding his motorcycle. Shane offers to teach Andrea how to clean her gun, which was a gift from her father right before she and Amy left on a road trip.

Their path is blocked by a flood of abandoned cars. Daryl wants to scout ahead for a better route for the cars but then the RV breaks down, its radiator hose busted. The group has to hunker down until Dale fixes it. The group starts to check surrounding cars for anything they can use: spare car parts, clothes, and even water. Lori is reluctant to pick through what is essentially a graveyard.

A herd of walkers shambles through the cars, and the group hurries to hide. Andrea is alone in the RV, and Dale is up top, while everyone else ducks beneath cars. Andrea has her gun in pieces but struggles to put it together again when a walker meanders into the RV. Andrea rushes into the bathroom and blocks the door with her feet. The walker tries to break in but Dale passes a screwdriver down to Andrea through a roof window. Andrea stabs the walker in the eye multiple times.

T-Dog ends up cutting his arm on a piece of metal jutting out from a car, which causes him to spurt out a lot of blood. Daryl comes to his aid, picking offa walker with hisknife and then hiding T-Dog beneath a dead body as the group of walkers continues to flow through.

The initial herd of walkers passes, and Sophia crawls out from her hiding place. A straggling walker discovers her and she runs out into the woods, with Rick hurrying after her. He tells her to go into a small space beneath some roots while he distracts the walkers. He can't shoot them because the sound will attract more of them. He tells her to stay in her hiding spot, and if he doesn't return, go back to the highway, keeping the sun on the right shoulder.

He draws the walkers away, and endsup killing them both with a rock.But Sophia takes off before he could return. Daryl helps Rick track her, but he loses her trail. They encounter another walker in the woods. They dispose of it, noticing that the walker seems to have eaten very recently. Daryl cuts its stomach open and only finds pieces of woodchuck inside. No Sophia.

Back among the rest of the group, Lori again confronts Shane about his recent behavior. Shane admits that he's made mistakes, but everyone has. Andrea tries to persuade Dale to give back the gun her father gave her. Dale refuses, and Andrea tells him that she wanted to die on her own terms, at the CDC. She's angry at him for rescuing her, and for making her feel guilty about having his blood on her hands.

Carl explores among the cars and finds a corpse with a hatchet in its lap. He takes out the tool kit and, proud of his discovery, takes it back to show Shane. Shane tells him to just take the tools to Dale and not bother him. Carl seems disappointed.

Daryl and Rick return without Sophia, and Carol is devastated. They can't continue the search at night, so they have to wait until morning, with more of the group. Once dawn breaks, they enter the woods again. First they find a tent which contains a corpse. Daryl finds a pistol inside which he takes.

Back at the RV Dale and T-Dog have a discussion about group morale. Dale confesses that he had the RV fixed days ago but didn't want to get into an argument about the needs of the many vs. the needs of the few. Much of the repairs he does is an act, to give the group time to resolve the tense situations they find themselves in.

Church bells ring and the group tries to track down the sound. The only church they find doesn't have a steeple, and is riddled with walkers. Rick, Shane, and Daryl dispatch the walkers with the newblades that Carl found. The group goes outside to find thatthe bells turn out to beelectronic ones ringing through speakers via a timer.

The group rests at the church for a while. Shane tells Lori that he's going to leave the group. There's no place for him so he has to leave. Andrea overhears Shane's plan and begs him to take her with him.

Rick, Shane, and Carl stay at the church with Daryl leads the rest of the group back to the highway. Rick stares at the statue of Christ, and notes that he hasn't been much of a believer in the past.Rick asks for some kind ofmiracle, or a sign. They head back into the woods, and stumble upon a buck grazing in a clearing. Carl is mesmerized by the creature and slowly approaches it. Suddenly, a bullet cuts through the silence and takes down both the deer and Carl.