The Waltons

Season 7 Episode 24

Founders' Day

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 1979 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, we learn that Zeb's great grandfather, Rowan, was the first man to settle on Walton's Mountain, and that he was living there by 1766.  This contradicts what Martha Corinne says in The Pony Cart, when she tells John-boy that Zeb's father, Samuel, was the first Walton to settle on the Mountain, and that he had sailed from England in 1810.

  • Quotes

    • Opening Narration: In our house all of us had that strong and very personal link with other generations, so that past and present sometimes blended with unexpected results. None of us knew from what ancestral source my brother Jason's love of music had sprung, just that it built up in him until it had to be expressed. As he neared graduation, Jason found himself returning to that source for inspiration, and it was nearly to prove disastrous.

    • Closing Narration: There is something within us that tells us all we will ever know about ourselves. There is a destiny that tells us where we will be born, where we will live, and where we will die. Some men are drawn to oceans, they cannot breathe unless the air's scented with the salty mist. Others are drawn to land that is flat, and the air is sullen and as leaden as August. My people were drawn to mountains, they came when the country was young and they settled in the upland country of Virginia that is still misted with a haze of blue which gives those mountains their name. They endured and they prevailed, through flood and famine, diphtheria and scarlet fever, through drought and forest fire, whooping cough and loneliness, through Indian wars, a Civil War, a World War, and through the great Depression, they endured and they prevailed. In my time I have come to know them... I have walked the land in the footsteps of all my fathers, back in time to where the first one trod, and stopped, saw sky, felt wind, bent to touch mother earth, and called this home. This mountain, this pine and hemlock, oak and poplar, laurel wild and rhododendrum, home and mountain, father, mother, grow to the sons and daughters to walk the old paths, to look back in pride, in honored heritage. To hear its laughter and its song. To grow to stand and be themselves one day remembered. I have walked the land in the footsteps of all my fathers. I saw yesterday and now look to tomorrow.

  • Notes

    • At the time this episode was produced, The Waltons had not yet been picked up for an eighth season, so it was written in a way that could serve as the series finalé if the show were to be cancelled.

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