The Waltons - Season 1

CBS (ended 1981)




Episode Guide

  • An Easter Story (2)
    An Easter Story (2)
    Episode 25
    (cont.) The entire family suffers a crisis when Olivia is stricken with polio. Dr. Vance prescribes the accepted treatment, but Olivia does not get better. John-Boy learns of a new treatment practiced by Sister Kenny, which the family attempts.
  • An Easter Story (1)
    Episode 24
    The entire family suffers a crisis when Olivia is stricken with polio. Dr. Vance prescribes the accepted treatment, but Olivia does not get better. John-Boy learns of a new treatment practiced by Sister Kenny, which the family attempts.
  • The Townie
    Episode 23
    John-Boy's friend, Sarah, sees him as a way to escape her "trapped" life with her demanding mother. When John-Boy rejects her advances, she runs off and plans to elope with a townie.
  • The Bicycle
    Episode 22
    Local blacksmith Curtis Norton has John-Boy write letters to his bride-to-be. When she arrives on Walton's Mountain, life and Curtis are much different than she expected. Meanwhile, Olivia is feeling new pangs for freedom and something "different" in her life.
  • The Scholar
    Episode 21
    A neighbor lady, Verdie Grant, asks John-Boy to teach her to read and write. He agrees to teach her as he helps Elizabeth. Things go wrong, however, and feelings get hurt.
  • The Deed
    Episode 20
    It seems that the Waltons never officially registered the deed to Walton's Mountain. In order to help pay the legal fees, John-Boy leaves home for a job in the city.
  • The Gypsies
    Episode 19
    A gypsy family is stranded, but Waltons' offer of assistance is refused.
  • The Courtship
    Episode 18
    Olivia's uncle, Cody Nelson, comes to visit with the Waltons and finds love with a woman who has been divorced four times.
  • The Love Story
    Episode 17
    John Boy falls in love with Jenny Pendleton when she returns to Walton's Mountain.
  • The Fire
    Episode 16
    A young girl's father objects to Miss Hunter's teaching Evolution.
  • The Actress
    Episode 15
    When her car breaks down, a famous extravagant actress, Alvira Drummond, finds herself stranded on Walton's Mountain. The children, especially Mary Ellen, are fascinated by her 'Hollywood ways,' but discover much of her stories are lies. They help her raise money to take a train to New York City.
  • The Minstrel
    Episode 14
    Mary Ellen meets a traveling troubadour, Jamie, and runs away with him, neglecting her responsibilities of helping pick fruit. After her heart is broken, and her desire to see the world unfulfilled, her family gives her one of her wishes.
  • The Reunion
    Episode 13
    The Waltons help the Baldwin sisters prepare for a family reunion, but the sisters' unscrupulous cousin Homer Lee puts a kink in the plans. Meanwhile, Mary Ellen stands up to a bully hassling Jim-Bob.
  • 12/7/72
    The Waltons' distant cousins from Kansas arrive on the mountain, hoping for employment in Newport News, and immediately upset the family with their shiftless, dishonest ways.
  • The Literary Man
    Episode 11
    John-Boy's truck breaks down and he meets the author, A.J. Covington. John-Boy jeopardizes a timber contract badly needed by the family.
  • The Legend
    Episode 10
    John's old army buddy, Tip Harrison, tries to cover his lack of success with childish actions and comments that lead to tragedy.
  • The Ceremony
    Episode 9
    A Jewish family, escaping refugees from Nazi Germany, come to Walton's Mountain for safety. Their 13-year-old son loses respect for his father in the son's attempt to maintain his religious beliefs and practices.
  • 11/2/72
    Gino, a boy from the slums of New York City, runs away from a CCC Camp and learns about trust and love from the Waltons.
  • The Sinner
    Episode 7
    The Reverend Matthew Fordwick comes to Walton's Mountain and upsets the family with his strict and forceful preaching. He innocently samples "the recipe," and John helps him to be accepted within the community.
  • The Star
    Episode 6
    When a meteorite falls on the Baldwin's house, Zeb believes his time has come. The Baldwin sisters are hoaxed by their cousin until Zeb and John come to the rescue.
  • The Typewriter
    Episode 5
    John Boy borrows an antique typewriter from the Baldwin sisters so he can send a story to a magazine, but Mary Ellen mistakenly sells it to a junk man.
  • The Hunt
    Episode 4
    John-Boy prepares to go on his first hunt and distresses over taking an animal's life. Meanwhile, Mary Ellen debates over a new dress or a baseball mitt.
  • The Calf
    Episode 3
    The family cow, Chance, gives birth to a healthy calf, but John announces that it must be sold to make ends meet.
  • The Carnival
    Episode 2
    A carnival troupe comes to Walton's Mountain. When the manager absconds with the money, four members are stranded at the Walton house. They thank the Waltons with a private performance.
  • The Foundling
    Episode 1
    When a young girl is left on the doorstep of the Waltons' home, they take her in, learning she is deaf after taking her to the doctor.
  • The Homecoming: A Christmas Story
    It is 1933, during the Depression, and being Christmas Eve, the Walton family are in the midst of their Christmas preparations and hoping to celebrate it together. The problem is that there are many events which seem to prevent John Walton (Daddy) from arriving home to share this Christmas with his family. The majority of the film then, has Olivia wishing and hoping that he will make it home, the children rushing to the door to see if the noises they hear are their Daddy, and John-Boy heading out into the snowy night to try to find him. Eventually Daddy walks through the door, and the first Walton Christmas"miracle" has occurred. We are also introduced to the little old ladies, the Baldwin sisters, the makers of bootleg whisky, a venture that doesn't go down at all well with Olivia. We learn that John-Boy writes down all his secret thoughts, but tries to keep this from his parents, especially his father. He wants to go to University but feels that there is no way that his family would be able to manage this. The surprise for John-Boy comes, though, when his father comes home with a special present for him: packs of writing paper.moreless