The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 1

What Lies Ahead

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2011 on AMC

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  • good season start...still some mistakes made!


    Back in season 1 i started watching this show because in my personal opinion its the only zombie show with a promise of succes! and i hope it delivers.

    This was a good season starter, not to much but not too little maybe they are trying not to get the writers overwelmed in episode 1.

    but still writers forgot some BASIC things about Zombies made clear in season 1.

    1.- when t-dog cuts his arm then kind of fights a zombie and dale comes to the rescue, Dale covers him (for smelling purposes i think) with the dead Zombie... of course the zombie has an open head wound, its missing some limbs and has a lot of infected blood allover his body... so judging by his position on the floor... with the open wound wouldn't t-dog be infected??

    2.- when andrea gets attacked and kills the zombie with a screw driver and a lot of infected blod splatters on her face...with her mouth open...wouldn'tshe be infected too?.. or with the zombie blood on her eye?

    3.- weren't the zombies attuned to loud noises? why were the church zombies just sitting? they would be looking for the source of the noise wouldn't they?

    Still i thought it was a good season starter and maybe vacations were a little to much for the writers to note those mistakes, but i do beliebe the season will catch up to our spectations and bring us good quality zombie tv for this season!


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