The Waltons

Season 2 Episode 25

The Car

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 1974 on CBS

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  • The Car episode in The Waltons

    I liked the story-line but feel that the two cast members who played Mr and Mrs Rudge were very poor, not nearly up to the standards of their colleagues. I simply didn't feel connected to them and not for a moment did either of them, especially the male contributor, come across as remotely convincing in their roles.

    Away from this episode: I kissed the cheeks of The Baldwin Ladies! More accurately I kissed the cheeks of the actresses who portrayed the two characters. It was an unseasonably hot September day on the occasion of the opening of The Walton's Mountain Museum. I'd flown all the way from England to be present; after the ceremony in the hall of the very school in Schyler which the author of the series attended as a pupil, unexpectedly and to my utter amazement I was invited to join the cast for lunch and that's when the above incident happened; I also got to meet and chat to the actress who played Corabeth; at the end of the packed day I happened to bump into Earl Hamner; as I recall he was somewhat curt with me and asked me to repeat the question I asked of him, viz "Are you fulfilled?" I don't recall his answer, only his aloof reaction... Nevertheless it was a uniquely marvellous day.
  • The Grudge

    John-boy needs a car. He doesn't have the cash to buy one but he does know of somebody who might swap one for a few days of chores. Trouble is, the car's owner has no intention of parting with it, no matter how much help he gets.

    I thought the deal was suspicious from the start. It's clear Mr Rudge is hiding something and it becomes increasingly obvious what it is as the episode goes on. It turns out the car belonged to his son who died three years earlier.

    I did like the references to earlier episodes, especially the one to Mary Ellen dyeing Jim Bob's hair. Made me chuckle. I also liked John-boy's patient and determined attitude towards Mr Rudge. He suspects he won't get the car but he carries on with his chores nonetheless.

    Ed Lauter is brilliant as the begrudging Mr Rudge. He plays the crotchety old man to perfection, complete with his shuffle and permanent scowl. All the more impressive when you consider Ed was only thirty-five at the time. Shame we don't get to see him again.

    I love the fold-out seat at the back of the car. Wish you could still get these, though I can see they might be a little unsafe when you're hurtling up the motorway at ninety.

  • What happened to the car? Was John-Boy gay

    I must admit that even with the more violent and sexually explicit prime time, cable and movie television I watch these days, I still do enjoy this series.

    Yes ... it is hokey and full of family values but there still is a slight appealing underlying edge to the five main characters. After two seasons John is still the stable father, Olivia has let go of some of her more hard nosed values and Zeb and Esther are still delightful diamonds in the rough. Then there is John-Boy; he really is a complicated character with many moods and changes. It might be just me but I also just can't help feeling a strong underlying gay current running through him ... so many of his situations have had a slight homoerotic air to them. Watch and decide for yourselves if you ever get the chance.

    This final episode of season two was charming and touching if not extremely predictable. The acting from the leads and the guest characters was fine and more layered than normal. John-Boy, now that he has graduated, seems to have matured a bit and did not resort to the histrionics he quite often fell into.

    Now ... I rewound twice and I am sure that there is a blooper in this show. The dark car in question throughout the episode seems to have suddenly turned yellow with no explanation at the end.

    Does anyone else agree with any of my observations here?
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