The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 1

What Lies Ahead

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2011 on AMC

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  • Breaking Points

    The Walking Dead returned this week for an actual full length season following last years stunted 6 episode first season. Now that the CDC has destroyed all hope of a cure the group moves onward with Rick talking over the radio to Morgan. He claims that Atlanta is dead and the group heads out but while on the way out of Atlanta (Daryl on a hog=awesome!) the fan belt in Dale's RV blows out as expected and a horde appears, causing the group to hide under cars in order to go undetected. Sofia's daughter, what's-her-name?, runs off being chased by walkers and Rick goes after them. He tells her to run and follow the river while he draws them away from her path. After he deals with them he goes back and is unable to find her so he goes back to the others to get them to help find her. The horde going away all at once was sudden but their sudden appearance was one of the best held moments on this show so far. While Daryl (tracking abilities in awe) and Rick search for little girl Shane draws away from Laurie and Carl, for which Laurie accused Shane for giving her the cold shoulder which is really stupid as for a guy who almost raped you a few days ago you should want him to pull away from you. Andrea is upset at Dale who is holding onto her gun for her because he thinks she'll use it to kill herself and she blames him for her not staying and dying with Genner at the CDC. Shane says he plans on going his own way from the group without telling Rick and Andrea asks to go off with him as they both don't belong it seems. In utter frustration Sofia blames Rick for losing her daughter, in the end they don't find her. They do however find a deer and while Carl approaches it a gun goes off and the deer and Carl are shot. Helluva way to end an episode, even though they didn't find the girl there's still some searching that can be done in the mean time. Better group dynamic thus far that last season lacked now that they've thinned the herd of survivors. Great start, and I hope to wonder at which point Frank Darabont's touch is lost in the season since his stepping down as showrunner?