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  • Well-written, well-acted with characters one becomes to adore and care about. For the nay-sayers who state that the shows' themes are idealist, they haven't lived in the mountains. Walton's Mountain life exists. I'm a "mountain" descendant. It's real.

    Like many great classics, the early episodes are the best. After grandpa dies, a piece of my heart left the show with him. Replacing Thomas as John-Boy stole the soul of show. The primary characters--John Boy, the parents, John and Olivia Walton, the grandparents, and Elizabeth bring out the best of their characters and remind me of the mountain people of the Kentucky Appalachians. Those who write that the storylines are idealistic are not familiar with the people who live in the mountains. Unlike portrayls like "The Beverly Hillbillies" most "folk" did and do make loving difficult, sacrifices for their families,encourage education, believe values and good character are essential, practice faith in Christ for guidance and hope. Mountain people take in strangers, passers-by, and help those in need even when it requires personal sacrifice. Growing up and still today, my parents, grandparents, and extended family still practice these values and giving of themselves. We are as Mr. Walton tells John Boy on his high school graduation, "We are mountain people and we take some jabs for that sometime, but you must always remember you are a mountain boy." And most of us, although our lives have lead us other places, still call our mountain towns home. --Everyone in the neighborhood went to Church on Sunday, large families with grandparents living with them,giving shade and cold drinks to college book salesmen riding bicycles during the hot summers. Many were foreigners and African-American and prejudice was overcome with Christian values. Many stories like this.