The Waltons

Season 2 Episode 6

The Chicken Thief

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 1973 on CBS

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  • The Quandary

    Oh dear. John-boy has spotted his dad's mate, Yancy Tucker, stealing chickens from a local farmer and now he is torn between loyalty and duty. It's not the greatest dilemma he will ever face but it does give him plenty to think about.

    It's quite a fun storyline and it's not so serious that you actually worry about what's going to happen. Yancy's spell behind bars is hilarious, with half the village there bringing him cakes and what have you. It turns out he only took the chickens to pass them to the poor folk of the parish, so they all feel obliged to help out. Good performance from Robert Donner as Yancy.

    Ben gets a related subplot in which he wins a poetry competition by plagiarising one of John-boy's old poems. After moping about it for days, he finally confesses and is promptly forgiven by his elder brother. For a few seconds though, John-boy looks completely gutted that his little brother has been published before he has. I can relate to this one hundred percent.

    The rest of the family have little to do this week, although I did like Jason's rope hoist. Wish I'd had one of those for my own little brothers.
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