The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 1

What Lies Ahead

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2011 on AMC

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  • so they

    Rick gets group out of Atlanta, blah blah. 6 season slater they are still in the Atlanta area. This is so slow its ridicilous.
  • Kristiqn

  • Here We Go Again

    This episode contained a nice, subtle reminder that this show isn't about the dead, it's about the living (when Dale brought up Amy and was told to leave her out of it). As a season premiere, it was a bit lack-luster, particularly because of the crawling pace the show has assumed. There is very little reference to how much time passes and it feels like it's been just a week since Rick woke from his coma. I'm not sure what quicker passage of time would accomplish, but it doesn't feel like the group (and hence the show) has accomplished much of anything.
  • The walking dead is nice

    Dale is gratis
  • 2x01 - What Lies Ahead

    An okay start to the season. Seeing a ton of zombies at once was really good but there was a lot of things which made me think we should have lost more people to zombiehoood.
  • the series remains entertaining

    The scene with the herd was really good, I thought they are done, mazbe that some of them will try to leave with the other car. I do not like that htey made from T-Dog clumsy panic stricken man who hurts himself needlessly in contrast with Daryl who saves him. Why they could not do the same think as others and hide under cars? They should be more careful, stay before the congestion and scout the area, because thy start riding into the area and then find that they are trapped and cannot turn around. Not to mention carelessly siphoning petrol from the cars before they scout the area.

    Then Sophia went missing, I do not know why she could not follow the directions or not wait on the spot or return to the spot when she found she come in the wrong direction. And they could continue searching for her, because when she had to spend night in the woods, they could too, because they lose time coming back to the highway.

    I think Andrea is too harsh on Dale, because he would be willing to die if she was going to die. First she says him to keep Amy out of this discussion, then admits that she has nothing to live for after her death.

    And Lori seems that she do not know what she wants, because now she wants Shane to be nice on Carl, but some time ago she said him not to approach to him.

    And the ending is strange, what was Carl supposed to do? I think they need food, so why they did not try to kill the deer? Ok, I will answer myself, they need surprising events to move the plot. I should say that I like the series, otherwise I would not think about it that much.

    I am form Czech Republic and what we see version which is little shorter than what i saw on net, some scenes are missing , for example the discussion between T-Dog and Dale about fixing the radiator. Why is that so?

  • Terrible start to a new season


    I dont know why but i felt really irritated to watch this episode..

    Did we pump this show up too much?

    Terrible acting and really really terrible storyline in this episode..

    I got lots of questions..

    When did zombies forget to smell?

    How could you not see that 100 zombies coming to you?

    Why would you shush a mother whose daughter about to get eaten?

    last thing i want to say is isnt it pretty easy to kill these zombies?

    so why you need stupid diversion ?

    Im looking forward for the second episode.. I hope it gets better cause this was a really poor filming in every way..

    I still love the intro.. its one of the best.

  • Mediocre...

    The beginning looks promising but from the moment when the little girl disappears it is a little bit annoying. Spoiled idea and mediocre presentation brings interesting cliffhanger though. Let's see how it will evolve.
  • Promising

    Now that they left Atlanta, which I think the show was trying to say that they were staying in Atlanta city for awhile. And than started gathering up resources to get out of Atlanta, the trouble all begins when part way getting out of Atlanta. Between looking for the girl in the woulds after the dead attack and having something happen to Carl. They could have added a lot more though just mainly one thing happening at one time most of show I mean looking for the girl, was kinda crazy. Hoping for better in the later episodes.
  • good season start...still some mistakes made!


    Back in season 1 i started watching this show because in my personal opinion its the only zombie show with a promise of succes! and i hope it delivers.

    This was a good season starter, not to much but not too little maybe they are trying not to get the writers overwelmed in episode 1.

    but still writers forgot some BASIC things about Zombies made clear in season 1.

    1.- when t-dog cuts his arm then kind of fights a zombie and dale comes to the rescue, Dale covers him (for smelling purposes i think) with the dead Zombie... of course the zombie has an open head wound, its missing some limbs and has a lot of infected blood allover his body... so judging by his position on the floor... with the open wound wouldn't t-dog be infected??

    2.- when andrea gets attacked and kills the zombie with a screw driver and a lot of infected blod splatters on her face...with her mouth open...wouldn'tshe be infected too?.. or with the zombie blood on her eye?

    3.- weren't the zombies attuned to loud noises? why were the church zombies just sitting? they would be looking for the source of the noise wouldn't they?

    Still i thought it was a good season starter and maybe vacations were a little to much for the writers to note those mistakes, but i do beliebe the season will catch up to our spectations and bring us good quality zombie tv for this season!


  • Did they completly forget what this show was about?


    The first season was great. It was the most realistic zombie show I had seen.

    Either the show decided to kill of 2 of their characters, one of them being a main character, or they simply forgot the rules they established in season one. And forgeting your own rules is one of the unforgivable sins among any series.

    Laying a zombie ontop of a wound means that you are now infected. Getting sprayed with zombie blood in your mouth, noose or eyes means that you are infected.

    Everyone seems to have forgotten that they main reason to be afraid of zombies is not that the zombies might kill you, it is how easily you get infected and turn into a zombie. Without hesitation everyone started to fighting the zombies with melee weapons, and nobody seemed scared by the fact that a single scratch from the zombies will kill you. They happily smashed to zombies head to pieces, and ripped them open and stuck in their hands into them without considering that getting zombie blood on a single tiny wound on your body will kill you. Everyone in that group works alot with their hands, lifting stuff and scavaging, especially the guys, getting several tiny wounds on their hands, and then they stick their hands into zombie intestines? well, its ok, since he is wearing cloth gloves?

    So, three of the main cast must be zombies within a couple of episodes, and if the group continues to use melee weapons they will all probably be zombies within 5 episodes, its mearly a question about time.

    So much for the realism of this show...

  • Awesome start to the new season.


    And the adventure continues. We are beyond looking for answers now. Now, we are looking for some measure of safety and the group is putting their hopes in with the military.

    My only complaint is why Rick, and assuming the others, went back to Atlanta. I know Rick wanted to try and contact Morgan, but going back to the heart of the city seemed rather foolish. But it did give us a great into for the episode.

    This episode was more about action, fear and new questions. Some of my questions have to be;
    1. Why weren't the dead ppl in the cars zombies?
    2. The Church Zombies...were they reacting to the place they were in or was just a simple case of no stimuli to make them move anywhere?

    I really liked Sophia in this ep and to be quite honest...I'm 32 and would have been screaming like her probably if that ghoul was after me.

    My def heroes in this are Rick and Daryl. Man, give Daryl a mission and he is scary efficient and quite possibly the most valuable member of the group.

    The drama of Shane continues and part of me hopes he doesn't something unforgivable so I can dislike him again. He has been screwed by circumstance and at the moment isn't really a bad guy.

    Anyway, great episode and here is hoping for a great season.

  • Now that's what I call a season opener!


    Holy...! Wow. Just the herd walk alone had me quivering with tension and just about gave me a heart attack. Then we had the Walkers after Sophia, the cutting open the Walker - this show grosses me out so bad - LOL! And some wonderful character moments and interaction. Poor Dale - Laurie really slammed him. And I loved his 'avoiding the 'needs of the many' speech.And then the ending...OMG, I think my heart stopped.

    Counting the minutes till next week.

  • Claustrophobic tale of dashed hopes


    The season premiere of The Walking Dead is an emotional roller coaster dealing with loses: first the loss of safety, when the group is trapped between a horde of zombies and what's left of the CDC, which leads to the most effective and terrifying moments of the plot.

    Then, the loss of hope, starting with the two walkers chasing Sophia setting a chain of events that would only lead to Carl's downfall. Ironically, the only thing not lost in the entire plot is faith, both in the parents about to lose their children and the children who now might never seen theGrand Canyon through the eyes of the living.

  • Great Season 2 Premiere of "The Walking Dead" but it got a little boring as the episode went on... maybe because there really wasn't a lot of zombie action.


    FINALLY!!! the Season 2 Premiere of "The Walking Dead" has finally arrived. I must say this season premiere wasn't going to be as epic or awesome as I hoped it would be. I was really hoping to see a lot of zombie action as the season premiere was going but sadly there really isn't a lot of zombie action. Also, there weren't any shootings at the zombies. When the zombies did arrive, everyone was just hiding which really disappointed me. The only entertaining part in that zombie scene was when that blond girl (forgot her name and she was in the bathroom) was stabbing the zombie with the eye with a screwdriver. The part with Rick ripping off the zombie's body and taking out the guts was bloody but also pretty entertaining. There was also a brief scene when there was like 4 zombies at church and then they stabbed them. The ending also blew me away when Rick's son was shot and we don't know who. It looks like we are left with questions to be answered still. The only question I want to know is: Who shot Rick's son at the very end of the episode?. Hopefully, the next episode will be twice as more epic and awesome than this Season 2 Premiere. Overall, this was a great Season 2 Premiere but I was a little disappointed at the fact that there wasn't a lot of zombie action like I really wanted. 8.5/10

  • Spoiler free. A brilliantly intense opening to the new season. Lot's of what everyone wants from an opener, Walkers galore, tonnes of action and suspense plus brilliant character interaction.


    I was worried going into this season that it might somehow lose that great balance it managed to sustain throughout the first season. Maintaining a character focused story whilst throwing action and frights at the viewers constantly.

    This opening episode was a little bit of genius, you get a feel of where each of the characters is as a part of the group, perhaps with the exception of Glenn and T-Dog but i'm sure that they'll get their fair share of screen time soon.

    Also worth noting, there were some great gruesome gore moments as you would expect!

    I'm going to keep this spoiler free for those of you that have yet to see this but I highly recommend seeing it as soon as you're able!

  • Premiere episode of Season Two shows promise


    I was both anticipating/dreading the start of this season, but I must say that the return to the 'raw' elements of zombie survival is a good thing. I became aware that AMC was doing a zombie series last year, so I located the graphic novel (Compendium One) and read it - I was very impressed with Kirkman's character development primarily, as well as the stark, black and white depiction of gore.

    I'm not a stickler for exactly following the book, so I wasn't too concerned about the variations in the first season. That said, I was concerned that they had left out some significant character development that should have been kept. I really didn't care for the diversion to the CDC and the way the season wrapped up.

    This episode goes back to the basic problems that survivors would be confronting - a simple vehicle breakdown spirals out to a lethal threat when a shambling horde of zombies approach from the rear. Quickly recognizing that there are too many to shoot and shooting would draw unwanted attention, the characters hide in place but are spread out and unable to easily defend each other. This led to some character development, for example Daryl, who we may have initially disliked, risks his life to save someone who (accidentally) left his brother chained to a roof.

    I am concerned about two main items; in the book, the main character's son, Carl is developed to become heroic in his own right but so far in the series has been merely a target. Why couldn't he have taken out a zombie that was threatening Sophia, leading to his parents both scolding him but also being proud of him? Carl - "Dad, I couldn't just stay there and watch her get eaten!"

    The second item is that since the actors are not highly-paid talent they likely have contracts for whole seasons, meaning that they are less likely to become casualties. It occurred to me that the show's producers could have reached out to bigger names to appear in one or two episode arcs as significant characters who fall victim to zombies/fellow survivors.

    That being said, it was a solid episode and next Sunday I will only anticipate a new chapter in 'The Walking Dead'.

  • I'm not ready to give up on this show yet, but this premiere doesn't give me much hope for the future.


    Let me start by saying that I love having this series on tv so it pains me to criticize it. If I were going to see a typical Romero-clone zombie story, this Walking Dead would get a very good rating. But I expect a lot more from the network that has produced Breaking Bad and Madmen (two of the best shows on TV). This show started with the promise of thoughtfully crafted horror series that would focus on the human trials that accompany an epic disaster such as a zombie apocalypse.

    The first two episodes started to deliver on that promise for the most part, but the effort thinned and stalled by the season finale at the CDC. The search for a cure was an obvious dead end and the characters were getting stale and uninteresting. Enter the BIG EXPOLOSION to end the drag for the first season. A lazy and hackneyed plot device that signaled the series might continue slipping, but who doesn't love a big explosion right?

    So the slate was clean for this new season. The producers cleaned house and got rid of the writers (and Darabont for some reason) leaving plenty of opportunity to craft the thoughtful zombie thriller as promised. Imagine my extreme disappointment when the premiere started with a pointless 2 minute monologue by Rick (backed by corny music) that didn't build suspense, didn't build character, didn't build atmosphere, and didn't develop the story. Then the actors muddle their way through bad dialogue and ridiculous activities (can someone explain to me why Daryl is scouting for the party on an extremely noisy hog when the zombies are drawn by sound?) until the driving plot point arrives...a little girl is lost in the woods! Really? That is what they are opening with? That is the most interesting plot they can come up with to drive a HORROR/THRILLER series? Really?!?

    Why should I, as an audience member, have empathy for this girl at all considering this girl has said a total of 10 words so far and her mother is only slightly more developed as an emotional wreck/abused spouse? Why should I care about any of the characters for that matter? Other than Rick (who is the most developed due to majority of screen time) and Daryl (who is interesting because he seems to be the only character that is able to cope with his environment) I don't find any of the characters interesting or worthy of sympathy.

    Just about every character could be killed off in the next episode and I would still be more interested in what obstacles lay ahead. Unfortunately, the story development so far doesn't even have me that interested in the future events at this point either. I fell in love with the Walking Dead comic because it is character-driven and unpredictable. Characters are well built and then can be torn away at any moment. Doing this in a believable way (for the Zombie universe) keeps it suspenseful and interesting. So far the show lacks both solid character development and solid horror/suspense plot development. I keep waiting for this show to surprise me, but judging by this first episode of season 2 its going to be another dumbed-down zombie slasher that uses gore and action devices to hold viewers. It will still be a good show, just not what it could have been.

  • 201


    You could see there was a huge change behind the scenes with this episode. The style is different, they're clearly going for more of a Lost vibe, even moreso than they did last year, with all of the philosophical chatter and whatnot. Frankly, it translated to pretty boring television for the first 10 minutes.

    Things eventually got more interesting when they had the zombie attacks, when they had the search, but it was still a little bit disappointing. Too slow, too puzzling with some of the decisions. It was okay, but we expected a little bit more.

  • What Lies Ahead


    What Lies Ahead was a superb episode of The Walking Dead and a very entertaining season two premiere. I enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of action, horror scenes, and suspense. There was also some good character and plot development. It was intense watching the scenes when the herd of walkers came down the highway. If the girl who ran was 12 that is old enough to be some what smart and understand adult directions. I mean it's her own fault and perhaps her mothers for babying her. The ending was entrancing and shocking. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!

  • Exemplar production, vicious and frightening poetry, realistic and edgy character development, Daryl the cool and silent predator, intriguing and lethal arcs (Spoiler free)


    I can't say the finale, TS-19, made me a The Walking Dead worshiper. Until a few months ago I wasn't even interested by season 2 but when the first news about it began to infect the Web my mind recalled the first had more ups than downs. Remembering how excellent Days Gone Bye and Guts were convinced me to plan a new session. The pilot second impact wasn't as dazzling as the first but I found the second episode as much as entertaining. In fact giving an other shot to season 1 changed my mind about episodes like Tell It to the Frogs because its six episodes worked really well as a whole. So What Lies Ahead slowly but surely became one of the first premieres in my line of sight.

    Let's not procrastinate any longer, it was one hell of a first strike ! I read a news about some budget cuts but didn't really worry about the impact it could have on the show because less is more. From the frightening make-up to the different sets the production was just as great as before. It still lacked the creativity that made the pilot so mind blowing but there was something refreshing about the woods despite the fact that they could be infested by walkers. But the dead traffic jam sequence was by far my favorite. Its pace was almost frozen like in the worst nightmare, when seconds last minutes. Moreover I was surprised by what the characters did in general to survive because in the end it just made sense. Their behavior was just realistic, oscillating between pure reason and the wildest irrationality. Rick acts as a leader and tries to hide how confused and desperate he is in reality. Things couldn't be more tensed between Shane and Lori. In fact I slightly questioned Sarah Wayne Callis acting in season 1 but her speech to the group about Rick was convincing and was almost reminiscent of all these female warriors, like Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor, who have changed the way women are portrayed on TV or in movies. She still has a lot to do in order to at least play beneath their league but both the character and actress grew on me. It leads us to Andrea because Laurie Holden has already proved herself as a valuable survival asset, even if ironically she tried to suicide in the finale. Her little chat with Dale about gratitude, as he saved her life, raised the realism barrier even higher. Humans are complex creatures and The Walking Dead isn't shy when it comes to psychology !

    Even Rick's decision to keep his son Carl with him for a rescue mission with Shane made sense. Of course the kid could quickly become a burden but if I was his father I would definitely want to keep my family close to me. It's specially true considering what we learned thanks to the young girl arc developed in this installment. It was almost like a fairytale. Overall their adventure was so immersive that there're moments I imagined myself as Rick. His mission with Daryl was intense and at some point I thought I would definitely trade a bag of shotguns for his stealthy crossbow. His headshot skill seems perfect and I can't remember him missing once ! Of course it's only fiction but Norman Reedus has so much charisma that you can't question his character ability. If the show was a video game, he would definitely be my first pick. Who would be yours ? Shane is also one of a kind because in the one hand he saved Rick's life but in the other, a sliced and decomposing one, he had a controversial affair with his wife and has acted like a man about to lose his mind since Wildfire. He's still not as dangerous as the zombies but his actions have become unpredictable and I seriously worry about the safety of Rick and his gang. I'm not sure he will put his plan in motion but his decision could have a dramatic impact on the group.

    Last but not least I would like to take a few minutes to pray, yes because religion was also covered, and point out that so many innocent and pacific walkers were harmed during the filming. By the way is it me or are there recurring zombies ? I doubt it's a question of budget, more a fun decision to appeal the careful viewers. But to go back to my people, specially the poor souls in the church, so much hate is just unacceptable ! Seriously. Remember the butchery in Guts and how they had to dismantle a body ? Well What Lies Ahead featured a scene as disgusting and gory. And again I can't thank enough the dream team behind the show for not showing what was going on. It's left to our endless imagination, with the help of Andrew Lincoln's talent, and confirms that graphic violence isn't the most subtle and efficient way to scare an audience. Yes because from beginning to end the horror factor was marvelously balanced. Moreover it magnified the ending and its appearance was just divine.

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.

  • What a great return!


    What a great return! It was a long wait for new episodes, but it was worth the wait. This episode kept up the suspense with some great zombie scenes. New storylines were hatched with some new characters to come. The end of the episode was a total surprise. Great episode for a great series!

  • I am going to say that I didn't care so much for this episode. I was expecting a lot more with where they were headed. I wanted more about what Jenner told them before they left the CDC. I wanted more to the story. All I felt I got was a waste of 1.5h


    hours and more disappointment with the characters. Andrea and her insistent whining about a gun. The little girl ignoring what Rick told her and getting lost
    I expect a first episode of a season to sort of grab me and make me want to come back for the next episode. All this was, was the group wandering around the woods looking for the little girl, that's what you save for when you don't have anything to show. Come on "walking dead", I was really expecting to be wowed, a lot like the first episode of the first season, I really feel cheated with this episode....I even got my wife to finally watch the show, and with starting with an episode like this, she doesn't want to watch any more.

  • What Lies Ahead: a solid start to the second season.


    I didn't like the first season of The Walking Dead that much. Apart from the pilot episode, it was simply bad writing, boring characters and tedious plotlines. But the start of the second season was a clear improvement in almost all ways: the plot was solid, the overall pacing was better, the acting was mostly good. The actors seem to have a better understanding of the characters and there weren't that many awkward deliveries as last season.

    The zombies were bit of a bore, apart from a couple scenes they didn't feel very threatening. And I actually got bored by all the head bashing. Hopefully they invent some new ways of killing them.

    The few teasers we got during the end credits didn't look too promising, but I hope they can pull out something nice.

  • good episode but more questions about the series are added SPOILERS IN REVIEW


    In this show there were already questions that formed like if theyre ever going to see Morgan again or what the guy at the lab area whispered in ricks ear or also where is Meryl at but now in this episode as awesome and gruesome and intense it was they added more questions like where the little girl is at is she dead or who shot ricks son which i really didnt see coming that blew me away there were a lot of things that surprised me and it was an awesome beginning to the new season

  • The Walking Dead is back!


    This review could containspoilers depending on if you read the graphic novels.

    ill start by saying that i wasdisappointed that theydidn'treveal what Jenner told Rick during the season one finale, my first guess was thatLori's pregnant ( how he would know was from the blood test that everybody had to take to get into the CDC), but now idon'tthink so.

    The main conflict during the episode was that Sophia went missing after a herd of zombies. Thisscenario is not in the the graphic novels which is good, becausewho wants to watch atelevisionshow where you can find out what happens.

    There were some conflicts within the group such as Lori and Shane, Rick and Carol, andAndrea and Dale.

    My favorite scene during the premier was when Rick is in thechurch and asking for a sign to where Sophia is . Right at the end, Rick, Shane, and Carl see a deer, Shane is about to kill the deer before Rickstoppedhim because Carl was going to do something, ( Icouldn'ttell, but idon'tthink he was going to kill the deer). My first idea was that the deer was the sign that Rick asked for, but the deer ends up getting shot along with Carl.

    To conclude, this premiere was very good, it looking like the first half of this season will take place onHershel'sfarm. I would of giving this episode a 9, but i was really hoping to find out what Jenner said.

  • Breaking Points

    The Walking Dead returned this week for an actual full length season following last years stunted 6 episode first season. Now that the CDC has destroyed all hope of a cure the group moves onward with Rick talking over the radio to Morgan. He claims that Atlanta is dead and the group heads out but while on the way out of Atlanta (Daryl on a hog=awesome!) the fan belt in Dale's RV blows out as expected and a horde appears, causing the group to hide under cars in order to go undetected. Sofia's daughter, what's-her-name?, runs off being chased by walkers and Rick goes after them. He tells her to run and follow the river while he draws them away from her path. After he deals with them he goes back and is unable to find her so he goes back to the others to get them to help find her. The horde going away all at once was sudden but their sudden appearance was one of the best held moments on this show so far. While Daryl (tracking abilities in awe) and Rick search for little girl Shane draws away from Laurie and Carl, for which Laurie accused Shane for giving her the cold shoulder which is really stupid as for a guy who almost raped you a few days ago you should want him to pull away from you. Andrea is upset at Dale who is holding onto her gun for her because he thinks she'll use it to kill herself and she blames him for her not staying and dying with Genner at the CDC. Shane says he plans on going his own way from the group without telling Rick and Andrea asks to go off with him as they both don't belong it seems. In utter frustration Sofia blames Rick for losing her daughter, in the end they don't find her. They do however find a deer and while Carl approaches it a gun goes off and the deer and Carl are shot. Helluva way to end an episode, even though they didn't find the girl there's still some searching that can be done in the mean time. Better group dynamic thus far that last season lacked now that they've thinned the herd of survivors. Great start, and I hope to wonder at which point Frank Darabont's touch is lost in the season since his stepping down as showrunner?
  • The Walking Dead returns strong.


    There were a lot of complaints about "The Walking Dead" last season, about how the premiere was the best part of the season and everything else was a gradual step down. I'm not sure I would go that far. Sure, the show wasn't able to match the overall blend of great action, character moments and intensity that the premiere did, but it came pretty darn close. I would even argue that the episode "Wildfire" was as good as anything the show did. But overall, I like the show. It has a cast that it spent its first season introducing us to and now, we can slowly get to know them better and follow the group as they continue on their journey.

    The premiere of Season 2 does everything that I wanted it to do and it should please the people who were frustrated with most of Season 1. From beginning to end, it was entertaining, and I would go right out there and say that that ten-fifteen minute scene at the beginning of the episode with the herd of walkers was one of the more terrifying things I've seen on television or movies lately. It was all about silence and shows if the writers want to, they can create unbearably tense moments without dialogue or even without all that much action.

    The thing about the premiere that I really liked the most was the character moments. There have been many plots floating around since last season, such as Andrea's grief over Amy's death and Dale's connection with Andrea, feeling as if she is the daughter him and his wife never had, along with the plot between Lori and Shane. I never really cared about the Lori and Shane plot, and I wished last season spent less time focusing on it but the way things are looking right now, Shane's looking to move on. I hope this means Shane will become more of a character and less of an obstacle between Rick and his family. The scene between Andrea and Dale here was heart-breaking. Neither character comes across as being right or wrong. Andrea is just suffering right now and Dale, in a way, is still suffering over his wife. One would've expected them to lean on one another but their relationship seems in shambles right now. Frank Darabont did a fantastic job in this respect.

    As for Shane and Andrea plotting to run off together, I'm not sure how it'll work. Shows work good sometimes when they split up the group, but it seems like this show loves splitting up the group. Last season, I'm pretty sure the characters were seperated more often than not and I was hoping that they would show a little solidarity. We'll see though.

    And that ending... boy, I must admit, it came out of left field and sort of makes sense looking back on the episode. Obviously somebody shot the deer, seeing the deer as a good omen, a sign that they'll be eating well tonight. Rick saw the deer as a moment of beauty in a world of disgust. And the way that one moment could suddenly become completely different for both groups was terrifying.

    I think the show lost a little bit of its intensity and momentum after Sophia went missing. It's not that I wasn't interested in where she went off to; I just thought the show started dragging its feet a little bit to help the ninety minutes play out. But regardless of what I think, the episode itself was fantastic, a great start to a season that, with thirteen episodes to work with instead of six, should be able to do a great job telling a story over the long term.