The Waltons

Season 4 Episode 9

The Emergence

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 1975 on CBS

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  • The Return of the Minx

    I'm not sure exactly what is supposed to be emerging in this episode, but it's a decent hour so I can forgive the puzzling title. As last week, we have two stories running in tandem. One sees Olivia take a lad named Samuel Miller under her wing, while the other sees Marcia Woolery flit back into John-boy's life - with a twist, of course.

    The Sam and Olivia story is a bit wishy-washy but it is very much in character. Far more is shown of Olivia's stint in the classroom than in 'The Sermon', and I particularly liked the newspaper-cutting class. GW-lookalike, Sam, is a handsome and strapping lad, and would have made a worthy love interest for one of the girls, but instead he has to settle for a trip to town and a pair of glasses. Considering this was the actor's first TV role, he does a very decent job. The story does imply that Rosemary Hunter cannot distinguish between learning difficulties and poor eyesight, which I'm sure is not what the writers intended. Interestingly, they'll use much the same storyline in the last of the TV movies.

    In their first two scenes, Marcia and John-boy pick up exactly where they left off at school, with Marcia leading our hero on at every opportunity, then throwing him back whenever he gets close. As soon as Marcia's new boyfriend shows up, however, she changes character completely and becomes all meek and dependent. I'm not convinced the change was meant to be this stark, but that's certainly the way it comes across. The college dance scene is fun though, and I enjoyed the flirty job interview.

    There's no John this week, so Zeb takes the fatherly role instead. What we do have is a whole raft of guest slots. And did Jim Bob actually do an impression of Esther when he was trying on those glasses or did I imagine it? Teehee indeed.

    Pick of the bunch: Samuel Miller (Bob Marsic)

    Alternate title: The Return

    Score: 9.0

  • This has the 'how many cliche's can I squeeze into one episode -- find out tonight on the Waltons.

    Ralph Waite once again fails to show and this time its with good reason. This is a stinker. The show focuses on two different plot lines. One is Olivia helping out a struggling new student who is thought to be dumb. The parents are presented as entirely ignorant dispassionate family members who see him as an idiot and Olivia - still teaching -- is thrown against the wall as the entire town is against the situation and her focus on the child but don't worry -- he'll be OK in the end with his Superman glasses! On the other end we have John Boy caught up in a situation with an old girlfriend that is engaged to someone else so of course is filled with pointless execution helping her find her way in life -- can John Boy do this before the hour ends? This episode tries so hard to make you hate it and it works well on that level with plots that feel like they have been sanded down to the bone. Jim Bob appears very annoyed at the entire situation and you know what -- so am I!