The Waltons

Season 9 Episode 14

The Beginning

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 1981 on CBS

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  • The Jewess

    A decent hour with two interlocking stories: a new minister arrives to reopen the church, while Toni is outed as a Jew. For the first time in a while, faith takes centre stage, and it's encouraging to see the younger generation exploring it so frankly.

    Frustratingly, neither story is particularly plausible. There's no way the church would be in such a derelict state, even if vandals had got in. With all the cobwebs and dust, it looks like it's not been touched in years, yet we saw it in use a mere eighteen months ago. The Waltons may have stopped going, but there was always a large congregation. They wouldn't just abandon it like that.

    I also don't get why the Waltons are so put out about Toni. In both 'The Ceremony' and 'The Unthinkable', they were more than happy to embrace Jewish culture, yet here they react as if Toni had told them she voted for Trump. Ben takes the news particularly badly, and decides to confront his brother, much like he did in 'The Conscience'. Their spat lasts all of a minute; Jason pushes Ben onto his backside and suddenly they're best of friends again. I was looking forward to a proper fight!

    Lisa Harrison plays her part well, and her reaction to the awkwardness is spot on. I wasn't sure about her when she first appeared on the show, but I am growing to like her.

    Tom Marshall reminds me a lot of Matt Fordwick. I'm sure that's the point. Let's hope he sticks around longer than the last two vicars, who managed one episode each!

    Pick of the bunch: Tom Marshall (Kip Niven)

    Alternate title: The Lost Sheep

    Score: 8.6