The Waltons

Season 1 Episode 20

The Deed

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 1973 on CBS

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  • The Big City

    Great stuff! Intelligent, different and with that strong sense of urgency that all the best episodes have.

    This is the first of many hours where one of the Waltons goes wandering off to find work. In this case it's John-boy, and the city of choice is Wheeling, West Virginia. Needless to say, he finds a girl and gets into trouble but comes out smiling at the end. This is the first time any of the action has been shown outside Virginia, and it'll be the last until late Season Five.

    There's so much going on with John-boy that you forget he's there to raise money for a court case. This is a really good plot, and I can well believe this kind of oversight would have happened often in the past. Two hundred dollars is a small fortune to the Waltons, of course, and their struggle to raise it does feel very real. It's lucky Mary Ellen had that teapot.

    John-boy looks very smart in his city clothes, and I can see why Sissy took a shine to him. For somebody with no experience in the midst of a depression, he finds work surprisingly easily. Happily for the Waltons, this turns out to be something of a family trait. I did cheer when he launched himself at that mugger and bagged himself a reward. Go John-boy!

    The court case is wrapped up swiftly at the end of the hour, and the Waltons get to keep their land. In later seasons, things won't always work out so simply, but for now, life is good.

    Pick of the bunch: John-boy Walton (Richard Thomas)

    Alternate title: The Odyssey

    Score: 9.3

  • More on this first season.

    This first season is a very odd one indeed compared to most of the rest. I have not watched the early subsequent seasons for quite some time now, but there must have been quite an overhaul quite soon to keep the show appealing enough to remain on the air for the time that it did. I think that the backwoods country attitudes expressed are likely quite authentic but probably proved too seri-comically hayseed for an early seventies audience and certainly more so for audiences in close to 2010.

    These early episodes have been very oddly directed or edited. Some of the scenes are glacial and pointless. The apple orchard harvesting from a few shows back went on and lingered for an eternity and there are many others like that. Literally nearly showstopping.

    I do feel though that the acting by the main characters was superb. I felt that some of the kids were not that great later on but here they are quite fine. The four main adult characters were always in top form throughout the series.

    This episode was actually quite enjoyable and somewhat touching but all that transpired with John Boy, Mary Ellen etc is all pretty much predictable. It is interesting for me though to find enough in each show to keep my attention, even if I know what is going to happen.

    Maybe more later on as this broadcast cycle continues.
  • It seems that the Waltons never officially registered the deed to Walton's Mountain. In order to help pay the legal fees, John-Boy leaves home for a job in the city.

    Hardee Har Har. It's kind of hard to believe that after all these years of owning the mountain, they've never once been told they didn't have a deed! It's funny how John Boy is all (*Spoiler alert!*) scared about going to the city, when in (*Spoiler alert! Turn back now*) about four seasons he would be going to New York to write his books. And this is only Richmond. (*Spoiler alert is over.) But this was also a very cleverly plotted episode with twists and turns around every corner! It was a good episode, through and through. I recomend it~ Old shows finatic