The Wallflower

TV Tokyo (ended 2007)


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  • Season 1
    • The Road to Womanhood
      Chaos ensues when Auntie pops into check on the progress of her niece's journey down the "Road to Womanhood."
    • Road to Becoming a Lady
      Final Episode ... Auntie comes to check up on Sunako-chan's progress, only to discover that the boys have been hiding her lack of progress all along. The two decide to become traditional homemakers, but when Sunako-chan realizes that her aunt is just not cut out for that sort of life, she discovers the real truth behind Auntie's intentions ... and discovers that even the most brilliant of creatures can sometimes hide heartache, too. After a heart-to-heart talk, the two come to terms--until Sunako-chan unwittingly reveals the true beautiful lady she really could be, and all those good intentions to accept Sunako-chan for who she wants to be are lost ...moreless
    • Eye of the Typhoon: Straying
      It appears that Kyouhei still hasn't returned to the mansion yet and everyone seems a bit worried about it. Then at supper time the boys decide to turn on the TV and they see Kyouhei who has been apparently traveling around on winnings he has made by winning eating contests. This makes Ranmaru, Takenaga, and Yukinojou very pissed off but it seems that Sunako seems really bothered by it. And she ends up telling Ranmaru, Takenaga, and Yukinojou about it and so they all decide to go and get Kyouhei back!moreless
    • The Eye of the Storm Strays
      When Kyohei runs away, Sunako and the rest of the boys are willing to do whatever it takes to bring their friend back home again.
    • Eye of the Typhoon, Returning Home
      After rescuing Kyouhei everyone finds out that Sunako has been taken to Kyouhei's house so Kyouhei goes alone to go get her. But it ends up that they stay the night and Kyouhei's mom tells Sunako what had happened between her and Kyouhei. What does it all mean and why doesn't Kyouhei leave with everyone else at the end of the episode?moreless
    • The Prince in Sheep's Clothing
      This episode starts out with Kyouhei opening a jar of pickles which really Yuki thinks is really cool so he tries it. But he can't seem to do it and the other boys tease and say he doesn't need to look cool cause he's got cuteness. Just at that moment though some people come and kidnap Kyouhei! What is the meaning of this and how did Sunako get captured along with Kyouhei1?moreless
    • Memory in Sepia
      Memory in Sepia
      Episode 21
      On day when the boys are having tea in the garden a strange man suddenly appears before them and scare the wits out of them. But once things calmed down they learn that his man is actually Sunako's dad and it seems that Sunako doesn't really like her father. So know it is up to the boys to solve the problem.moreless
    • Trial of Love
      Trial of Love
      Episode 20
      Kyouhei and Sunako get in a big fight over Hiroshi the Manniquen and Ranmaru, Takenaga, and Yukinojou seem to be on Sunako's side. This makes Kyouhei very depressed and he ends up talking with Hiroshi about it when he finds Hiroshi outside airing out. But unfortunately some girls see this and so when Kyouhei leaves the girls take Hiroshi. Soon after Sunako realizes that Hiroshi is gone and makes a big fit. So to calm her down Kyouhei volunteers to go and get Hiroshi but what will happen when they find Hiroshi!?moreless
    • Battlechicks Valentine
      It seems that it's St. Valentines day in this episode but all of the boys just seemed to be depressed about it. But on the other hand Sunako LOVES chocolate so she seems to be very happy. But why are all the boys so depressed about Valentines day?
    • Dream: Mutual Love
      Dream: Mutual Love
      Episode 18
      The boys finally succeed at convincing Sunako to wear a dress, but like most of her "girly" endeavors, things go horribly wrong!
    • Dream: Loving each other
      When Sunako comes home one day from shopping she finds that the mansion is totally decorated to look haunted and to top it off all the boys are dressed up in creepy costumes. This makes Sunako very happy but why did the boys do this for her and will there plan work!?moreless
    • Girls Bravo!!
      Girls Bravo!!
      Episode 17
      While Sunako enjoys her horror movies and junk food, she completely disregards any self care, thus gets covered in pimples and puts on a few pounds… Noi comes over to see Takenaga. She ends up planning a date with Ranmaru's help. But, during their fun shenanigans, Takenaga walks in with the girl Ranmaru was previously engaged to. Everyone pretty much misunderstand and the jealous battles begin.moreless
    • Dream Comes True
      Dream Comes True
      Episode 16
      It's time for the sports festival! All the guys are participating, but how will things end up with Sunako and Kyouhei's competitiveness?
    • Pirates of Tre bien
      Sunako's aunt purchases a desert island and invites Sunako and the guys to go and play. After a short discussion, everyone decides that they want to go. They all are looking forward to the trip and whatever sparked their interests enough to make them go- Sunako goes in hopes of seeing dead pirates, Kyoukei wants gold, Takenaga hopes to find fossils, Ranmaru expects a beautiful lady, and Yuki is hoping to see rare island animals. But, after Sunako discovers a skull, their vacation is anything but, as the skull's curse unleashes upon them.moreless
    • Sleeping Well-Bred Beauty
      When one of the boys receives word that his father has arranged for him to be married, the rest of the gang scrambles to find a loophole in his looming nuptials!
    • Sleeping Beauty
      Sleeping Beauty
      Episode 14
      Something is wrong with Ranmaru. He seems to be in somewhat of a rut. It seems he is unable to find a woman who entices him, but he learned that doesn't matter when he received news from his dad that he is to be in an arranged marriage. But, Ranmaru isn't made to be a "one-woman-man", so the gang devise a plan to get out of it, but the question isn't how can Ranmaru get out of this, but can Ranmaru bare what he has to do.moreless
    • Oui, monsieur
      Oui, monsieur
      Episode 13
      The Goth-Loli's give Yuji some mushrooms that just so happen to be poisonous! Luckily no one ate them, or so they thought. Sunako most definitely proved them wrong when she talks of just finishing her bowl, and she sure is poisoned... but not in the way you would suspect.
    • Oh, my sweet home!
      Oh, my sweet home!
      Episode 12
      It's Christmas time! Sunako and the gang set up Christmas decorations, and we learn about the four guys' past and how they first reacted to each other.
    • The Test and the Study Kiss
      Ever since Kyouhei accidentally kisses Sunako, she feels extremely uncomfortable around him. Noi makes it much worse when she told the whole school about it unintentionally. Also, there is a new big problem. Auntie called to tell the guys that Sunako has to make an 80 or above on her math test or their rent will go from half to full price again!moreless
    • I'm up to My Kisser in Study Materials
      News of Sunako's big kiss is all over school, and the boys are freaked out by Auntie's demands for high marks on her niece's next math test.
    • Rising Steam, Splattered Blood and the Rain of Love at the Hot Spring, Part 2
      Sunako's ready to pack up and head home, but when the manager of the hot springs is attacked, she can't resist the chance to snoop around a crime scene!
    • A Shower of Blood and Steam at the Onsen (Part 2)
      There has been an attack at the hotel where Sunako, Noi, and the four guys are staying. Sunako changes her mind about going home when she realizes there is a real life crime scene and she just has to investigate. The only problem is the culprit isn't to pleased to see Sunako snooping around.moreless
    • Rising Steam, Splattered Blood and the Rain of Love at the Hot Spring, Part 1
      There's no better place to make a love connection than the hot springs, where Sunakao challenges one of the boys to a heated game of ping-pong!
    • Splashing Blood and Steam, Inside a Shower of Love Part 1
      Ranmaru gets an invite to his latest girlfriend's hotel and brings the rest of the gang along too. Sunako decides to skip, but she is forced to go. Noi goes too and sets her sights on being alone with Takanada; however Kyouhei isn't having that, thus forcing Sunako to detract him.moreless
    • Winter Wonder Land
      Sunako continues to play house keeper for the guys. She cooks all the time and is getting exhausted from it. Ranmaru knows someone who owns a restaurant and it has an opening so the four guys decide to work.
       Kyouhei spots a type of food called nabe on TV and decides he just can't live without it; therefore Sunako and he go on a little adventure to the supermarket and totally have their relationship overestimated.moreless
    • I Am Number One!
      I Am Number One!
      Episode 7
      The leader of a gang of fighters falls hard for Sunako, but she's more interested in dusting off her anatomy figures than flirting with the brawling beau.
    • I am No. 1
      I am No. 1
      Episode 7
      A group known as the "Boss Association" comes to Sunako and the guys' town. They are on a quest to become the best fighters in Japan. But, when the leader of the pack lays eyes on Sunako, he changes his goal to something more romantic.
    • A Halloween Seen in Dreams
      Poor Sunako has been in bed for a whole week with a cold, so with her out of commission the house is a mess. Sunako keeps having these weird dreams about her frolicking with her horror toys, but the happy mood is soon ruined when one of her toys asks why she forgot about him. When Sunako finally gets out of bed she asks the guys what month it is and is dismayed to learn that October had already passed. She gets upset and returns to her room upset.moreless
    • Dreamy Halloween
      Dreamy Halloween
      Episode 6
      Creepy dreams are all Sunako has to keep her company when she's bedridden with a killer cold. After finally emerging from her room, the poor girl is devastated to discover she slept through Halloween!
    • The Beautiful One's Banquet
      A snapshot of Sunako catches the eye of a famous photographer, who quickly decides she should be his next model. The boys are thrilled, but their pupil's more interested in phantoms than flashbulbs.
    • Feast of the Beautiful Creatures
      A famous photographer spots Sunako's picture in a magazine and wants to photograph her. So, they all go to a haunted mansion (Sunako in hope of seeing a ghost and the four guys wanting money.) But, Sunako isn't too thrilled to have make-up and pretty dresses on!
    • Sunako, You're Needed
      Kyohei got fired again. Since he is low on money, he decides to participate in the school festival because if his stand gets popular vote, he will get 12,500 yen. Sunako's class is a tough competitors though, because their class theme is something right up Sunako's alley and she's totally excited about participating.moreless
    • 10/24/06
      Scares take center stage as Sunako and the boys work together to create a thrilling and chilling haunted house for the school festival.
    • 10/17/06
      Sunako gets a crash course in etiquette when Auntie announces plans to unveil her new-and-improved niece at a lavish party.
    • Ah, the Nostalgic Gloominess of Youth
      The beautification of Sunako isn't going exactly how Auntie wants, but she doesn't know that yet. Auntie drops (literally) by the mansion to inform the guys that she is having a party and wants to show off her 'new and improved' niece. With that, the boys set out to improve Sunako's etiquette, but Sunako has other plans, like killing Kyouhei.moreless
    • Pull Down the Iron Curtain!
      The boys do their best to touch-up Sunako's bangs, but the results are less than spectacular. Later, her unannounced appearance in the bathroom turns into an eye-opening experience.
    • Capture the Iron Curtain!
      The four guys try to help their new roommate, Sunako, change her appearance, but she refuses to cooperate. Sunako later reveals the reason she hates showing her face.
    • Kyouhei, Ranmaru, Takenaga, and Yukinojou are four prestigious, young men who are live in a mansion. One day, their landlord tells them she will let them live there for free if she can make her niece, Sunako, a respectable, beautiful, young lady. But, if they fail, their rent will go up three times the original price! Piece of cake? No. Sunako is... well, the oposite of beauty.moreless