The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 1

What Lies Ahead

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2011 on AMC

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  • the series remains entertaining

    The scene with the herd was really good, I thought they are done, mazbe that some of them will try to leave with the other car. I do not like that htey made from T-Dog clumsy panic stricken man who hurts himself needlessly in contrast with Daryl who saves him. Why they could not do the same think as others and hide under cars? They should be more careful, stay before the congestion and scout the area, because thy start riding into the area and then find that they are trapped and cannot turn around. Not to mention carelessly siphoning petrol from the cars before they scout the area.

    Then Sophia went missing, I do not know why she could not follow the directions or not wait on the spot or return to the spot when she found she come in the wrong direction. And they could continue searching for her, because when she had to spend night in the woods, they could too, because they lose time coming back to the highway.

    I think Andrea is too harsh on Dale, because he would be willing to die if she was going to die. First she says him to keep Amy out of this discussion, then admits that she has nothing to live for after her death.

    And Lori seems that she do not know what she wants, because now she wants Shane to be nice on Carl, but some time ago she said him not to approach to him.

    And the ending is strange, what was Carl supposed to do? I think they need food, so why they did not try to kill the deer? Ok, I will answer myself, they need surprising events to move the plot. I should say that I like the series, otherwise I would not think about it that much.

    I am form Czech Republic and what we see version which is little shorter than what i saw on net, some scenes are missing , for example the discussion between T-Dog and Dale about fixing the radiator. Why is that so?