The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 7

When the Dead Come Knocking

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 2012 on AMC
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    The Walking Dead "When the Dead Come Knocking" Review: The Cabin in the Woods

    Glenn and Maggie got reacquainted with Merle and Michonne met the survivors in this very solid episode.

  • Episode Summary

    The Governor tries to get information out of Glenn and Maggie. Michonne arrives at the prison.

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    • This show

      Its so slow and boring its ridicilous, howlong are they going to drag it out.
    • Nine Lives

      Now that was just about as hum-drum an episode as you can get. Really showed the divide between Rick's group and the Governor's group (though they're really quite similar when you get down to it). The baby has an insignificant name, Maggie's a push-over and Michonne gets to kill people. Yay. Felt like I wasted my time on this one.
    • Stay Safe

      The episode hits the emotional tone of Daryl & Carol's reunion to follow with an action packed zombie adventure and the psychological torture in between.

      Carol becomes a beacon of hope the group can't help but to be moved by, in a silent scene that takes the characters from relieve, to joy, to grieve, to hope, Michonne finds the inner core of humanity people struggle to survive for. It's only fitting that another silent scene would take it away as Michonne slays a hermit whose house they invaded to feed walkers during an impromptu escape.

      For no matter how fast they would run, the very humanity they struggle to keep eludes them with every action they make in order to survive: brother against brother, patient against doctor, Sheriff against Governor, they all must make a stand when the dead come knocking.moreless
    • Last scene !

      this episode's last scene was mind-blowing,

      u kno, the boy - he would be 13?or 12 maybe?

      Karl's act was amazingly improving, and he is the proof of this show's situation,

      Karl is only a boy but he had to kill his mom and he had to protect his people, when his father is going away to save the other people.

      anyway i was shocked the las scene, that Karl grab the gun and go through the Walkers.

      it was amazing, can't forget about this brave kido.moreless
    • When the Dead Come Knocking

      The Walking Dead just keeps on getting better and better this season i seriously wanted to kill the governor when he almost raped Maggie i love her and i love the actress i can't get enough of her and if she dies i will be devastated Maggie, Glen, Rick and Daryl are the reason i watch the show without them the show will become boring i hope it keeps on improving and become the best series ever.moreless
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    • QUOTES (2)

      • Rick: We're not going to hurt you unless you try something stupid first.

      • Merle: So tell me, where y'all been at?
        Glenn: It's just a matter of time before they come looking.
        Merle: I'll bake a cake with pink frosting. Would they like that? Ain't nobody coming.
        Glenn: Rick is. And when he gets here--
        Merle: He's gonna do nothing, not if he wants you and Bo Peep back. Think I'm in this by my self?
        Glenn: You can't take us all. There's too many of us.
        Merle: There ain't a pair of nuts between the whole pussy lot of you.
        Glenn: We've been on the road, not hiding in some dungeon. Rick, Shane, Daryl, Jim, Andrea.
        Merle: Really? Is that right?

    • NOTES (3)

      • Although credited, Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes) does not appear in this episode.

      • Viewership: 10.4 million people watched, making it the number one cable show for Sunday.

      • Original International Air Dates:
        Australia: November 27, 2012 on FX
        United Kingdom: November 30, 2012 on FX/FX HD
        Finland: December 2, 2012 on FOX
        Sweden: December 16, 2012 on Kanal 11
        Slovakia: March 17, 2013 on JOJ Plus

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