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An Old Waltons fan has a queston about the child actors on the show

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    I was looking around for a board to talk with other Walton fans and found this one. What is the purpose of these boards? Why the great emphasis on spelling, punctuation, referencing material and so forth? Are these forums designed to somehow be a showcase or to serve as a sort of marketable product to attract others?

    Since I'm lousy at both spelling and punctuation, I'm afraid this may not the right place for me? If so, I can accept that.

    I watched the Waltons while growing up but that was interrupted by my going off to college. I missed a number of seasons as no TV's were permitted in my school and I didn't do much TV watching when I was home in summers. I think there are entire seasons in which I have seen none of the episodes.

    My wife recently purchased seasons 1 through 3 and we are gradually watching them all. I intend to buy them all. As I recall, I was somewhat shocked once on a college holiday break to see that the Waltons had sort of turned into a soap opera. I guess they had to in order to deal with aging child actors that clearly would have to grow up and start their own families. We are, however, looking forward to seeing all of seasons at long last. I've often wondered how they ended the series. This show certainly played on the "nostalgia for better, simpler times" angle that seems ingrained in humanity.

    One question I've often wondered about is if these actors, the children, made enough from the shows to pay for their college tuition or to buy a house. I've often thought they should have benefited in their adult lives in some significant way from their labors on that show and having sacrificed part or much of their childhood for it.

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    That's a good question and I really don't know how much they were paid, they would have been wise to put some away for college. I know some are still acting; others went on to do other careers, like Kami (Elizabeth) she became a teacher and ironically had a position for a while that was near Schuyler Virginia, where Walton's Mountain is based. They did a small reunion on NBC Weekend Today, November 2007, they had Michael(Olivia), Ralph(John), Jon(Jason), Mary Beth(Erin) Judy (Mary Ellen) in the studio and Richard (John-Boy) called in on the phone. David and Eric (Jim bob and Ben) had other commitments and could not make it. It was intresting even thought it was short.
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