The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 7

When the Dead Come Knocking

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 2012 on AMC

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  • This show

    Its so slow and boring its ridicilous, howlong are they going to drag it out.
  • Nine Lives

    Now that was just about as hum-drum an episode as you can get. Really showed the divide between Rick's group and the Governor's group (though they're really quite similar when you get down to it). The baby has an insignificant name, Maggie's a push-over and Michonne gets to kill people. Yay. Felt like I wasted my time on this one.
  • Stay Safe

    The episode hits the emotional tone of Daryl & Carol's reunion to follow with an action packed zombie adventure and the psychological torture in between.

    Carol becomes a beacon of hope the group can't help but to be moved by, in a silent scene that takes the characters from relieve, to joy, to grieve, to hope, Michonne finds the inner core of humanity people struggle to survive for. It's only fitting that another silent scene would take it away as Michonne slays a hermit whose house they invaded to feed walkers during an impromptu escape.

    For no matter how fast they would run, the very humanity they struggle to keep eludes them with every action they make in order to survive: brother against brother, patient against doctor, Sheriff against Governor, they all must make a stand when the dead come knocking.
  • Last scene !

    this episode's last scene was mind-blowing,

    u kno, the boy - he would be 13?or 12 maybe?

    Karl's act was amazingly improving, and he is the proof of this show's situation,

    Karl is only a boy but he had to kill his mom and he had to protect his people, when his father is going away to save the other people.

    anyway i was shocked the las scene, that Karl grab the gun and go through the Walkers.

    it was amazing, can't forget about this brave kido.
  • When the Dead Come Knocking

    The Walking Dead just keeps on getting better and better this season i seriously wanted to kill the governor when he almost raped Maggie i love her and i love the actress i can't get enough of her and if she dies i will be devastated Maggie, Glen, Rick and Daryl are the reason i watch the show without them the show will become boring i hope it keeps on improving and become the best series ever.
  • Making Enemies and Influencing People

    Another great episode that is well covered in comments below... cept to note Merles exceptional ability... and that is making enemies and influencing people.

    Regretfully his influencing skills seem to constantly center around harrassment, tortore and assault!

    His persecution and persuit of Michonne already made him one enemy I would not like to have on the loose and then... well, Glen doesn't seem like the sort of guy that has a "sh*tlist" and he's pretty much a live and let live sort of guy.

    Merle can't seem to help himself and "pokes the bear" - even after Glen told him that the past months on the road had toughened them up... so once again Merle seems compelled to put it too the test - and what did we see?

    One of the most kick*ss one on one zombie vs. survivor fight scenes of the whole series! Go Glen!

    Geln has gone from "street smart know when to fight and flight" to upgrade back against the wall do or die dude!

    So, Merle, seeming to not recognise that Glen is not the sort of guy to overlook what has been done to him and his gf, shows a large degree of arrogance and still thinks he has the upper hand - dang Merle! Get rid of this guy because now you have two implacable enemies still alive and kicking - take the shot!

    Further on down the track poor old Daryl, who obviously won't want to see his bro ganked, is goning to have convince two (three) super angry foes that Merle shouldn't be summarily executed...

    Looks like some interesting dRAMA IN THE WINGS!
  • Almost time to kick some ass

    I loved this episode! We get to see Michonne finally working with Team Rick, Glenn kicking ass and how ugly the Governor can really get. It's fantastic! I was really happy this wasn't a filler episode and it kept me on the edge of my seat. Also, Andrea is STILL a mess. Someone give this girl a slap. Can't wait for Team Rick v. Team Psycho in the next episode.
  • One of Us, or One of Them

    Rick and Carl rescue Michonne after she appears outside of the prison with baby formula and she quickly collapses amongst walkers as her dead smell begins to wear off. Rick takes her sword away while she tries to grab it because she thinks that she's in danger. And I get that Michonne is a tough person but even the toughest of people speak when they go to a place for help which she's going to get so how hard is it to tell the group about Glen and Maggie getting taken. Her character just feels so forced and after having been in Woodbury can she not tell that these are good people that actually save her wouldn't that be enough to put her mind at ease. Glen gets beat up by Merle and when he doesn't give in to his intimidation Merle brings a walker in. This was really intense to see Glen, without his hands free, fight for survival in such an enclosed space and survive. Also, the Governor's sexual intimidation made me utterly disturbed because it's even more disturbing to use the threat of sexual assault against Maggie than to actually do it and holding it over somebody in my mind anyway. Maggie's, "Do what you gotta do? Go to Was really defiant even in the face of what may happen to her. The Governor bringing her into the room and saying that they're done playing games and before the Governor is about to shoot him Maggie breaks and tells him about the prison which leaves Maggie crying in Glen's arms. I wouldn't be disappointed in her for breaking and Glen took a lot more than I thought he could proving how tough he is in a pinch especially in the face of a brute like Merle. The Governor doesn't seem to believe that a group of ten could clear out a whole prison but it doesn't sound like a lie. Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Oscar all go out to rescue Glen and Maggie and them almost getting boxed in was suitably intense and the poor hobo man simply being there and still thinking that there are police out there to call and then killing him and throwing him out to the walkers outside. His presence did raise a lot of questions about what he was doing, and it is sad for him to wake up, get killed by people who break into his house, then being thrown as bait outside. He had clearly survived since the outbreak as evidenced by simply still being around. And also seeing Caryl and Daryl's romance was great to see and Rick's relief at her being alive then immediately followed by grief over Laurie. But the Governor tells Merle that his brother is not of concern since he thinks that Rick's group will come for them (he's obviously right), Andrea participating in the experiment where Mr. Coleman turned was not surprising in how it unfolded but it seems to have had quite a discouraging effect on Milton. Surely Daryl's feelings about his brother and Merle's for him will divide them partially next week as Rick and the gang invade Woodbury and will possibly run into Andrea and have to explain why they left her. Michonne taking the fight to Woodbury and participating in the group hopefully lasts a little longer than just next episode. But I'm really excited to see living vs. living as Woodbury is besieged next week by Rick and Pals and someone or a lot of people from the core group will be killed. Merle wanting Rick's head will surely play into next week as well as the Walking Dead bows for the winter.
  • When the Dead Come Knocking

    When the Dead Come Knocking was a perfect episode of The Walking Dead and I really enjoyed watching. There was a lot of awesome character development and the plot progression was very entertaining. It was fun watching Michonne meet the group at the prison and for them to try to figure her out. Glenn and Maggie went through some torture in Woodberry and Glenn really showed how much of a man he has become since the beginning of the show. The scene where he fights a walker duct taped to a chair was Bad A$5! I liked Andrea's scenes as she was brought in on a secret experiment and the findings are pretty much what was expected but it was awesome and I like how she doesn't know Glenn and Maggie are being held there. I liked the build up of plot lines and how every thing played out. I wish Carol would have had some more screen time but what she did have was phenomenal. It was cool to see Michonne lead the group back to Woodberry to attempt a rescue. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Yay Carol

    Great episode,

    Rick is back to his old self and ready to be the leader the team needs with an added dose of humanity. Carol is alive and well and Michone joins our merry little band. The team gears up after saving Michone after hearing about Glen and whatsherface, you know the farm girl that is kinda pointless and forgettable because she basically is a 5th wheel and adds nothing to the show.

    Anyway they gear up with teargas and mass ammo to take on the Governor and Merle in order to rescue Whatsherface and Glen.

    This season really gears up on the paranoia and trust issues each character has and it is slowly building up pressure to what undoubtedly is going to be on hell of finale.

    This episode had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. and Glen wow what a bad a** he has become. I can't wait till next week.

    Willowing wrote

    Does anyone else see similarities between the doctor in Woodbury and the scientist in Romero's Day of the Dead?

    Yes i was thinking the same thing , i wonder if he will go mad just like the scientist did by the end of this season

  • Full circle

    Seeing the interaction between Merle and Glen makes you realise how much these characters have developed over just two and a half seasons. Merle remembers Glen as a weedy kid sneeking around the city, but that's a distant memory to the Glen we know now. How awesome was he fighting of that zombie whilst tied to the chair?

    Does anyone else see similarities between the doctor in Woodbury and the scientist in Romero's Day of the Dead?

    I thought this was a great episode, touching moment between Rick and Carol, even Beth had a line! I'm starting to wonder if her days are numbered. She's not serving any purpose other than to be killed off in the impending onslaught from the Woodbury lot. I can see Carl going for a solo revenge attack on Woodbury.
  • Too much secrecy... hence the paranoia

    Why didn't Michonne simply tell Rick and company that she was with Andrea? She obviously knew who they were once she met them at the prison. There is no way she spent almost a year with Andrea and didn't learn everything there was to know about Glenn, Rick, Carole, Daryl etc. She would have to be extremely slow not to connect two identical groups of survivors at the end of the world with the same names...

    Also why did no one from Rick's group ask Michonne why she was so eager to go back to Woodbury? Did I miss somewhere that she stated she had someone there "she" needed to rescue? I can't imagine given the nature of the world that people go out of their way to risk themselves just for the heck of it. Sure she got shot and might want revenge, but helping to take on a heavily armed, fortified town?

    Couldn't Rick have at least asked her why she wanted to go back?

    I assume they want to drive up the suspense in the inevitable confrontation involving Andrea and Merle but seriously do we have to suspend that much disbelief?

    Also I'm calling it now, Merle is going to turn against the Governor. He may like his new life and position there but he will not let the Governor take out his brother. In fact I bet he helps Glenn and Maggie escape. He's a bad guy but he won't risk the loss of his brother.

    Zombies in the prison... again? Doesn't matter what the Woodbury soldiers to to drive zombies in, a prison is heavily fortified from within and without. All the group has to do is lock the doors on their cell block and wait for Rick and group to return.
  • Stress overload...

    This episode was good. So glad that Carol is okay. I love that the group is cautious. You have to be with everything going on. I think that Rick has done an excellent job at keeping the group safe. Or as safe as he can. Not sure if I spell this right but Michonne is a great addition to Rick's group. I hope that Rick keeps her. She could be of great help in protecting the group. Andrea is making me sick (being with the "Governor.") He is creepy and not a good guy at all. I mean if Andrea only knew that he almost raped Maggie for no reason at all. I kinda hope that Andrea comes to her senses but then again I have never really liked her since the last season. She is too much of a B*#@$ and she thinks that she is better than them (somehow). I hope that Rick and the group give the "Governor" what is coming to him. I also hope that the "Governor's" group doesn't reach the prison. Can't wait till next Sunday for the mid-season finale but also sad to see it go on a little break too.

    i am aggravated with the groups inability to reason between good and bad people they come accross . meshone appears capable,and you don't know how you would react,but squeezing her wound with multiple guns in her face was over-kill..there is enough conflict,drama and craziness,we don't need Rich terroizing women 2 minutes after he meets them...i don't...and merle is having waaaay to good of a time honing his sadistic sociopathy; when he goes it had better be bloody. the gov may be bright,but if you are looking to become the most powerful you don't allow a merle like nut go unattended. you don't want to believe that so many people would become so evil so quick, but we know that our history shows us that we become very capable of perpetrating horrors on each other...even when society is civalized we have way too many people who enjoy hurting the all of the difficult scenes are likely watered down more than exagerrated...the gov gets sicker as time goes on...some people thrive in times of horror,his peronality is one of them...he and merle would never want to go back...he is like a devil building his very own hell for those he can control. i hope andrea is the one to kill the gov if it get s to that. nd it just keeps getting better!
  • Police officer

    It's a great show to watch I also liked the other guy the second copper he's so cute

    It's so sad for him to b come zombies