The Waltons

Season 1 Episode 2

The Carnival

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 1972 on CBS



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    • Opening Narration: Few strangers ever came to Walton's Mountain. We got our news of the outside world from the radio or an occasional copy of a magazine. But I remember, when I was about seventeen, four visitors arrived and gave me my first unexpected glimpse of the other world beyond our mountain.

    • Tommy: Well, when the time comes for you to leave, John Boy, and it will, nothing will stop you.
      John Boy: How do you know that?
      Tommy: Well, once I had to make a decision about leaving home. It wasn't easy, you see. For me, too, there was a couple of things standing in the way.

    • Olivia: I will not have these people inside this house.
      John: Liv--can't judge people, where they came from, or what they wear... what they do. Now we never turned anyone away from this door; we're not going to start now.

    • Elizabeth: Where do goblins live?
      Jason: Oh, just about anywhere I reckon.
      Jim Bob: How about monkeys?
      Jason: Well, you wouldn't find any around here.

    • Jim Bob: and the goblins will get you if you don't watch out. (Elizabeth screams)

    • Grandpa: Funny thing about World's Fairs, you know. There's one the last century in, oh, about forty years ago and they had a dancer there, too, like Sally Ran. They called her Little Egypt;, she raised a ruckus too. (laughs) Just goes to show you things haven't changed.
      Grandma: Old man, times have changed. It just proves man's foolishness hasn't.

    • John Boy: 8 o'clock the train is just going over the trestle at Rockfish. It makes a lonesome sound and far out there in the night it fills me with a restless feeling I don't rightly understand.

    • John: Oh, we've been hearing about that on the radio. A Century of Progress--isn't that what they call it?
      Olivia: A century of progress and here we are in the middle of a depression.

    • John Boy: I didn't want to ask the others, especially Jim Bob and Elizabeth. It's hard for them understanding grandma's glasses are more important then going to a carnival.

    • Olivia: John Boy, I want you to keep an extra sharp eye on the children until those people are gone.

    • Grandma: Now if we Waltons can't pay cash we do without.

    • Grandma: No, Liva, Grandpa's right. He's always saying when I get to talking I only put half a mind to what I'm doing.

    • John Boy: Now listen, you all I know grandmother wouldn't like to admit it, but with out her glasses she just can't even see to read or write her own name.
      Mary Ellen: Or crotchet, and you know how Grandma loves to crochet.

    • John Boy: We have earned enough for all that and a stick of cotton candy to share.
      (Children cheer)

    • Closing Narration: And so the carnival people left Walton's Mountain. The postcard we received from them said they arrived safely in Chicago and were working at the World's Fair. Some years later when I left to go to college the book which Tommy gave me was one of the possession I took with me. Now whenever I open it I remember those four people who gave a seventeen year old boy his first glimpse at the outside world.

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