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The Wall Street Journal Report is a half-hour syndicated television program that airs every weekend on CNBC. Maria Bartiromo, the show’s engaging and entertaining host, makes financial news even more accessible to the general public with her talent for turning even the driest finance matters into an interesting story. Add that personality to some pretty great, juicy financial news tid-bits and the ingredients for a hit news show are there. The show features a variety of finance-related topics, from Obama’s schoolhouse reform to British Petroleum’s (BP) view for the future, and all of the topics are approached with assistance of related experts. Bartiromo brings in such influential finance giants as David Hale, founder and chairman of David Hale Global Economics; Robert Dudley, BP’s Managing Director; Dennis Von Roekel, President of the National Education Association; and other extremely connected, extremely knowledgeable individuals. The Wall Street Journal Report, with an audience in the millions and the telling rank as America's #1 Financial News Program, has its proof in the numbers, so tune in.


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