The Waltons

Season 7 Episode 19

The Attack

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 1979 on CBS

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  • The Sugarpress

    Poor Ike has a mild heart attack, leaving the Walton children to run his business while he recuperates in hospital. We all know he's not going to die, of course, but at the time, that wouldn't have been the case, so top marks awarded for drama. His illness gives him and Corabeth a chance to put aside their frustrations and confess their love for one another, as they do a couple of times each season. They then make the decision to sell the store and move to the seaside, though as soon as Ike begins to recover, it's clear this isn't going to happen.

    It's a sad story, but one which allows the characters to rally round as they do so well on this show. Ike and Corabeth are very sweet together - almost like a normal couple - and Elizabeth turns out to be a pretty good shopkeeper. To ease the wartime shortage of sugar, Ben and Jim Bob find a way to make treacle from a plant which grows on the mountain. This is a typical one-episode business venture: good fun while it lasts but forgotten by the next instalment.

    I was thinking just the other day that we hadn't seen Blue for ages. In this episode, the Waltons sell him to that chubby kid from 'Grandma Comes Home', only to buy him back later when they realise they need him to haul their sugarpress. Not sure why they did this. Wasn't Elizabeth given a pony in 'The Ordeal'? Either way, it's the last we'll see of Blue.

    Also bowing out this week are David Spencer and Maude Gormley: the bridegroom never to be and Jefferson County's favourite little old lady. It's amazing to think Merie Earle didn't make her television debut until she was almost eighty. There's hope for us all!

    Pick of the bunch: Maude Gormley (Merie Earle)

    Alternate title: The Last Mustang (ok, so it's actually a mule, but I have to go with what's available)

    Score: 8.8