The Waltons

CBS (ended 1981)




Episode Guide

  • Season 9
    • A Walton Easter
      A Walton Easter
      Episode 28
      As Easter approaches and the birth of his first child nears, John-Boy reports on television about the moon landing. Elizabeth expresses her plan to return to a life on Walton's Mountain, and is upset to see Drew with a girlfriend. Miss Mamie and Miss Emily ask John to be the future steward for 'The Recipe.'moreless
    • A Walton Wedding
      A Walton Wedding
      Episode 27
      John-Boy is irritated at his fiancée's aunt horning in on their wedding plans. Olivia pursues her education. John faces a conflict of interest on the county Board of Supervisors. Jason and Toni prepare for a new child.
    • A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion
      Thanksgiving 1963 sees the family reunite under the clouds of President Kennedy's assassination and the knowledge that with a new house planned by John, this may be the last one in this house. The family meets John-Boy's city girlfriend. Corabeth still disapproves of Aimee's lifestyle choices. Erin is offered a teaching job, but is unsure how to do that and raise her three children.moreless
    • A Day for Thanks on Walton's Mountain

      Elizabeth is saddened that most of the family will be away for Thanksgiving, but one-by-one the family trickles in to be together for the holiday. John-Curtis has an imaginary friend, and his identity catches the family by surprise.

    • Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain
      Mary Ellen's auto accident after her marriage to Jonesy causes a devastating injury to her. Corabeth disapproves of Aimee's new appearance. Ben feels Cindy's mother is becoing too intrusive.
    • The Easter Story
      The Easter Story
      Episode 23
    • A Wedding on Walton's Mountain
      Erin's upcoming wedding to Paul Matthews Northridge is put in doubt by the arrival of Ashley Longworth, Jr. Jonesy prepares to open his veterinary practice. Elizabeth hopes to get a Valentine from Drew.
    • The Revel
      Episode 22
      John-Boy goes to New York to further his writing career. The Baldwin sisters plan to throw a giant party for old school mates, but are disappointed at the response.
    • The Hostage
      Episode 21
      When Mary Ellen interferes with a backwoods hick's plans to marry a 14-year-old, he kidnaps Elizabeth. The Baldwin sisters' kleptomaniac sister, Octavia, visits.
    • The Lumberjack
      Episode 20
      Erin falls for the son of the Waltons' biggest lumber competitor. Ike and Jim-Bob discover illegally dumped waste in the woods.
    • The Heartache
      Episode 19
      When she finds she has a heart condition, Rose cancels her wedding to Stanley, fearful of dying soon after. Cindy realizes being a housewife is more satisfying for her than working outside the home.
    • The Indiscretion
      Episode 18
      Corabeth files to divorce Ike after finding a romantic letter from another woman. Drew plans a romantic night with Elizabeth to celebrate a year of being in love.
    • The Threshold
      Episode 17
      John-Boy sees the future of media will change forever when he's given the chance to do television work for Boatwright University, while Jim-Bob tries to build a TV in time for the family to see the broadcast. Rose competes with Zuleika Dunbar for Stanley's affection.
    • The Victims
      Episode 16
      The Waltons help a woman whose husband is a drunken wife-beater. Jim-Bob's decision to purchase war surplus to make a fortune comes to haunt him.
    • The Pearls
      Episode 15
      When Corabeth goes to tend to a dying aunt, her twin Orma Lee visits Ike. Feeling left out by her older siblings, Elizabeth decides to take a bus to Arizona to see her mother and father.
    • The Beginning
      Episode 14
      Tom Marshall, the new minister, rallies the community to refurbish the church bell. Toni is mortified when Jason reveals to the family that she's Jewish.
    • The Gold Watch
      Episode 13
      Stanley Perkins returns to Walton's Mountain and after his web of lies unravels, reveals he's had a mental breakdown. A new singer at the Dew Drop pays too much attention to Toni for Jason's liking.
    • The Hot Rod
      Episode 12
      Jim-Bob and Jody decide to open an auto repair shop. The Baldwin sisters' still is discovered by the government.
    • The Carousel
      Episode 11
      Her father's sudden death leads Cindy to discover a shocking secret. Elizabeth is thrilled Drew will by staying with the family for a while, but is hurt when he has little time to spend with her.
    • The Tempest
      Episode 10
      Mary Ellen discovers Curtis is indeed alive in Florida, but is a very changed person. Jonesy convinces J.D. Pickett to re-hire Erin.
    • The Whirlwind
      Episode 9
      Jonesy proposes to Mary Ellen, but stunning news halts any marriage plans. Jason renovates and re-opens the Dew Drop Inn.
    • The Move
      Episode 8
      Ben returns and announces he plans to be an engineer. A relapse in Olivia's condition forces John to consider selling the mill.
    • 1/8/81
      Ben is taken on an unexpected trip by his captor, who turns him in to American forces. Toni is upset that Jason, just returned from France, doesn't want to get married before the war ends, but the fall of atomic bombs on Japan brings an end to both the war, and their fight.moreless
    • The Pursuit
      Episode 6
      Jim-Bob, home for leave, is confronted by a girl he met who claims to be pregnant with his child. Jason is assigned to a unit entertaining troops still in Europe. Ben tries to keep his spirits high while in a Japanese POW camp.
    • The Premonition
      Episode 5
      Cindy's premonitions about Ben being in danger come true when word comes that he has been captured by the Japanese. John-Boy falls in love with a French girl, who runs a book shop in Paris, and agrees to write an article on the threat of unexploded mines.
    • The Triumph
      Episode 4
      Jason and a squad mate deal with a German sniper who's unaware his side has surrendered. The Godseys are called to court for skirting rationing policies.
    • The Pledge
      Episode 3
      Feeling nursing isn't good enough to help people, Mary Ellen applies to medical school. The Baldwins try to send some of 'the Recipe' to Jason in France.
    • The Outrage (2)
      The Outrage (2)
      Episode 2
      John goes to great lengths to secure a pardon for Harley. The Godseys rethink their new arrangement. Elizabeth and Drew work on raising a colt together.
    • The Outrage (1)
      The Outrage (1)
      Episode 1
      Harley is arrested for an old crime, and John tries to help prove the original trial was biased. John-Boy and Toni try to locate Jason in France. Elizabeth is too busy with her horse to deal with Drew. Ike wants Corabeth to be more of a wife and less a business partner.moreless
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