The Waltons

Season 9 Episode 23

A Wedding on Walton's Mountain

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 1982 on CBS

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  • A Bust-Up at Northridge Lumber

    So, here we go with the first of the follow-on movies. There are two main stories in this one, with handsome lumberjack, Paul Northridge, at the heart of both. If you hadn't already guessed, the wedding is Paul and Erins', but there's also a story for Paul and Ben, who are forced to mortgage the mill after taking on a large order. They come good in the end, of course, but not before John pays a visit to keep things from getting out of hand.

    The appearance of Ashley Longworth kind of spoilt the episode for me. I realise there had to be some drama ahead of the wedding, but bringing back Ashley as a villain was not the way to do it. The actor who played him was pretty woeful: if the producers couldn't get Jonathan Frakes, they should have gone with a different character. What about Chad? What about GW? I'm sure he's alive and living in Florida.

    Considering she's just got engaged, Erin's behaviour is not so much shocking as bewildering. What in Zeb's name was she thinking snogging Ashley like that? Has she no shame? I can't believe her father was so patient with her. Poor old Paul! Thankfully, the soft-focus lens comes to his rescue and the two of them are back together in time for the ceremony. When I saw Erin walk down the stairs in her bridal gown, I prayed it wouldn't be a living-room wedding. I'm glad the screenwriting gods were listening.

    Jonesy and Mary Ellen are good value in this. They make a really lively couple, and for me, are one of the best things about this film. Richard Gilliland is superb once more, and he adds a sparkle to every scene. I loved his new role as a vet, though the story about the horse resolved itself a little too readily. If Jonesy could spot the bracken at night, how on Earth did the farmer miss it?

    Elizabeth gets a sideshow with Drew, and for once they don't argue. Rev. Marshall gets married, Corabeth cranks up the melodrama and Cindy announces she's pregnant. It's a shame they couldn't get Michael Learned back. I'm sure they tried, but I guess she had other plans. I'm glad Ralph and Ellen were available.

    There's not much Jason or Jim Bob, there's no John-boy and there's not even a mention of Toni. I can't let Jason's moustache go without a mention. I know they're trying to make Jon look older, but with that eighties hair, he looks like an old-school porn star. Perhaps the Dew Drop just isn't paying enough...

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