The Waltons

Season 9 Episode 24

Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 09, 1982 on CBS

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  • Medical Drama on Walton's Mountain

    A similar film to the last one, but with a few notable differences. The last movie ended with a wedding; this one begins with one. The emotional angst of 'A Wedding' gives way to physical trauma, while our newlyweds from last time, Paul and Erin, barely feature. This week's story is all about Jonesy and Mary Ellen, and it's the strongest we've had in a while.

    What begins as the perfect honeymoon goes horribly wrong when ME suffers a car crash and finds out she can no longer have children. It's a sad and reflective story, and is handled beautifully by both actors. I know I keep saying it, but Richard Gilliland really is fantastic as Jonesy. It's such a shame we didn't meet him sooner. As for Judy Norton, this is her best performance in a long, long time.

    When I saw the title, I thought this might be the episode Olivia got to come home. She does appear, but not as you might expect. Instead, it's Mary Ellen's role as a mother that forms the heart of the story, and with John Curtis now a speaking member of the cast, it works rather well.

    Ben and Cindy also have mother issues. The writers are a little unfair to Cindy's mother - making her out to be some kind of villain for wanting to spend time with her daughter - but it's still a good thread. Baby Charlie joins the fun after what must be the shortest pregnancy in history: announced in February and over by April.

    There's no Ashley Longworth this week. Instead, Amy Godsey takes his 'character-last-seen-in-season-eight-returns-with-a-different-actor-to-cause-trouble' role. Her flirting and stroppy behaviour are pretty much a rerun of 'The Home Front'. It's a good subplot, but the fact Amy is played by a different actress means you don't really think of her as the same person. Jim Bob may not have much to do in this movie, but his putdown of Amy at the end is worth watching.

    Elizabeth continues her up and down romance with WM's resident hunk, Drew Cutler. Drew's shirt-off scene with Amy is clearly just there for the audience: it's like watching 'Home and Away'. Not that I'm in any way complaining...

    Once again, there's next to no action for Jason. Jon Walmsley must be wondering what he has done to offend the writers. Perhaps it's that moustache. What are Jason's sleeping arrangements btw? Are he and Jim Bob sharing their room with John Curtis? Jason's almost thirty for goodness sake! And what's with Paul and Erin still living at home? Note to all Waltons: you are allowed to move out!

    Pick of the bunch: Mary Ellen Jones (Judy Norton)

    Alternate title: The Fawn

    Score: 9.4