The Waltons

Season 1 Episode 24

An Easter Story (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 1973 on CBS

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  • The Legs

    Although this appears as two distinct episodes on here, it plays as one feature-length episode on the DVD, so I've written just the one review. Sorry to disappoint my legions of fans.

    Alright, so first up, this is a suitably dramatic ending for the first season. The beginning is particularly good, with Olivia getting shakier and shakier until she collapses into John's arms. There's no real suggestion that she might die, however. Instead, the episode focuses on whether she will be able to walk again after the illness. The recovery is as much about the rest of the family as it is about Olivia, and it gets quite intense at times. The way she simply stands up and starts walking at the end is slightly ridiculous, but up to that point the story is well paced and well acted.

    There are a couple of sub plots, both of which are good value: Jason wins a talent show and Mary Ellen goes to a dance with GW. The Waltons' re-enactment of the talent show is class, especially Ben and Jim Bobs' piece. Made me chuckle, anyway. It's always great to see GW, although the urge to take some scissors to that seventies hair is beginning to overwhelm me. Mind you, same goes for most of the cast.

    I do wish this show would sort its dates out. The last episode took place in March 1934 (which we know from the reference to John Dillinger escaping prison). This one begins in February 1934 and runs until Easter, which was on 1st April that year, yet Olivia was up and about for the whole of last week's show with no sign of illness. Grrrr!

    So that's it for the first season, folks. A thoroughly enjoyable show with some great stories and some very likeable characters. Stand-out episodes for me include The Typewriter, The Sinner and, of course, The Dustbowl Cousins. Damnit, I'm still not over Cousin Job!
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