The Waltons

Season 1 Episode 2

The Carnival

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 1972 on CBS

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  • The Others

    Well, this is pretty different to the opening episode so I have to give the writers credit for that. There's far more comedy in this hour, and we get plenty of the character development that was missing last time round. For the first time, we see just how puritanical Esther and Olivia can be, and how the menfolk laugh it off - all very 'Spencer's Mountain'.

    We also learn that John-boy dreams of seeing the world and moving to the big city. I'm glad they stayed true to this for the remainder of the series and weren't tempted to have him marry a local lass and settle down in the next village.

    The carnival characters were a little too likeable in my view. Obviously, they were always going to come good by the end of the story but I'd like to have seen them a little more furtive to begin with. That private show they did at the end seemed to go on f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

    The reference to the Chicago World's Fair places this episode no earlier than May 1933. John-boy says he was seventeen at the time, so from this we can work out that 'The Homecoming' must have taken place in December 1931, as our hero was fifteen back then. I know it's not supposed to be worked out like this, but if the writers are going to present us with ages and dates, somebody's going to do it.

    The opening narration made me laugh: "Few strangers ever came to Walton's Mountain". Really? If Olivia had been paid for all the times she'd served meals to strangers in this series she'd be living in Aspen by now. I don't know how Flossie Brimmer stayed in business!

    Pick of the bunch: Esther Walton (Ellen Corby)

    Alternate title: The Gypsies

    Score: 7.9

  • A carnival troop comes and stays at the Waltons homestead. Esther and Olivia don't like the fact that a belly dancer is in their barn.

    I love Waltons. And I hate to give Waltons a bad review, but this episode was long and boring, and it made me go to sleep. The dark, retro colors will help with the sleeping part. Although the Waltons are seen in future episodes using things that the carnival troop gave them (mostly always the tent). The troop gives color to the episode though, which is why I gave them 4 points. The other 1 point is givin' to the episode for the cast's excellent acting abillities. So, if you like Waltons, like I do, then you should just skip this episode ~ Old Shows Finatic.