The Waltons

Season 9 Episode 25

A Day for Thanks on Walton's Mountain

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 1982 on CBS

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  • A Day to Move On from Walton's Mountain

    Thanksgiving is approaching and the Walton household is pulling in half a dozen different directions. Can America's favourite family haul itself together in time for the big set-piece meal at the end? Well, if you need me to tell you that, this is clearly your first taste of the show.

    The ending may be predictable, but some of the threads are quite good. Jason's is the best. After barely appearing in the last two films, he decides to sell the Dew Drop and head to New York to seek his fortune. It's nice to see him make a positive move, and I'm glad he chose music in the end: he was never that convincing as a landlord. Paul Northridge also wants out. Like Curt before him, he feels he has married the whole Walton kindred. I can understand his frustration, but I'm not sure why it's taken him this long to remember he owns a house. I'd have been doing it up straightaway.

    The Joneses take a back seat this time round, as do Ben and Cindy, while the three existing grandchildren make their final appearance of the series. That stuff about JC seeing Zeb in the woods is wrong on a whole range of levels, so I'm going to pretend it never happened.

    It's good to see Yancy after all this time. His story is rather silly, though to be fair, his stories generally are. I'm not sure what possessed Jim Bob to make him a partner at the garage, but at least Yancy shows his face now and then, which is something Jody hasn't yet managed. I like JB's garage. It generates a good number of stories and it suits him down to the ground.

    Poor Olivia is STILL recovering from the bout of TB she contracted in early 1942. She's been in that sanatorium for four years now! Who the heck is paying for this? And speaking of money: $10.92 for a turkey in 1947!! That sounds a lot. Wasn't so long ago they could get a whole day's groceries for eighty cents.

    One thing I've always liked about the Waltons is just how ordinary they are. It would have been all too easy to have the children swanning off into the sunset to fulfil their dreams, but instead, they're mostly just scraping by. Jim Bob was going to be a pilot but ended up working in a garage. Mary Ellen was going to travel the world, but stayed on the mountain as a single mum. Even John-boy, who did swan off into the sunset, was unable to make it work. Yet despite this, their lives are still worth living, and I'm not too proud to say I'm more than a little bit jealous.

    Pick of the bunch: John Walton (Ralph Waite)

    Alternate title: A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion

    Score: 8.9