The Waltons

Season 1 Episode 12

The Dust Bowl Cousins

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 1972 on CBS

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  • The Pornstar Cousin

    Not for the last time, the Waltons' kinfolk turn up and start causing problems. No beating about the bush either: they start stealing before they even get to the house. Turns out they have lost their farm in the Midwest and have been on the road ever since. I had to laugh at their clapped-out car. Seriously, what is holding that thing together?

    The Denbys well and truly outstay their welcome. The father claims to be waiting for news of a job, but he's actually after a share of the Waltons' land. This causes some real tension, not least between Job and John-boy. Their fight in the garden is class! We've been needing a good scrap for some time, and this doesn't disappoint. I love the way Zeb breaks it up and marches them back to the house. Mary Ellen getting caught smoking in the barn is also good value. Ten Bible verses indeed!

    As an aside, years seem very long on Walton's Mountain. Most episodes take place over several weeks (more than a month in this case) yet it always seems to be the same season in the same year. Just sayin'.

    And, lastly, where did Cousin Job get a body like that? Is he a pornstar or something? Must be that Kansas corn. It certainly keeps you focused. The actor who plays him is called Ken Wolger. Other than this, he seems hardly to have been in anything. Shame.

    Pick of the bunch: Job Denby (Ken Wolger)

    Alternate title: The Kinfolk

    Score: 9.4

  • When the Walton's distant cousins come to visit, they immediatlely spark flares with the family.

    HOLY CR*AP (sorry, bad censorship) why the heck do all the Walton children smoke!!! I have to go with John on his punishment for Jason, though. Well, actually, it was kinda out there... I mean, making Jason eat a whole cigarret! I wonder how the nicotine tasted... well, enough of that... actually, NO! NOT ENOUGH! Sorry, I just gotta make fun of them a little more. Did you know, Jimbob smokes on a later episode too? Well, HE DOES! And so does Mary Ellen and Erin, not so sure about Elizabeth though. But when I first saw the title for this, on my main menu (I own the season on DVD) I thought it was gonna be about Elizabeth finding a Dust Bowl... or about a green midget with the last name of Bowl and his traveling Circus's manager's last name is Dust. But, then again, I thought M*A*S*H* was about mash potatoes. I recommend this episode. ~Old Shows Finatic