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    What was "wrong" with Ashley Longworth? Despite all the discussion about him on the show, his story was never really explained, at least that I know of.

    In "The Homecoming," Miss Mamie said that he was good-looking and knew it, but that's the only complaint I really remember. What did Judge Baldwin have against him?

    1. Did the Judge think no men were good enough for his daughters?

    2. Even if Miss Mamie and Miss Emily had been very homely growing up, I'd think they would have "had their share of suitors" because of their popularity and their money, not to mention the Recipe! But I always thought that even though Miss Mamie was plain, Miss Emily had been beautiful all her life. Was the Judge worried that the only men that came around were money-hungry drunks? If so, that was his fault!

    3. Did the Judge think that his daughters' needs were second to his, and so never let them have lives of their own? If so, was he happy that they never married?

    4. We know from later episodes that Ashley did get married and have at least one child, a son, Ashley Junior, who dated Erin for a while. He seemed a bit of an arrogant jerk as well, but it was Erin who chose not to continue seeing him, not her father John.

    Earl Hamner Jr. has said that the Baldwin ladies were based on two bootlegger sisters that he knew growing up. If the Baldwins were based on real people, was Ashley based on a real person?

    Are these all fan fiction questions? Have any of you seen any fan fiction about Ashley?

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