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  • Brings back memories

    Each episode takes me back to my years growing up in the 70's. We too had a large family.
  • RIP Ralph Waite

    I just learned that yesterday afternoon that Ralph Waite passed away. You were a great father to those kids and a great actor. You'll be missed.
  • Get your nicknames correct!

    I have read many derogatory reviews of "The Waltons" over the decades. However, the ones that have been written since the Internet became commonplace are the most annoying. Writing a well-researched critique is one thing. Making fun of something you don't like is something else, especially if it's not been researched at all!

    To all those who dislike "The Waltons":

    It is "Little House on the Prairie" in which the children refer to their parents Caroline and Charles as "Ma" and Pa". In "The Waltons" the children refer to their parents Olivia and John as "Mama" and "Daddy".

    I've seen this mistake made at Television Without Pity, the IMDb and a number of times.

    P.S. I do love "The Waltons" and have since its debut.
  • I never want to see dungarees again...

    The best part of this show? "Goodnight John Boy"! At least then I knew the agony was over...
  • actors hair styles

    I always liked watching the shows but this is supposed to be in the 1930's and each of the actors had 70's hair styles. This distracted me from the show being believable.
  • confused

    i love watching the waltons but after watching last nite thanxgiving rerun and listening to earl hammer all those years telling us what happens at end of each show does not coinside sometimes and confuses me
  • Only One Goof that I found with this show.


    I love this show, and I loved the Reunion shows. But the only thing I found wrong was the timing of everything. They are supposed to be celebrating Easter, which is in April. But John Boy is reporting on the Moon Landing. They landed on the Moon on July 20th not in April. Other than that, it was a nice movie.

  • I always enjoyed "The Waltons", and considered it a more modern version of "Little House on the Prairie".

    Olivia and John Walton and their many children were a delight to watch as they all spent their lives growing and learning on Walton's Mountain.

    My favourite character was John Boy and I thought that Richard Thomas did an excellent job of portraying him. I also adored the Baldwin sisters, the lines they had and the scenes they played in were just exquisite and never failed to bring a smile or a full-on laugh.

    The trials and tribulations of life during The Great Depression and then World War II were very carefully scripted and it was just as easy to cry as it was to laugh as we followed their lives.

    Fantastic family drama with the acting skill and great scripts which were part of many 1970s television shows.
  • Well-written, well-acted with characters one becomes to adore and care about. For the nay-sayers who state that the shows' themes are idealist, they haven't lived in the mountains. Walton's Mountain life exists. I'm a "mountain" descendant. It's real.

    Like many great classics, the early episodes are the best. After grandpa dies, a piece of my heart left the show with him. Replacing Thomas as John-Boy stole the soul of show. The primary characters--John Boy, the parents, John and Olivia Walton, the grandparents, and Elizabeth bring out the best of their characters and remind me of the mountain people of the Kentucky Appalachians. Those who write that the storylines are idealistic are not familiar with the people who live in the mountains. Unlike portrayls like "The Beverly Hillbillies" most "folk" did and do make loving difficult, sacrifices for their families,encourage education, believe values and good character are essential, practice faith in Christ for guidance and hope. Mountain people take in strangers, passers-by, and help those in need even when it requires personal sacrifice. Growing up and still today, my parents, grandparents, and extended family still practice these values and giving of themselves. We are as Mr. Walton tells John Boy on his high school graduation, "We are mountain people and we take some jabs for that sometime, but you must always remember you are a mountain boy." And most of us, although our lives have lead us other places, still call our mountain towns home. --Everyone in the neighborhood went to Church on Sunday, large families with grandparents living with them,giving shade and cold drinks to college book salesmen riding bicycles during the hot summers. Many were foreigners and African-American and prejudice was overcome with Christian values. Many stories like this.
  • The Waltons

    Now here is something that brings you back to the old times. Homemade pies,cake,cookies and a hot home cooked meal. The good night when it bed time is very nice. The reading of johnboy diary after each show really make you feel your part of the time and year. To go to the store to get flour,sugar the old fashion way back then is such a simple life. We someone next door to you get sick or hurt you can count on someone there to help. They have some real good values on how life was back then. Punishment was not hard or crule
  • Good night John boy

    The Walton's , what I remember as a kid growing up.It would come on every thursday at 8:00 pm. My mom , dad brother and I would sit in frount of the tv faithfuly every week and watch it together.It was truly a family show , we all loved watching.From John Boy to Grama and Elizabeth to Grampa , they all warmed our house each week.I no when I was watching the show it seemed real to me , like I was part of the family.My favorite part of the show , was when they all would say good night.Good night John boy, good night Grama good night Elizabeth.
  • quality family programming

    this was a fine family show. i am sure i have seen every episode two or three times. but it should have went off the air about four years before it did. i mean where did they keep coming up with story ideas. just like little house on the prairie it went on too long.
  • Overall one of the finest pieces of tv produced. The earlier shows were the better of the series. The stories were very well defined and well played out. A great telling of a period in America when keeping to ethics and values outweighed instant gratific

    Overall one of the finest pieces of tv produced. The earlier and middle shows were the better of the series even taking into account the children\'s acting being a little amateur. The stories were very well defined and well played out. A great telling of a period in America when keeping to ethics and values outweighed instant gratification.
  • A superb family drama.

    As I sit here watching the second season of "The Waltons", I can see why I like the show much. The family interaction between all the Waltons and how they were always so willing to help a friend and neighbor in need. Another thing that I liked about the show was how that even though they didn't always have a lot of money, they were always rich in other things, such as love for one another, and their work ethic, which always helped keep food on the table and clothes on their backs. In all, whenever I watch an episode of the show, I always wish that I could live in that time with them, even though the show took place during the depression, mainly because of the way the Walton family lived in simpler, yet somewhat difficult times.
  • Love the show and please bring it back!

    I loved the show since I was a little kid
    Growing up in Florida. Loved it when they said like
    Good night Ma! Good night Pa! Good night Jon-Boy! Good classic as well as will be on for ages!
    Even when the actors will pass on as some of them have also.
    Loved the classics and this is a good show to watch
    For the whole entire family!
  • Read Inside!!

    I love The Waltons. Even though I am only 16 years old, I like watching the reruns played on tv. I have always had a little crush on Michael Learned. She was always looking hot every time I saw her on the show. I would often find myself caressing myself as I watched her on screen. The show was always great I can\'t wait for season 6 to come out, thats my favorite!!
  • This was fabulous family show.

    This was a fabulous family show. The whole entire family got involved in helping the family through hard or easy times. This showed the families of today how easy we have it compared to back during the depression. We have to see from this show how important family should be before everything else.
  • It's easy to see why this show was a hit ...

    I think Calicow really hit the nail on the head in her review of why this show was and is one of the most beloved series of all time. The family. Who wouldn't want a family like The Waltons? A family that shows that even though life can be hard, kinfolk and friends should always be there for one another - and love one another.

    It's a very inspiring and heartwarming series. If you're looking for something to enjoy with your family, children, or even good friends this is probably the perfect show for you.
    Thankfully the way The Waltons have touched so many lives over the years, their story should endure for many generations to come.
  • Family Drama at its best

    The Waltons was a ideal family show thats showed what it was like during the war years and the depression. The acting was superb and brought the real life drama of a loving family into the nations homes each week and made us all feel as though we we're a part of the Waltons family.
    The re-runs now bring back the memories of sitting down with our family and tuning into the most wonderful program for families that television has brought so far.
  • I enjoyed the show.

    I enjoy the show. It was much better the first 6 or 7 seasons. Losing Grandpa, John Boy (original John Boy) and Olivia hurt the show. The Army scenes appeared fake. During the War years all of the girls wore high heals in the house-that also appeared unrealistic. The new John Boy was terrible. I think that the writers should have written off John Boy and Olivia when they left. I loved Elizabeth and thought Erin was really cute.