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    In season 3,episode 66,when Ben took John-boys car into Charlottesville ,without permisson,and wrecked it because of some little girl...I have just got to know what John Walton did to that boy.The absolutely same situation happened with my 16-yr.old the day before i saw a piece of this show.I had to rush my little girl to school so she would'nt be late and i missed the end of the show.I grew up on The Waltons and love this family.Like Ben,my son was trying to help a girl out.His intentions were very sweet .He just handled it wrong.Very wrong.He's in a lot of trouble.(he left the car in the road because he did'nt know what to do.)The police found it,I had reported the car stolen the next morning.Anyways,big trouble for him.Did I mention that the car he took was his grandmothers new car?I truly respect the characters in this show and I know the father would handle this with love and firmness and fairness.Can someone out there tell me what happened to Ben with the police and with his Daddy? Thanks for listening.

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