The Waltons

Season 4 Episode 8

The Competition

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 1975 on CBS

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  • The Impossible Angle

    A slightly unusual episode, this, in that it begins with one story and ends with another. The first two thirds revolve around the latest wayfarer to pass the Waltons' way, while the latter two thirds focus on Olivia fostering a baby (yes, the stories do overlap).

    We've seen the boys fighting over a girl before; now we get to see Erin and Mary Ellen squabbling over a boy. It's quite entertaining, though sadly there's no catfight. Erin wins and she gets to snog the wayfarer, whose name is Chad. He's a forestry student doing some research on the mountain. It's sad to think that if a university student were to kiss a fifteen-year old today he'd probably get locked up. Hell, these days you can't even send a text!

    Chad has the most seventies hair ever. Did anybody notice the way it kept changing between shots when he and Erin were in the pond? Teehee! There are also some unusual camera angles this week, including an impossible one of the kitchen from behind the worktop. The reverse shot shows this to be a solid wall.

    The baby makes an interesting distraction. My first thought was that it could have made an episode in itself, but to be honest, twenty minutes was enough. I'm not sure why the doctor thought Olivia might die if she had another baby. Sounds a bit drastic. In 'Spencer's Mountain' she had nine children and was still going strong.

    So, this week we learn that Erin is fifteen. A few weeks back we heard that Jason was eighteen, which must make Mary Ellen seventeen and Ben sixteen. This more or less fits with what we've been told before, although it does make Jim Bob and Elizabeth quite a bit younger than the others. In real life, of course, Mary McDonough is only five months older than David Harper, but that's television, folks!

    Pick of the bunch: Erin Walton (Mary McDonough)

    Alternate title: The Lumberjack

    Score: 8.2